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Hi, this app is only for one image or more? if i need more image i need to create one app for each image?

Yes, it is only for one image. You need to buy according to your needs. One app will create one app only. If you have plan for creating different with different images, please purchase valid licenses. Thanks

how to purchase valid licenses ? because we want create some app with this template

please contact me via Contact form from my profile page. Click on my username and contact me directly. Thanks

Hi, developer. Please create app for text on pic… Like Quotes Creator App or Instaquote app Best regards.

Thanks. I will try for such app sure.

Where can I find the “design.website.template.config.AppConfig.java” file?, or if I have to create a new one, how can I do it? thanks,

Please check above package/folder and you can find the file in that only. It’s very simple to check that file.

Hello sir, I test the apk file in my phone but I can’t see a banner ads or an interstitial ads that showing, pleas give me the apk file for the new update to test the admob banners and interstitial!

Yes, there is already the code for banner and interstitial ads.As I cannot have demo with admob, you can easily enter your ids and see the ads. If any problem happens with it I am here to help you on your doorstep. Please purchase and go ahead with it. Contact me if any help needed. Thanks Vishal

what the new feature in update in 2017 ?

Please check documentation for this.

Where ? i already checked before i ask you your eclipse document it seem not match in that code e.g admob place etc.

and i try to change in color.xml all color can change (footbar color, text ,top and down button color) except the top bar background that have + icon when click => 3 icon


Open HomeActivity – Comment the method “changerandomColorBg” and it’s call. And set your choice color on color.xml – screen_bg

Hello i just purchased your code, however i need to change one thing, I need to show the Wallpaper Preview instead the Wallpaper Chooser when the user click the green button (set button). How can i do it?

Hello Friend, thanks for your interest and purchase. Actually, what you are expecting, that is not possible because of the live wallpaper selection and it’s preview screen if of Android and we can just launch that screen where our live wallpaper is listed. We directly cannot launch our wallpaper preview, there is no scope to do it.

And if there was scope for this, our app will have to be same flow what you are expecting.

I hope you understand.

Source code without any google play service ad admobnya can appear? I have downloaded his apk demo, but no ads of any kind.

Demo apk do not have enabled admob ads. But in the source code, it is implemented and one flag will enable the ads. You can purchase and go ahead without issues. Thanks

Hi, you can inclued the change live wallpaper? I want change beetwen 10 live wallpapers

NO, sorry.