Gif Factory App - Full Android Application

Gif Factory App - Full Android Application

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Gif Factory App is an Android application that helps in creating the high quality animated GIF images with a lot of customization options. Its functionality includes the ability to create GIFs by combining the static images (such as .png, jpg etc.), convert the video to the animated sequence in accordance with the selected time range, edit and mix the existing GIFs, preview GIFs, and other useful features. It was designed to make the process of turning your favorite photos/videos into the GIFs quick and easy.

Technically, this is not just another application that you can download from App Store. It’s a source code package that represents full-fledged application designed for Android platform. What this means is that it provides such benefits (in comparison with app binary form) as possibility to modify and customize the application in any way you want, opportunity to create your own app version, upload it to the chosen App Store and even monetize the project (AdMob is already integrated).

Key App Features

  • Create GIFs from saved Photos and Videos or combine the existing GIFs into the new ones
  • Rearrange the frames of your GIFs
  • Delete GIF frames in a batch mode
  • Control the animation parameters
  • Preview GIFs from the Gallery
  • Save the resulting GIFs to your SD card
  • Share the resulting GIF animations with your friends, send them via email or add to the map
  • Watch your GIFs in a full-screen mode just like a movie

Key Programming Features

  • Project is fully compatible with Android Studio 2.3
  • This project was written using Java and Kotlin programming languages
  • Design patterns: MVP, MVVM (Data Binding), Rx (RxJava), Dependency Injection (Dagger)
  • Video trimmer custom view: automatically adapts to the new screen sizes, supports multitouch mode, can be easily customized to fit your needs
  • Api levels: from 19 to 25 including the latest Android release
  • Provide free and paid app configurations – can be switched with one button click
  • Support phones and tablets, portrait and landscape orientations
  • Support RTL
  • AdMob integration
  • Support multi-window mode
  • Fully-documented code with Javadoc-style comments
  • All required Proguard rules already included
  • Can be easily customized even without programming skills


Version 1.0.2 (29/07/2017)

  • Update to new Picasso syntax
  • Version 1.0.1 (04/07/2017)

  • Support Android O
  • Update dependencies
  • New feature: You can now add a watermark to the gifs you are saving
  • Fix crashes on some Samsung devices
  • Fix shared animation lagging
  • Fix incorrect colors when saving one-frame gif
  • Fix misleading “Storage is unavailable” notification
  • Version 1.0.0 (23/05/2017)

  • Initial Release
  • Credits

    • The music in the preview video is written by Bensound

    Hope you will enjoy the App!