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audio option available?

No, sorry.

Hi, can transform video to gif? Thanks


the app allows you to create gif by building each frame using text and images (so no video) and then in the end it lets you export the composition of all frames as a gif or a video (so it can be properly shared among all social apps).

I hope this clarifies it for you.

Hi, thank you for that nice app. I like it. But I have a problem: When i make more than 8 GIF-Frames the app crashs. I got following error: Could not cast value of type ‘UICollectionViewCell’ (0×36b25ac) to ‘UILabel’ (0×36a7594)

Can you give me a tip how to fix this? Thank you very much.


We uploaded this morning an update with this problem fixed. I suppose that it will be available soon.

Thanks for the purchase!

android version?


right now there is no plans for an Android version.

Can the keyboard change to normal apple keyboard which can change to emoji and other input method? And can change the text size for update version?


for the keyboard change send me an email and I’ll guide you on how to do it. And for changing the size we will se what we do in future updates, however the current implementation tries to increase the text size to its maximum depending on the available space. So how would you want it to work?


Just send you email. Wait for reply. Thank you!

I answered you back!

android version?

no, sorry

Hi everyone,

we saw several Gif Creator Apps uploaded to App Store as a paid app with the regular license. I’d like to remind you all that to upload the app as a paid app you must purchase the extended version.


You do not a version of this n objective c by any chance, do you :) ?

No, sorry. We usually do only swift (the exception is One Place App).

Any appstore link?

Is not on the App Store, sorry.

How much will you charge for adding background music feature to the exported gif/video?

Hi! Send me an email to roger.serrat@yowlu.com.

having trouble adding icons to the app? everything i add comes up as an unassigned child..

Can you explain me it a little bit more? How do you add the icons?

Hi, how can i change the keyboard to the normal apple keyboard so that the user can swap between different languages??

You have to go to Main.Storyboard, then on ViewController scene select the Main Text Field and on the right inspector change the value for Keyboard Type to default.

thanks a lot Cheers, Nael

android version possivel too?

Not for the moment, sorry.

android version? and audio?

Not for the moment, sorry.

Not for the moment, sorry.

Hi, it’s not about price, it’s that quite now we are busy with other projects, sorry.

Swift 3 and ios 10 compatibility ?

Currently in review so it will be available in a few days working with iOS 10, Xcode 8 and Swift 3.

Hello Whats new in latest version?

The code is updated to work with Swift 3, iOS 10 and Xcode 8.

is there new features?

None apart from what I told you.


Thanks for the update.

The app crashes when we select the action button at top right of the screen.

func recursiveGifCreator() {

Pls give me ur mail id

mail sent

Would be great to be able to choose and cut a video to add to make gif from. Interested to purchase > Have updated with music feature?

Can we re-skin with own theme?

Gif doesn’t allow music so we won’t add music feature. Your first idea is a good one but we are not going to add it for now. About re-skin, the docs of the project guide you on how to re-skin it.

support ios10?