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please explain how this works?

admin receive ID verification after user signs up?

or user demands other user ID to become friends?

It’s not clear inside decscription?

If u are offering users verified logo without requesting documents and information then its okay. But this (my addon) is a valid way to manage verification system. there is no way to get verified after verifying email id on socialkit. I am using socialkit 1.3.7. Anyway I created this for those admin who want to get all neccessary documents from users who ant to get verified their account.

I fixed the original bug on socialkit. My users can now verify and it updates verified on manage options. Rehan made error because two verified fields exist on system. He linked up wrong. Mine now works but this could still be ideal for future verification requests thank you.


That is awesome. Well done Sarmin. Is there any chance we can work together? I have some private add ons that I want. Maybe you want to take on that job before I hire someone else?

You have my email address anyway. If you’re interested then email me. :)


Okk. add me on skype. We will talk over there

Added you just now. You should delete your username so you don’t get the trolls messaging you.

This looks good for my up-coming little social network , on my street that i want to build. I have mystreetname dot com and i want only the residents from my street to join, and this looks interesting.

So by have this addon, and mandatory require to upload the id/picture , i will see the address,then can approve and have access to the site?

Actually there is no way like that u are asking in SocialKit. SocialKit offers to signup users and let them access home page automatically. If u wish to make this feature u must need to customize it as u like.

Ok i see… But for some people will be a problem to attach they driver lic picture over the net! So Not sure if or what to protect from others, maybe https, or other ways to protect pictures.

This is protected way. because u will use google or yahoo server for storing users documents like NID or driving license. So u no need to be worried

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Sarmin,give me your skype id or whatsapp no.

I love the idea and the implementation. But, can you please add a function that a Verified badge of some kind can be displayed next to the user after admin ticks the user as verified in the backend? This will make this plugin perfect and bring much more sales immediately.

Ok, I will update it in the next version soon

When clicked on Id verification request. page opens in timeline but form is not showing up. I have put the file as instructed in documentation.

Please inbox me to

Don’t Purchase this Plugin because this plugin is Not supported the latest Version of SocialKit it’s Very Bad please update the plugin or refund me Thanks

You have not asked for help to me. But you put 1 star rating. is a good attitude?

OK Sorry about that. Please send me the latest version so i will give you 5 Star ratings

Please send me the latest version so i will give you 5 Star ratings

now i have give you the back 5 star ratings please check now give me the latest version of the plugin thanks