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We are working on a very important project at the moment, we are having same problem.

Any dimension greater than 2000px by 2000px, the script will not work, please can you kindly assist on this matter? our users should be able to upload any dimension they want, even though we limit filesize upload to around 10MB already, but the greatest problem is with greater dimention

Hello I’m using example04 (Drag and drop), when I upload file I get option to delete it, however it not only lists the file I have uploaded, it lists all files in public directory.

How can I limit deletion to only to the file I uploaded.

Thank you

Hi amlife!

Could you send us url where you have GetFile plugin? Only uploaded images should appear, the behavior described is not normal

Please, use support tab to send us any support request


actually I have noticed this issue in your live demo, I have recorded short video demonstrating this problem. I only dragged one image, and got 3 links to delete files, I would like to only display one link to delete the image I uploaded.

Hi amlife! It isn’t a issue, this example is to upload a image and get various sizes. If you see code example “Getfile Drag and Drop multiple upload” and on documentation this parameters are explain, you have copies parameter, to get various images, please, delete this parameter to obtain only one image. Regards

I’ve been using the Get File Uploader for almost a month now and love the way this script works.

It was working fine until this week when I noticed that the crop tool does not always operate correctly in the Google Chrome Web Browser. At first I thought that I may have done something wrong, so I downloaded the latest update of the Get File Uploader script last night and noticed the same problem.

There are two problem that are happening: (1) When the crop tool opens the image on the left (the one to be cropped) disappears after the crop tool loads and no cropping can be done.

(2) The preview window does not show the preview of what is being cropped.

I noticed that this problem does not happen in Internet Explorer. How can this be resolved in Google Chrome?

Hi SYSCOVER, Thank you I’m looking forward to your response. I found additional information that may help narrow down the bug. I noticed that with Google Chrome Version 38.0.2125.101 everything works perfectly but the bug appears with the latest version 43.0.2357.81. I also noticed uploading issues with Firefox.

Hi lil_funky! we developed version 3 but is in beta, we can send it, if you send us a private mail, so that you can test


Sounds Great! my email address is:


I have purchased your plugin and I am impress with its features but for its utilization I have query. As in now user can resize the visible area. Drag the image and zoom in and out.

Queries are listed below:

1. Can we fix the visible area or capture area to certain size so that user cannot resize he capture area by himself.

2. I want to use the cropper on same with three different sizes. Same concern user cannot resize the capture area by himself.

Can this be possible. Kindly let me know your response asap.



Please reply me ASAP. I am working on an urgent project.

Regards Ruchi

Dear Manik,

Keeping the selection area fixed, either in size or in aspect ration is already possible.

You can find how in the examples provided in the plugin site: (Getfile code with crop example)

And you can also find all the detailed information on the plugin documentation website in the Plugin configuration section.

I hope you can find this usefull.

If you need anything else do not hesitate to contact us.

Regards, Alejandro Garcia.

Really well done plugin, easy and clear docs. Very happy, thank you.


I’ve got the problem that no files where been uploaded and no error message apears. The ‘folder’ and the ‘tmp’ directories are writeable and I’ve tested it with copying the whole extracted ‘main-files’ package into the root of the webserver and also with an other path in my htdocs directory. It dosn’t work on a windows server and neither on a linux machine. Every time I try to upload a picture, the progressbar shows 100%, but no files to delete where shown. I tried all given templates (example01-05.html)

Any suggestion?


Hi aahlrich! could you send us a ftp access to linux server to check the plugin?


I need a basic help. I’ve installed this script at my local host and it worked normally. But, it does not work in my official webhosting. I’ve set write permission to folders, and my php.ini is configured to allow up to 50Mb upload files. But look this: I’m trying do upload a small file (155Kb) and looking at the Console, it seems like I’m getting something like “exceed the maximum file size allowed” How should I proceed?

Could you send us a ftp access to folder hosting that you desire? Please send us you support request across tap support or write up a email to Regards!

Yes. I’ve sent FTP data via email ( with the subject: “support request (gustavogug)”

Congratulations! Everything is working fine!
This is an excellent uploader!
And the support is great!
Thanks for all the help!

I purchased your uploader but I am haveing problems. I can’t get the overwrite option to work. I am using the crop option but the overwrite option does not work I want to overwrite any previosly uploaded files.

Also how do you set to delete temp files?

Help please

Could you send us your code to check it? Regards!

hi, this plugin is good but in AngularJs App it’s not working in inner pages it’s getting error “Uncaught Cannot locate DOM node given to new FileDrop class.” Any Help ?

Dear nrnane,

Thank you for your comments. We regret to inform you that the plugin has not been tested on an Angular project. By the error message you are getting, the GetFile plugin is trying to create the elements it needs inside an element that does not yet exist:

$(’#imageLoaded01’).getFile( { urlPlugin: ’.’, folder: ’/main-files/public’, // url from doucument root just public folder tmpFolder: ’/main-files/tmp’ // url from doucument root just tmp folder }, function(data) { //callback } );

For some reason, when the GetFile is created, the element ’#imageLoaded01’ does not yet exist in the DOM, you must make sure that the element on which you create the GetFile is already loaded in the DOM before its execution.

Kind regards,

Hello! Thanks for a great plugin! =) Could you hook me up with a way of changing the modal’s Crop text ? I run a bi-lingual site and need it altered.

Update A quick read through your getfile.js explained a lot more! Dude, you have so many cool features, and your documentation only covers the surface of them. :)

For people looking for the same as me, heres the thingie: lang: { cropWindowTitle: ‘Crop the imagee’, previewTitle: ‘Preview’, cropButtonText: ‘Crop’, cancelButtonText: ‘Cancel’ },

If necessary, I think that can change the language by accessing across javascript popup DOM, we should update the plugin to create ids


Hey and thanks for replying :) Well, i actually need it more to edit the function of my buttons. its not a dealbreaker, but i use get file to do avatars and headerimages. and i like to do buttons that reflect their actions. i.e “Crop and save profilepicture”, “Crop and save header image”.

If you guys take feature requests, what about grabbing photos from webcam? =)

Hi! the next Tuesday we will throw a new version where you will can translate various instances of getfile with different texts


I would like to apply a resize only if the width image is greater than 2560 px. How can I achieve this?

Hi gustavogug, this is a example:

$(’#idButton’).getFile(options, callback).on(‘getfile:throwresize’, function(event, data){ // in data object you have the sizes of you image if(data.height < 1000) { event.preventDefault(); // with this you stop execution }



This is an interesting example. But I don’t want to simply stop the execution. I want to continue the execution, but without the resize. How should I proceed?

Hi Gustavo! Could you be more explicit? please use support channel



Could you please tell me for your opinion. Can I use your script in my CMS for photo album gallery manager module. For example: The backend admin user should be able to create multiple photo galleries and before save gallery, I need to get all images file names to save them into the database.

Thanks for the Feedback

Hello c4c1,

Yes, you can integrate the plugin into your CMS, and the response from the getFile carries all file names. But the integration with your CMS, as well as the file name retrieval, you will have to code them yourself.

Thanks for your purchase.


Looking to purchase…Is this responsive? Will it work for phones and tablets? Thanks

yes, it is responsive and works on all devices, regards!

Hi/ Having issues. The script will not work with Any dimension greater than 2000px by 2000px. What do I need to do to fix this?

Inside crop area I can apply zoom using the scrolling mouse. But my cliente asked me to put buttons + and – to use zoom. Is it possible?

yes, is possible, but it is not done, it would require a specific development for this. Regards

Is there some ready function to zoom in or zoom out that I could call via “click event” ?

To do what you want, you should change the plugin to access to cropper object and use zoom method from cropper object. Regards

I need help, as I do to go to another page once loaded the image, with its image name in the folder, I want to get the name of the image in order to be able to insert in php this name in sql in queries

Does it support Google Adsense?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. Addsense is an advertising system

Is it possible to configure this plugin so that for each upload the user can enter a directory name where the images are stored.

no, I’m sorry, it’s not possible

Does this script work with PHP 7.x?

Script works great right out of the box. However, I can’t seem to find where/how to make overwrite work. Can you tell me what script(s) to access and what to change/add? Thanks

PS: Have not altered anything, so no modifications have been made to purchased script.

I tried emailing you through the support tab above a few days ago, but did not get a response. So, I am trying here.


you can set overwrite propreti in crop options:

crop: {
       active:         true,
       width:          300,
       height:         200,
       overwrite:      true,
       aspectRatio:    2
remember set filename property and set encryption property to false, this is a example:
                    urlPlugin:          '.',
                    folder:             '/main-files/public', // url from doucument root just public folder
                    tmpFolder:          '/main-files/tmp', // url from doucument root just tmp folder
                    encryption:         false,
                    filename:           'test',
                    outputExtension:    'png',
                    mimesAccept:    [
                    crop: {
                        active:         true,
                        width:          300,
                        height:         200,
                        overwrite:      true,
                        aspectRatio:    2