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Awesome work! Good luck! :)


Nice Job.. Is there any way to make it a count-up timer .. like I start it at 01/01/2009 and it starts counting since then till I say stop..


Thanks!! Unfortunately the count-up in this plugin there is no

How do I remove the year and month and stop it showing on the timer on the page, it would be great and easier to use if the demo when clicking generate actually generated the code to be added to the page.

Many thanks ;-)

Updated the demo site, and moved all parameters

Working like a dream now, many thanks ;-)

Excellent! Did not immediately understand what you need, lost in translation)

really useful stuff, good job ! :)


Can you implement several countdowns on the same page?

Could you also please update the documentation on how to add more countdowns? thanks

First timer:

$(’#first-count’).GeraklCountDown({ options….. });

Second timer:

$(’#second-count’).GeraklCountDown({ options….. });

And so on…


$(’#first-count, #second-count’).GeraklCountDown({ options….. });

Can I use this to make relative countdowns (like 90 minutes from when the user loads the page)?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this query. I wonder if there might be a way to have a shortcode such as a shortcode that creates a button to display upon expiration? Best, MM

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.