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I am interested in a google map with direction for mu=y business to implement in my html website. Can customers manually enter their address then click get directions in addition to automatically find their location? Can directions be printed? This is not a word press template?Thanks

Hi Please can you confirm that the below items are achievable with the Geolocated Directions Map jquery plugin. I am planning to buy the same.

1. Multiple markers allowed or an array of markers can be passed or not 2. Can I change the icons of the markers 3. Can I make routes using way-points for multiple locations for e.g. 5 locations 4. Can I change the styling of the info boxes 5. The routes which are created can they be in two colors i.e. halfway with a different color and the other with different 6. Can I place ID or class names on the info-box text so that click events are possible or not 7. Is it possible to highlight a specific country.

P.S. – Does this plugin internally use any map services?

Please can you reply for the above questions so that I can proceed with the purchasing and using the product as it seems very nice to me.

Hello, I am having trouble getting this to work on my WordPress site. Is this compatible with WordPress?

Thanks, Kyle-

Hi Kyle, it should be ok. Please feel free to reach out directly and we can take a look together.

Hey I did reach out via e-mail twice. I wanted to make sure you received my e-mail?

Looks nice. Is it possible to integrate this with your OKDate script? to show distance and direction between one user and another

It would need to be modified to do this exactly as you say. It can be done easily and I can teach you how, just reach out to me directly.

Thanks, Alex

Thanks for your reply. My thinking for integration here is: On User Profile Where you have “Straight . Woman BREAK XX Y.O , Paris, France (Include: “XX Miles / KMs Away“)

Then on Tabs (“Username” | “Timeline” | “Photos” | “Distance” ) . The distance tab would show the map (and Geodirections) based on the most recent login of the profile owner. (similar to SKOUT logic).

Of course the profile owner would be able to disable this tab or simply choose not to share their login location with other users; or share with only “Friends”. But system should log the location anyway. In a situation where user chooses to NOT share their login location, The distance tab will use the City on their profile to calculate distance. e.g “Paris, France”.

Based on this integration, it would be so nice if “Filter Users” can include “By Distance”. I hope this is not too difficult or impossible :s

I like your idea. I will check out the Skout logic a bit more to see the ui/ux. I had some other ideas for location, still a work in progress.


is it possible to set input box for start location instead of GEO locating? Or just add the box so client can use both?

Best regards, Matthew

Hi Matthew, you could do it easily but needs modification in the script.

With Chrome 50+ this plugin no longer works on sites without HTTPS. To address this in situations where HTTPS is not present, adding a field for users to input their address upon nagivator.geocoder failure would be viable. Are there any plans to add this?

I’ll take a look this week, let me see if I can fix it. Thank you for your patience, Alex

Excellent, thank you.

Hi Can you tell me how to make this work with Wordpress and the Divi theme?


demo is not working

It is working on Local but i upload on hosting it is not working. I replace api to

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&sensor=false&key=AIzaSyAGGme7pzaddQUXMFUNz9GeeHz_x4Y1I&language=de”></script>

But even it is not working. Please can you help why it is not working. thanks.

helo hello

Hi, please PM me your Skype let me see what the issue is.

demo is not working

will be updated soon