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I have some questions.

1. I tested the app but seems My location was not taken, does it take some time to update ?

2. what tools do I need, I plan to add html files inside my app, some could check location, will this work inside your app.

3. is there a way to change namespace of apk to publish ? need to sign the app? do you offer guidance on this ?

4. how easy is to check some condition every XX time to the send an internal push from the app like for example check based on weather forecast to grab an umbrella…


Hi Are you still supporting this app, did not got a reply from prior questions.


Hi, i’m so sorry but i was on vacation until today!

here’s the answer:

1) You have tried to killed the app and re-open it? or reboot device? when you open the app the position will be update.

2) Now you can’t use the position of device by html page… i’m sorry.

3) Do you mean “rename package” if yes, you can follow my user guide pdf to change it.

4) I would do it via a cron php that sends geo push… but you have to be a PHP programmer to do it

Hi, how to fix user lat and lon user ‘0.0000000’ values? When a user re-opens the application, a new record is created in the database with the same ‘token’.

Hello again :grin:
This update was not corrected to obtain the latitude and longitude of users? :cry:

In fact, I think this question of latitude and longitude was to be mentioned in the Web App Essentials and not here lol, right?
I’m crazy, sorry.

Hi, i’m sorry for your request. but i have a fix for you… Open Controllers->Api.php and paste this code to line 35:

if ($data[USERS_LAT] == '0.0000000' || $data[USERS_LON] == '0.0000000') {
                    $this->output(1, "Token already exists and Lat or Lon invalid");    

Hi DigitalBorder,

Do you have a download to the pdf so I can see the available API’s and there structure before purchase? or can you provide a list of the available functions and parameters required?


Hi, the api currently only the bees are used to record the user.

same error

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Uninitialized string offset: 0

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 120


File: /hsphere/local/home/bozzgroup/ Line: 9 Function: __construct

File: /hsphere/local/home/bozzgroup/ Line: 292 Function: require_once

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 202


File: /hsphere/local/home/bozzgroup/ Line: 9 Function: __construct

File: /hsphere/local/home/bozzgroup/ Line: 292 Function: require_once

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: controllers/Access.php

Line Number: 9

Hello, how are you? I wonder what I should do to sort the page ‘list users’ by a different column ‘id’, as Android Token for example. I tried to modify the file “application/views/pages/users_list.php’, but it still fails. Thank you.

you need to change the query, from:

$data[‘users’] = $this->db->query(“SELECT * FROM ” . USERS_TABLE);


$data[‘users’] = $this->db->query(“SELECT * FROM ” . USERS_TABLE. ” ORDER BY <your_field_name> DESC “);


Thanks, worked perfectly!

You are welcome!


I have purchased both Web App Essential and Geo Push from your profile and I’m currently trying to set them up as per the demo, with the App sending information to the Geo Panel about location etc. So far I have updated the string.xml file with the following :

<string name=”db_field_token”>551757011179</string> <string name=”db_field_latitude”>32.000000</string> <string name=”db_field_longitude”>10.000000</string> <string name=”server_url”></string>

I have also set up this in Api.php


May be I’ve put the API codes in the wrong places, I’m not exactly a developer. If you could point me where each token should go.

I generated these API codes from

with my Android API code. When I open the App, the Geo Push Web panel doesn’t reflect that anyone has opened it and I get no “registered users”

Could you help me out with that as I’ve been struggling and the Documentation isn’t really helpful to be honest. There are things that I haven’t been able to find in the code. I’ll be looking forward to your response.


Hi, but why you have change the fields name? if you use my Geo Push Panel the fields name are must be:

<!- Server to register token (for push notification) OPTIONAL ->
<string name="db_field_token">user_android_token</string>
<string name="db_field_latitude">user_lat</string>
<string name="db_field_longitude">user_lon</string>
<string name="server_url">http://<yourdomain>/api/register_user</string>

You need to change only the url with your domain

I managed to get the App to work and connect it to the Geo Location Web App, but for some reason it doesn’t sent the location of all devices. So far I’ve tested it with 4 phones, 2 of them sent the location, but 2 others won’t send a location and I only get 0.0000000 0.000000 coordinates for them. Is there a particular reason you can point out for this. The same app was distributed on all 4 Android devices.

Which version for this android? 5+?

Good evening :grin:,
I have Purchased both Web App Essential and Geo Push …

And I complete a project using the Web App Essential, but I have another project which I am concluding, and would like to implement the Geo Push this project to choose which of the two (Web App Essential or another application) will be officially published.

It turns out that using the user_guide.pdf, in the ‘How to register device token – Configure your apps’. Information on how to user registration, was too vague for me

I need a step by step on how to make the correct setting. How could you help me?

Hi, if you have buy Web App Essentials, you can copy the source code of http post to geo push…

Is very simple, you will need only make a http post to register method with: user token, lat and lon.

If you don’t know how get token, you can use an online guide like this:

Thanks again.

You are welcome!


timo75 Purchased

Hi , Thinking of purchasing , are you going to support windows devices ?

Hi, this app only for android not windows :(

Google doesn’t allow me to register a GCM project, but a Firebase one because they upgraded it to Firebase. What do I do?

supports firebase??

Oh, i’m sorry, google has transfered on firebase… I need to convert this project.. i can publish an update in next days.

Thanks for your notice

ok! iam waiting for new update with FireBase ..

and also provide a demo app source code to use this geo push will be great!

Ok, i published today the Firebase version… Codecanyon will publish it in 1-2 days normally…

Hello, I installed and everything works fine, notifications arrive without problems. But to send link by the extra field, it looks like it will not, I click on the notification and does not open the link.

what did I do wrong?

Ok, do you use with my Native web app, or with your android application?

Use Native web app

Ok, in my demo app, you can send the url in the extra field, so put a link and send a notification. When you open it, you go automatically on the url.

If you want you can pass your custom data…

I downloaded it on 02/11/2016 This version I used. In you Native web app

Hi, but you have purchased my project?

Can the script be used with other android apps, or is just complementary to your Native Web App Essentials + Push Web Panel app?

Absolutely it can be used with all apps that are compatible with: IOS Push Notification or Google FCM (Firebase)

so you this system work with any app or only with your system?

Hi, you can integrate it for any app!

Hi, Great Works! I tried Andriod version too .

Is there IOS version in your mind? or it should happened by exclusive order?

Also I wonder is it possible send notification by cities or specific users instead of circle on map ?


Hi, Geo PUSH is for Android and IOS notification.

I’m an Android developer and i create a demo only for Android, but GEOPUSH is compatible with IOS.

Yes you can draw circle on map!

Hi, I know Geo PUSH can send notification for android and iOS.

my question is can you develop an iOS app just like your android webview app of course we’ll talk about price!

and other question is : is it possible send notification by cities or specific users? not only by drawing circle?


Hi, i can’t develop IOS app i’m sorry

Now you can send notification for specific user, drawing area or all the world, but not by cities.

Ciao ho inviato una email direttamente dal tuo sito ma non ho ricevuto risposta, com’è possibile contattarti?

Ciao, ti rispondo via mail… me l’hai spedita 3 ore fa!

ahahah!!! si…. sai noi vigli del fuoco siamo sempre di fretta!!


krissks Purchased

Hi, when i send to api i error syntax line35

Hi, can you paste here your post call and error message?


krissks Purchased

other problem in page notification/home/notifications_list

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: ucwords() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given Filename: pages/notifications_list.php

Line Number: 28

Hi, i think you have this error because you don’t have some notificaiton, right?


PLKids Purchased

Hello, I accidentally bought two GeoPushs. I’m loving the product, but I don’t need two. Is there a chance I could get a refund on the second one? Total fail on my part. I thought I had gone to the second link.

Hi, i’m sorry and thanks for your bought. I think you can open a refund request for one?

Try to contact envato, no problem for me!