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An application version for the iPhone Xcode is available

If three copies are available I will buy them

Copy control panel Version of android studio Copy xcode

I’m sorry for late… try my new service:

Hi Does it support mobile browser?

Hi, yes try with your smartphone:

do you have create also mobile app for subscribe user to push panel?

Kind time of day. Can you programmatically and technically implement the following collection: collection and processing of mobile numbers gsm terminals located in a given / defined perimeter.

Hi, i could but i can’t.

i’m so sorry but i’m not a freelancer :(


I am getting following warning. warning pack(): Type H: illegal hex digit

Please help!


Hi, the link of your installation is public? Can you give me the url by private message?



Have sent you link on private message. Please check and provide resolution on same.


Hello – I keep getting the “You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe” message – any installation tips? i’ve watched the video 10 times – thank you very much for your help

Hi, i have never see a similar error…

You can remove htaccess and use a full link with index.php.

Like this: instead of

We have an android and iOS based app. Can we buy this and add to it to do push messages to our registered users based on where they are?

Yes but you have to send the location and token to geopanel. Geopanel script has an API to register user. Follow my user guide, for any help tell me!

Thanks, We tried to install geopanel. But, map was not showing when I actually debugged it then I found some files are missing

Loading failed for the <script> with source “”. home:325 Loading failed for the <script> with source “”. home:330 Loading failed for the <script> with source “”.

Please help me to get rid of this.

Presale question. Any updates come soon? Demo not working.

Hi, why demo doesn’t work?

can I send notification ( with links ) to the devices/users already in my Firebase account ?

Hi, No because you need the token users in geo push database.

Geopush has api system, you can register users but you have to modify your apps.

I purchased and we are using it. Great job. What are you working on for features and improvements and when can we expect to see the next update?

Hi, thank you.

I’m sorry but i don’t have plans about upgrade this product now, just bug fixing if necessary.

I’m working on a new project :)

Are notifications delivered based on IP or real-time lat/long?

Real time lat long but depends when you update the coordinates from your apps.

Hello, We are using your system but we are facing problem. 1. Not working for IOS 2. When push notification receive on android then push icon won’t display of our app and also no audio voice of our app. Please help me regarding this

Hi, why iOS doesn’t working?

Are you using the FCM version right? If yes, it’s based on firebase, if you send a push from firebase directly, your ios app receives the notification?

Can I get your SkypeID or gmail. I have to send some screenshot

send me by email pls: thank you

Hey this looks great, just a quick pre-purchase questions: we need something that allows push notifications to be sent to specific groups in Firebase. Using the admin panel a user can select the group and send a push notification to that specific group. Is this something it can provide? Cheers :)

Hi, groups are not managed by this panel but i think you can change the code to use it.

If you know php it’s very simple.