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this is the perfect starting point for the app i had in mind, will buy soon. welcome to cc! +new follower

Thanks a lot, I will be listing a few more app templates this week… hopefully they weill help.

i send you a private message i need to have the answer before a pourchase.

which kind of licence i need if i want to offer this app in a website for users in my country. User can buy app on itunes, from my account?

sorry i dont understand how it works. can you explane me please?


Sent you two replies.. please check the last reply before you purchase.


i purchased this, but it seems it is trying to use a database on your server instead of the local one, am i missing something?

It should be using the local SQL database gems.db that is included within the resources folder

Hi, does this work only on iphone os?

can it work on Android or even blackberry?

With some slight modification it will work with the other platforms

How difficult would it be to have this sync with an database in the cloud? Very cool stuff – nice work

Not very at all, you would just need to have some sort of connection script to access the database on the serverside, PHP or something like that to post your information to.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the code – one problem is that when I view the locations and click on them nothing happens?

~ Rob

In the code i provided nothing is meant to happen, it allows you to experiment and change things to suit your needs.

Hi there,

I bought your App thinking that saving location would take you to the map. Can you tell how to experiment so when i click on a saved location I can see the map? Thanks!

very nice app. it has been years already that it’s not being updated. hope to see updates that would include images when saving a certain location, ratings and reviews.

hello i need a template or app that users can pin the hotspot informing police is there…after other users use the app or site can see the points…need refresh database 3hous in 3 hours…how much customize this?


You are a cheater. It doing noting just save , update and delete. no fuken geo thing happening. Everybody please don not buy.