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seems very nice plugin. Just one question before I hit buy button, Can we show ads to mobile and desktop users seperately ? For example If I want to show ads only to US users and who are using mobile device …is it possible using this plugin ?

By default no, but yes you can it is very easy. There is an extra script you would have to use that in combination. Email us at support@wpkraft.com to get the script its free.

Do I need to buy www.maxmind.com membership in order to use this plugin ? I only want to target users based on their country

No, its again using GeoIP free database which are all enough to run this plugin.


I just purchased the plugin and tried to install the database from the plugin menu, but every time I try, it just takes ages and doesn’t do anything. I tried a few times and every time the site goes down after reaching timeout.

Could you please advise?

Thank you

Hi, there could be any conflict with some other plugin. Please let us know the URL at support@wpkraft.com so we can fix it.

any updates scheduled?

Yes, next release of the plugin is scheduled next week.

Can this plugin be used on unlimited multisite networks?

We have not tested it with multisite installation, but it should work.

I submitted an issue through the plugin, but did not receive a reply. We have geotargeting for Belgium and The Netherlands setup, but all our users are seeing the Belgian ads, even the ones in The Netherlands. For the people outside of Belgium and Netherlands we have a third set of ads setup, and those are displayed correctly.

This could be for certain range of IPs only, you need to update the IP database file by replacing it with the new, in some cases due to server restrictions the plugin can not do this automatically. Please share your email or write to us at support@wpkraft.com