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Hi, this is realy a nice class.

I want to ask if you can set the encoding of the generated XLSX file and if you are planing something similar for XLSX importing

Hi adamantinum,

The default encoding for the generated file is UTF -8 but for now you can not set a different encoding, maybe on the next versions. As for the XLSX importing, I’m not really sure what you mean.


Hi, thanks for answer.

It would be nice if another encoding could be set. Because my clients mostly use windows-1250 encoding

For importing I mean that I can read XLSX files in php.

For example: $reader->column(5)->row(10) or $reader->get(“C7”) or maybe get whole XLSX file as an php array.

I need this functionality for example to export web translation from english language. Sent the generated file to a tralnlator company and then import the translated version. If you know what I mean

It seems like a very good item. I’m wondering if this class supports also applying cell borders and colors / background colors. It would be useful if a nicer XLS output is needed.

Hi WiseLoop,

The next release will support new styles, such as borders and background colors and you will be able to generate a nicer excel file.


Hi WiseLoop,

Download the new version of GenXLSX and you will have the possibility to use cell borders and colors.


I really would appreciate if this could have cell column width. Otherwise its a really good class library. Congrats :)

Hi Laborator,

Download the new version of GenXLSX and you will have the requested feature (auto width on cells).


What I need most is a reliable way to generate Excel files from an existing HTML table, or even from a collection of objects generated server-side. I watched the video (but I don’t have headphones with me at work), and am wondering if this class has the ability to take in a table and generate the Excel from it.

Hi saxonline,

I am from Russia. Can I use the images in xsl? I need to attach images to the cells … I really need it. Could you make the upload in a cell?

Translated using Google translator.

Hi QuberPro,

For now you can not attach images to cells. GenXLSX does not support currently this feature. Maybe I will develop this feature in the next versions.

Thanks and sorry for the delayed response.

good script, but i need to attach images :(:crying:

Hi mate,

The scripts looks great. I need to save in an excel files the fields filled in a contact form in my site. is this possible with that script?

Thanks in advance. Regards.

Hi onyxsolar,

Yes, you can use this script. You can see how it works by watching the videos. You only need to change the “example.php” file to fit your needs.

Sorry for the delayed answer.



How can i attach the images to cells? Please develop this feature.. I need it… :(

Hi QuberPro,

I’m working on this feature, to be able to attach images to cells. It will be ready soon.


Great! I’ll be waiting this feature!

Hi! How long to wait?

i am interested in buying this but i’m also learning PHP and could use a few pointers. i am pulling back a result set from MySQL and would like to automatically open in Excel rather than on the web page. can this script do just that?

Sent an email a couple of days ago with this error: Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/booking/admin/GenXLSX/GenXLSX.php on line 100

What is the problem?

You need to install a Zlib module for apache.

Hi, I purchased the project and launched the example.php script. It created the example.xlsx file, but Excel says that is unreadable. I saw that file is practically empty.

I’m very confused as to how the cells in the rows are printing out. In the ‘example.php’ file, the very first row apparently has 5 items in it (Nr, Name, Email, City, and Phone). However, the file generated only shows 3 items, the first of which spans 3 columns. Name and Email never print in this first row, and I am unable to determine why.

Hi ironwil,

If you look at the line 62 in the example file you’ll see that, I’ve added there an example of how to use the “merge cells” feature. If you remove the “merge” option and run again the example.php you’ll see that you’ll have all the 5 items (Nr, Name, Email, City, and Phone).


I see that it works, but its exporting the file directly into the FTP directory. How can I have it instead prompt a download for the user to save to the client computer?

Curious.. Is there a way to make the entire workbook have a white background?

Can this handle “in cell” line breaks?

I see that it works, but its exporting the file directly into the FTP directory. How can I have it instead prompt a download for the user to save to the client computer?

Hi enriqueavg,

Add the following pice of code ( usually after this line: $xlsx->write_footer($filename); ) in the file where you generate the excel file:

echo “Download”;


echo ”<a_href=’”.$filename.”’>Download</a>”; – You have to remove the underscores in order to work this line of code.

Awesome script, thanks! Really helped me a lot! I have two questions though…

1 – When I create a file I get strange letters instead of the desired Swedish ones. I think this should work since you say its UTF-8. But instead of “ö” i get “ö”. I tried replacing with the HTML version “&_ouml;” (without the _ ) but that just printed out the html-tag instead. Any ideas?

2 – Is there a way to change the location of the generated file? Instead of placing it in the root-folder I’d like to have for example in “root/files/myfile.xlsx”.

Thanks in advance!

Fixed nr 1 myself by doing some PHP str_replace to entities before inserting them into the Excel like: “Å = &_#197” and so on :)

Any advice on fixing my second question above? Thanks.

anyone know if this product can append records to an existing excel rather than replacing the existing file ?