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Looks nice, I may need something like this soon.

Good luck with sales! :)

When you will need such a class, you know where to find it. :) Thanks for the comment.

haha “pew pew” jucator de wow ? :D

nice idea but OCR software can easily read it, and thus its not suitable for a captcha system.

Background, font and text inclination can be easily changed to avoid “problems” with OCR software.

This class is “Gentle” because it can be easily altered to suit everyone needs.

Hellow VIM ,

Whell, that was easy. Got it up and running within minutes. There is just one small future request. I am using the CAPTHCA on a dark background. So why not make the backround and text color variable also? I did find where to change the code, so i could change this mysel.


I’m glad you find it useful. Your feedback is appreciated !

Great script! Also many thanks for answering basic questions on the integration/usage of the code.

Glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback.

Just bought and downloaded your script, uploaded to my server with php 5.2 on it and the image is NOT WORKING ,

Have you read the FAQ and still have not managed to solve the problem? Enable error_reporting and send me a piece of log which contains any warnings and/or errors of this script. (Details how to do that you find throughout the FAQ )

P.S No need to yell, I think we can solve the problem calmly.

just fyi.. one of the sample codes was “pew-pew” and it didn’t accept it, maybe the ”-”?

Working properly to me. I can not reproduce the problem reported by you.

At “pew-pew” i get “Correct code.”

Hi, I’ve added all the stuff in it says, and it’s just showing a broken image at the moment :(

The FAQ does not help ? (I’m sorry I responded so late to your question)

Just implemented this simple captcha and was able to submit form without correct captcha code. I have integrated with an existing form, added the php scripting to form page, and cannot get error from incorrect code.

Here is form:

You need to start a session in the page(s) where you are using this script and make a simple check. You can view a basic implementation example in “example.php” file from the archive. (near the end of the file)

I am no longer using this plugin, since could not implement it at first. I am unsure if I did what you detailed above, because I have since deleted my files for this plugin.

Thank you for the very late response on this issue….

Can I request a refund?