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How can I increate the max file size amount? Or is this on the web host? Thanks.

In “php.ini” settings you need to change “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size”.

Application based settings are available in file “application/libraries/UploadHandler.php”, line 86.

After i have created some pages (over 20) i noticed a long delay (more than 5 secs/operation) due to the fact that is saving at every change i make. any suggestions? thanx

As quick solution you can disable autosave.

Please send me login data to my contact form for test. I will check for best solution.

thanx i have sent you the access data. for whoever might have the same issue: how can one disable autosave?

Instructions to disable autosave and change repeat interval:

In “application/views/components/page_head.php”, line 178 you can find function “autoSaveRepeater”. Just remove 3 lines in function, 180., 181., 182. You can also change repeat interval, default is 30000 miliseconds.

Is this a Stand Alone script? Need help… I’m on a Linux and having trouble with the install?

I did the following: 1. application/config/config.php 2. application/config/database.php 3. main index.php file and set the $system_folder and $application_folder


Yes, this is standalone script.

They must work as is, without any changes, just extract archive to you root public_html directory and run it in browser.

Quick start tutorial link

Is there a way for the client to save a revision? I see that admin can do but we would love the client to make a revision as well. Not manage the revisions but just create a revision.

Great Work!

In file “application/views/_main_layout.php” you need change line 6 to skip admin user type check:
<?if(true ||$this->user_m->usertype('admin')):?>
In file “application/controllers/page.php” you need change line 108 to skip admin user type check:
if(isset($_POST['revision']) && ($this->user_m->usertype('admin') || true) && config_item('app_type') != 'demo')

Please contact me via contact form on my profile page if you run into problems.


Perfect!! Thank you!!!

Hi… very interesting script. As you reach 30 sales, so… do you plan any update and adding feature as multi-clients?

Ok fine… anyway it’s good news that you think to support and update this script in the future!

Ok… got it now ;)

Hi, This doesn’t seem to work with PHP 5.4 and up. I just get blank screen.

Hi, please can you contact me from contact form in profile with details (link, ftp login data) so we can try to check and fix this issue?

I made a test with php 5.4.22, and there is problem with SQLite again.

Temporary solution:

  1. Open file “application/config/production/database.php”
  2. Change line 49 from $active_group = ‘default’; to $active_group = ‘mysql’;
  3. Run application / configuration

That should solve the problem. Let me know.

Update 1.3 available for download

Any plans on adding support for Single Sign On?

e.g. google and facebook plugin?

In my situation that is what I need.

What is the situation where you need Single Sign On?

reg. Google and facebook plugins (Like button, Comments etc…), you can just add them to template file where you want.

The like button and comments etc. is of no use. I apologize for the misunderstanding. But the SSO is what I meant. To be able to register using google account. In our case it is because we have several writers where we could use this script for something useful. Anyway, all writers have google mail adresses so it would be easy for them to register (with some approval by admin or something first of course so it does not get spammed by bots) and secondly so it would be easy for them to switch back and for between other tools we have with google login. That is the use case.

This is beyond the scope of this application, but I am available for freelance to implemet custom features for you.


There was an update today, can you provide more information about what changed exactly?

Configurator improvements and database.php cofig file with dynamic test for sqlite check. Have you notice any problem?

Hi, I have installed this in a sub directory i.e. but it keeps redirecting to how do I change this?

Hi, Please send me real link and login data in contact form on my profile.

“Godaddy” hosting provider problem fix added to FAQ section. Please let me know if now everything works?

perfect, thanks for your help. All sorted :-)

It would have have been great if it could support the creation of multiple users as often times there are multiple projects going on at the same time and requires different content called for each project.

Let me know when your have updated the app for this support

Hi, if you have more websites, then you need to install new instance on each domain. Script purpose is for small business websites only.

Hey Not sure if you can lead me in the right direction, but I want to sync my users with another MySQL database I have, Is that possible?

There in no automatic sync feature available. But if you know what are you doing, please look at ‘user’ MySQL table if you want to create custom sync script.

This is only for one client and one admin right? I need more clients. Is that possible?

Forget for previous answer, user and admin are saved in config file for this script…

Only one client and one admin for one application instance. But you can have more application instances.

hi man what i’ve to do if i want to install the script in a folder like www/genius/ ? i cant figure out, thx in advantage

  1. Extract archive and copy all folder except “addons” to your web server “www/genius” directory.
  2. Open web server public url and configuration will appear.
  3. Change company name and other parameters optional.
  4. Click on “Save” and you will get all login and links info.

Let me know if you need more assistance via my profile form with your FTP/Cpanel login data.

thx m8, dont know why it wasnt working first, sometimes i do stupid things….a question, it’s supposed to create a new installation everytime i have a new project?

You can just create new folder with new script instance, for example: www/genius1

Hello, Do we get the final informations from the customers in email formats or does it stay in the edit box?


You can get final informations from revisions (print, view version, download files in zip). Check out revisions link in live demo and Standard use case example.

Hi, how are you?

A few questions:

1. Is this script still functional?

If yes, then

2. Can the content uploaded by the client be easily migrated or imported into a WordPress website or other CMS platforms?

Thanks in advance, Storm

1. Of course, better then ever… :-)

2. No, only with phpMyAdmin tool


Does this support multi clients? Or this is mainly for one client?



One installation instance for one client, so you can for example just create new folder with new script instance, for example:
for each new client…

So yes, supports but only this way, not via admin or something like that…

You are welcome!

I’ve never installed or used a script like this before, but it looks great!

(1) If I run into any issues with installing and/or using the script, will there be any additional charges for support with resolving installation and/or start-up problems?

(2) I already have Wordpress installed on my root (www) domain. In light of this, should this app be installed on a sub-domain or in a sub-folder?

(3) Your Quick Start Guide says NOT to upload the addons to the web server—and it says that the addons should be deleted “before production”.

— How can addons be deleted if they have not been uploaded?

— How are the addons intended to be used if they are not uploaded?

— What does “before production” mean? Before beginning to use the software or before making the site live?

My thanks in advance for your help and feedback.

Thank you for your prompt feedback, Sanljiljan.

Looks like I will need to contact you directly re: support issues after making my purchase since I do not know anything about

— mod-rewrite roles (what they are or how to work around them) or

— how these roles would impact the installation on a subdomain and/or in a sub-folder.

In the meantime, do you know if simple iFrame scripts will work in each of the page sections in GeniusDoc? If need be, I can send you samples of the 2 iFrame types I would like to use.

1. If guides are not enough and you are not familiar with script installations at all we can also provide installation service for you, details:

I can’t guarantee that iframe scripts will work.


Thanks again! Very much appreciate your prompt feedback and support.

any update for new php versions and recent software ?

If you have any issue let me know via support ticket.

You are welcome!


fas77 Purchased

i follow steps 1 to 4 install , then PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference

Filename: core/Common.php

Line Number: 257


fas77 Purchased

yes. is there script to make mysql db. did not see on user guide


fas77 Purchased


Issue solved, for other clients if using PHP7, in index.php line 50 changed to:



Bought this script. Was having problems so did 2 fixes found here, but still this issue. Invalid DB Connection String


Please open support ticket here: and provide all details (ftp, link, admin login, screenshot, step by step guide to simulate issue).

You are welcome!