Discussion on Generic Popups (jQuery)

Discussion on Generic Popups (jQuery)

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hello how can i do for example 14 can be run directly without pressing a button

For example if you wanted to do this on page load, you could pass in the window object. In example 14 you could make the following changes:

Find / Replace:

.popup('assign', $('#handler14_btn'), 'load', 'show'


.popup('assign', $(window), 'load', 'show'

Find / Replace:

.popup('assign', jQuery('#handler14_btn'), 'click', 'show'


.popup('assign', jQuery(window), 'load', 'show'

Hope that helps.

would the Lightbox be able to handle the following code that is a video player: <iframe width=’100%’ height=’100%’ allowfullscreen=’true’ webkitallowfullscreen=’true’ mozallowfullscreen=’true’ src=’' style=’overfolow:hidden; border:0px;’></iframe>

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t work. Can’t promise support for old browsers, should be fine in modern ones if styled properly.

Does this script support multiple embeds on the same page, of the same method?

I’ve purchased, and I realize my support has ended, but it seems like there is a lot of editing needed to get the same type of popup, multiple times on a single page.

I’ve done a fair amount of work in an attempt to get it to work, and assign the popup to a new css id, but whenever I do that, the entire thing stops working.

Is this script suppose to support being embedded multiple times on the same page?

Yes, it’s supposed to work with multiple elements on the same page. Please zip the file you’re working on and send it over to me for inspection, and I’ll see how your problem can be resolved.

Good day. I want to re-download the product. But I can not find it in your account. Please help. Thank you.

Hi, it is available here: In fact you commented on the product page. You may want to contact envato support if you are having troubles with your purchase or downloading the item. Hope that helps!

Problems with the purchase were resolved. I downloaded the product, but lost it after cleaning PC. Wanted download again. I have a code to confirm.

When you email me it says you have not purchased this item. If this is a problem, you need to contact envato support to resolve this.

Hello! i just purchased your great script, and i have implemented it in my website and works great, however im a little lost and im hoping you can guide me a little with this issue, ill explain below

im trying to have two equal structures, to be specific i want to have the example4 two times in my page but with different content, the first one works great but the second one doesnt work at all, the functionality is just dead, what i am missing? sorry im still learning.

Thanks in advance.

i managed to solve it adding different jquery declarations for each. Is that the best way to deal with these issues?

There are two ways of doing it. Either you could do two separate structures for each tooltip, or you could reuse the existing popup, change its text and simply reposition it (using the position method).

Do the popup boxes accept shortcodes?

Shortcodes are wordpress-specific, they’re rendered as html on run-time, so I don’t see why you won’t be able to. Bear in mind though, this is out of the scope of support (being wordpress related).

The functionality works, but it causes the page to skip down to where the button is. On most large displays you don’t see it, but if you are on a laptop with a smaller screen size, you can see the page jump down.

It does jump down, and scroll back up. It has nothing to do with Generic Popups script, however. As I mentioned earlier, your best bet is to debug by removing scripts one by one and refreshing the page to see which script is causing it. It could be the Google Analytics script you have on your page since it is the only one I saw changing the window location if I remember correctly.

To go with the first comment:

We have put this on a test page. It is linked to a button to cause the popup. Problem is, when you visit the site, it jumps down to where the button is located like an anchor link would.

Can you help us figure out why?

It seems to be working fine at my end. If the problem persists at your end, i would suggest, one-by-one removing scripts and refreshing the page again and again to see which one is causing the problem.

Hi there, I am using example 8, I am trying but failing to change it so the notification loads once the window is loaded. Would you be able to help me with this?


Yes, please email me via the contact form on my profile page, and I’ll send you a zipped example of how it’s done.

Hi, my goal is to get users to see a page on my site. Can your popup be configured like this:

1. If user closes popup window, do not show popup again for 7 days 2. If user views page A or page B, do not show popup again for 7 days 3. If user views page C or page D, do not show popup again for this user

The popup doesn’t have anything as such built-in. The popup is, well just a popup. The functionality you’re talking about is more about setting cookies or web storage for your site which does what you’re saying. You would have to manually code that.

hello sir ,I want to purchase your product Generic Popups (jQuery)(toast).but before purchasing the product i want to know about this product.sir can we take Form on pop up window basically i want Create HTML Form in the pop up window.

hello sir, I purchased your Generic Popups(toast) .I want some change on this module.I want a minimize button on the pop can check example at solve my problem .I send you a mail on your mail id

I already replied to your email. Here’s what I said:

“If you just want a “minimize” button/link placed in the top right or top left corner of the popup, then I can help you with that, but I can’t certainly make that minimize button functional for you as that is out of the scope of the product support. Can you kindly confirm what it is that you want exactly?”

sir i want just “minimize” button on the pop up .

A wordpress version will be great! :)

kind of complicated to do one, but will do one as soon as i find free time :)

can I call another page from another site using your pop up

as long as it’s just a link, of course.

This terrific script has been working awaymerrily on my sites, but stopped the moment I upgraded the jQuery library to 1.10.1 (goes without saying it doesn’t work with 2.0.2 either). It appears several deprecated functions have been removed altogether from jQuery 1.9 onwards, which could be the cause. It does work with the jquery.migrate plugin, but I’d rather the script itself was upgraded. When will an update be released? Many thanks for a multifunctional script that has been worth its weight in gold.

Email sent, and your support is magnificent.

thanks :)!

Thanks a million for keeping your word and sending me a fix. Am I glad I secured your scripts!

Hi there, I am looking for some help on this component I bought. It is very useful, but I am having some trouble fine-tuning it in the context of the website I have designed. I am sure that there is a solution and that my ignorance of javascript is the problem. So I am hoping you can take a look and give me a quick fix or some suggestions at the very least.

Here is the beta page:

Here is the issue: As you can see from the beta page, the page is flexible in terms of its position with respect to the size of the browser. The entire page centers itself within the browser, and it centers itself as the browser size is increased or decreased. But, that also means that the sticky navs on the right (Jump To and Related Resources) also move and, when the browser becomes too small, overlap the text so that you can’t read it.

Would you be able to provide a solution for positioning or placement within the html which would keep these two items in a fixed horizontal position relative to the page design while still allowing them to be flexible within the context of the entire browser?

I hope this makes sense to you. Thanks in advance for your help.

Would the popup be responsive if I view in mobile, can the popup be centralized? Im very keen in this, hope to hear from you soon.

Can you contact me via my profile page and we can discuss this further there. Since this is a premium script, it’s not preferred to discuss code publicly.

Thank you for helping. You have saved me from hours of headache. Awesome author and script.

Thank you :)


The “top of page” (tested) and perhaps other popups break with the latest version of jquery.

I can break the example page for the popup by updating the sample jquery to the latest jquery.

Can you fix?

Well, latest version of jQuery is not supported yet. You can use jQuery noConflict() to avoid any conflicts with other libraries and/or earlier/latest versions of jQuery used on the same page. Hope that helps.

Does the “Example 12: Message Box” work on page load? We need something to tell users an alert message when they enter our website

of course. detailed documentation is included with the product and additionally i’ll be able to assist you with it.


I am getting error message, this error is just flashing on the page and disappearing in seconds, but somehow i managed to get screenshot of that.

How to send that image file to you? So that you can figure out what the error is all about in my installation attempt? There is no place here to upload the file.

Ok i will post a link of the page. Check this

Pl reply asap

Regards AVinash

well you should contact the author of that script but the error it’s giving is quite simple, it’s missing some “live_notify.php” file wherever it should reside. again, contact the author of that script for more help on that. i’m afraid i can only assist you with the scripts i’ve written.


I apologies for the goof up. Actually these messages where not for you, inadvertently there were two pages opened for diff scripts and I mistakenly send something to you which is not related to you.

I appreciate that you have taken some time to reply my queries which are not even pertaining to you. This is something gr8!

Is there anyway that you can remove/delete this miscommunication?

Warm Regards Avinash

they can’t be removed, but it’s alright. glad to be of help :)! good luck!


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