Gems | iOS Universal Geolocation Hunting Game Template (Swift)

Gems | iOS Universal Geolocation Hunting Game Template (Swift)

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iOS and Android versions can share the same database on back4app

19 Jul 2021
- Updated design with beautiful background
- Updated app to support newer versions of Xcode and iOS
- Facebook login issue has resolved
- Apple login issue has resolved
23 Apr 2021
- Updated documentation of Gems app by adding new information about Apple login
- Updated code to iOS 14.3+ versions
- Updated new login credentials for facebook
21 Mar 2021
- Fixed the crash on user account details screen
- Fixed Facebook login details and update it to a new account
- Update the code to support Xcode newer version and iOS latest version
20 May 2020
• Updated code to support iOS 13.4.1 and Xcode 11.4 
• Fixed a crash on home screen for getting the Gems. 
• Updated code to avail iOS 13.4.1 permissions.
10 Apr 2020
•    Updated design of all the screens by following new design patterns followed by apple.
•    Fixed the crash when clicked on catching the gem button.
•    Fixed crash for location permission in info.plist
•    Updated code to support Xcode 11+ and iOS 13+ versions.
•    Added support to run on iOS dark mode versions.
•    Fixed bugs on new iOS permissions for location.
17 Sep 2019
• Updated the design of the login and sign up the screen with rounded corners by modifying the views and buttons.
• Updated the design of the home screen by adding views behind each item and rounded corners of views.
• Updated personal account and other user account screen with newly added views and added colors around views to show more visibility.
• Added the views around buttons in the map screen and added circular views behind them with some transparency.
• Fixed the Facebook login issue.
• Fixed the issues of design on different devices like alignments of content.
25 May 2018
• Accordingly to the new EU GDPR terms, I've updated the 'tou.html' file and Documentation.
IMPORTANT: This means that if a User asks for his/her Account deletion, you must do it within 24 hours, as the GDPR's "Right to be forgotten" Article states (LINK:
3 April 2018
• Updated to recommended settings with Xcode 9.3
• Updated the 3 Facebook SDKs (because of Swift 4.1 release):
11 November 2017
• Fixed a smll bug in the Identity.swift file: updated the 'imagePIckerController()' method like this:
   func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) {
so now you can  change your profile's avatar image

Gems is a Universal Game Template with geolocation where you have to collect as many gems as you can around your area. The app gets your current location when you sign up for the first time and randomly generates a few new Gems around your area, so you can walk or drive around to get closer and get them. once you’ve collected all gems of a round, the app gets your current location again and generates other Gems, so you don’t have to manually insert them into your own parse Dashboard.
This game has a built-in Top Hunters leaderboard where you can see scores from all users around the world and where they got their Gems.
You can edit your Identity (username and avatar image)m check and share your Statistics on social networks, Mail and SMS.

Since its backend is by Parse Server, you don’t have to buy any domain/hosting, there are NO php files to upload to a web server so you’ll save some money for server side.

Gems is a native XCode project, Swift language, Storyboard, Universal, super easy to customize, backend with Parse SDK hosted on

About Parse SDK and back4app

Read this article for more info about back4app and Parse SDK:

Can I host Parse Server on my own server?

Yes, although I don’t provide support for the setup process, you can read the official Guide here:

I get a Code signing error in Xcode 8.x

That’s a bug of Xcode 8 with macOS Sierra, check this sample video to see how to fix it:

How to remove AdMob banner ads

Check this video out to see how to remove the code that shows AdMob banners: Keep in mind that you must repeat the shown steps for every .swift file that contains this line on the top:
import GoogleMobileAds

What about free support for this template?

I can offer free support for bugs encountered in the original code. Instead, if you’ve edited the code and messed something up with it, I may apply some fee to fix it either via TeamViewer or by checking your app project files directly on my computer.

Should I use the latest version of Xcode to edit this template?

Yes, I always update my apps to the latest version of the IDE.

Why do I need to have login from Apple Account in the app?

Yes, because from 30th April 2020, APPLE authorities restricted the apps using 3rd party login from FACEBOOK, GOOGLE etc should also integrate “APPLE SIGN IN” method in the app. For reference: APPLE SIGN IN GUIDELINES

Terms & Policy about Back4App

Users are bound to change the back4App keys and APP keys after purchasing the source code and all the related stuff from CUBYCODE. As CUBYCODE will reserve the rights to take some legal actions, if users continue to use company’s account of Back4App for their testing purposes.


  • XCode 11.4+ project – Swift 4.5+ – 64bit
  • Universal – Storyboard – iOS 13.5+
  • AdMob banners
  • gems get randomly generated based on your current location
  • Find Gems in the Map
  • Collect Gems and climb the Top Hunters leaderboard
  • PDF User Guide and PSD included
  • Easy to customize | Well commented code

  • Apple Mac with its latest OS version installed
  • The latest version of Xcode and some knowledge about its UI interface
  • Photoshop or any other image editor software
  • An Apple Developer account to submit apps to the App Store
  • An AdMob account to generate your own banner UNIT ID
  • A free account on


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