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Thanks for the preview. Looks good.

gelang grid is plugin library for mvc. you need to add gelang.dll to mvc project. create controller to provide data which type is IQueryable collection. then library will convert/parse IQueryable to json.

Do I get the source code for gelang.dll?

If purchase, you can ask the source code. In next version we will provide full source code for gelang.dll.

sorry for late answer

Greetings, Does it work with vs2010 without MVC? Thanks, Huambo

hi huambo,

currently designed for mvc only, for non mvc may be still posible with little modification. but if not using mvc, there are already many component out there like devexpress. we focus on mvc because mvc still lack of controls especially for grid.

thanks for coming :)

How does it perform searches?

of course it can perform search by type anything in searchbox. in server side, this operation will be handle by entity framework and linq. you can check the json result by using firebug.

Good work. Is it open source?

yes, we using open source component datatable we provide back end functionality to access database

Do you provide code or only .dll file?

currently yes, we only provide dll file, but you can ask the source code file. I next version we have plan to provide full source code.

Very Nice app, Regards.