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Nice, good luck with sales.

Thank you :)

Thank you!


Can you have the text to scroll if the content overshoots the container?

No, you can choose the image dimensions, but the text must be contained in the image width/height. Text scroll is not possible with this item. I’m sorry! :)

Is it possible to make the image that appears larger than the original image? For example, when a square box is rolled over a rectangle that is twice the width of the square fades over it.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean.

You want that an image larger (or longer) than the container can move inside the container without showing the text? something like this example

Or do you want, for example, that an image of 200px width can fill a 400px wide container?

Sorry it’s kind of hard to explain.

I want something like the ‘large images with fade’ example except the initial container (image, html, etc) would be 200px in width and the second container (different image, html, etc) would be 400px in width. When the initial container is clicked on, the second container appears over the initial container as well as 200px to the right to accommodate it’s larger size.

Basically the initial container will be some text with a button and the second container will be a form that is double the width of the initial container and extends to the right.

Keep in mind that GecoGallery is created to display images, so the xml require: an image link (mandatory), a title (optional), a description (optional) and a link (optional).

Basically each gallery has a certain width (es. “Large Images with Fade” 800px width), and all boxes containing text and images in that gallery must have the same dimensions (eg, in “Large Images with Fade” all containers are 800px wide and 240px long).

You can assign 400px as the width of the container, and then you can put in it an image 200px wide: simply the image won’t cover the entire text content.

Also notice that it is not possible to have a gallery with containers of different width. However you can set up another gallery width different dimension just after the first one.

If this is being installed within wordpress what directory does the folder of the plugin go into? I can’t get it to work no matter where I put it.

Sorry but this is not a wordpress plugin, simply it can’t work.


I can’t even tell where content starts and ends! Whether I’m on a different page, different site and left the example / demo!

A Gallery is a listing of images – either added manually via an admin area, or gathered by scanning a folder.

This – i have no idea what it does!

Could you please explain, in detail, how this can be used as a gallery and how easy it is to add content? (content being gallery of images, sub-galleries, etc)....


What do you mean with “I see no gallery”?

As wrote in the item details, the images are loaded by an XML file. No admin area, no folder. Just put the image link in the XML .

Eles – your solution is EXACTLY what I needed – thank you! Side note, you can always use it in WP (like I am), just a matter of proper linking. ;-D

Best $5 spent in awhile on here. Thanks!

Thank you! :)

How can i make the links to open in a new window? <link url=””>?? Nice work by the way!!

Hi, I’m sorry for the late but I hope that I can help you yet. You can do this if you replace line (17) of gecoGallery.js with this row
code_item += '<a href="' + items[i].url + '" target="_blank">' + items[i].link + '</a>';

How you can see the only difference is target=”_blank”

Thank you