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How many levels ? Does it have sound ?

it includes sounds, it is an endless game with 4 levels that come in a random sequence

How can I change the difficulty? it’s to hard for the first levels. As An Example I want to make the biggest gear just a bit smaller. Would I change the size of the png or it that set somewhere else, also How can I make it so that the players “gear” does not go off the sides? just want it to stop at the edge. maybe this could be a ivar that is set. Thanks

Thanks for the info. we will try to find out how to resolve that

Any Resolution on this? Can’t get the game to load on a 4s. Thanks

Hi! Thanks for reminder. I hope we resolved that. Will send you an update today.

Just wonder if I can buy game from you, can I get your course in Udemy for free? Thanks

Sure, if you purchase our game template, then we will provide a free coupon code for you.

that is really good, thanks!

you are welcome

Can you tell me how I can add a button to the game over menu to launch a storyboard? This code does not seam to be able to extend,or customize. Everything is embedded in a plist.

I replied in another your comment. Will place it here also: our games are built using BuildBox platform, so, our projects are made for graphics reskin only. We can’t provide buildbox files for $14 for obvious reasons. Our templates are for easy and fast reskinning, this is what many buyers are looking for on CodeCanyon – nice game easy and fast for reskin for affordable price.

ok Thanks I was wonder what platform was use to build the game. You might want to put that somewhere so other know what to expect. (i.e. designed with BuildBox)

yes, thanks for reminder. we have a disclaimer for our android game template, will do the same thing for ios templates

I was wondering how you add a leaderboard. I followed your instructions but it doesn’t show up in the app

the leaderboard i made shows up but it says not ranked and when I open it there is no scores. I was also wondering how i would go about switching from chart boost to admob or another service which pays per impression. which one do you recommend?

Hello! Did you resolve the issue w/ Leaderboard? We can update the project for you w/ Admob ads only

i actually like the ads now, but the leaderboard still is not working

is there a version with admob?