G-Contacts - Gmail Contact Importer PHP Class

G-Contacts - Gmail Contact Importer PHP Class

What is G-Contacts?

G-Contacts is a PHP class which makes the whole process of importing contacts from users account more easier. It hardly takes 5 minutes to implement this in your project. It has many features like getting the email list, counting the emails, checking the existence of email etc.


  • Easy to use
  • No limitation or any quota for requests
  • Flexible, you can extent it.
  • Easy Authentication URL generating
  • Syncing email lists made easy
  • Function to get/import email list
  • Function to count number of emails
  • Function to check whether the specific email is in the list or not
  • Updates/upgrades are free
  • Premium support
  • Easy to understand documentation
  • Comes with an example usage of the class.
  • Clean and Clear code, with comments
  • Following PEAR coding standards, which are followed by CodeIgniter, Laravel etc


– PHP 5 or greater
– cURL Extension
Thats it!


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If you need any help regarding installation or editing or any kind of help related to G-Contacts PHP Class then please do message it to me or do write it in comments, Thanks & Regards.