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Hi, I have your script to run some years now. But suddenly it stoped. I can not figure out what happened. Can you help?

Hi, did you updated it by last version?

No. I did not. would that help on the problem?

This could be the reson: ”- updated Google URL used to checking, https now used (http is not working anymore on Google)”

Where do I get the last version? If I download from my account – its still the “old” version

Hi there,

I have a couple questions for you: – Can your tool be customized to use google.it instead of google.com? I tried to create a new user with “google.it” in the demo version but it doesn’t seem to work – Can the authentication be disabled? We would like to give access to the tool also for anonymous user

Thanks in advance!

Sure, you can use google.it, it is working long time like this including demo. Authentication can be disabled by putting username and pwd directly to script (need basic programming skills).

Ok thank you!

http://www.boostwala.com/googlechecker.php?process=login I have attached screen shot of my permission thing under “System/Plugins” https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wmm6iemi4jia5k/image001.png?dl=0 here is crontab –e */1 * * * * wget -q -O – http://boostwala.com /System/Plugins/cron.php?secret=mycron123 >> /dev/null 2>&1

But still http://www.boostwala.com/googlechecker.php showing nothing.

Please let me know what’s wrong.

Thanks for help.

Replied to your email.


Getting blank page after install.

Great, It works

How to change google position check for upto 200 results.

You can change number of results in check.php, there is some Google URL with parameter “&num=50”, try to change it to 200, but I am not sure, if Google allow more than 50 results per page.

we tried to install it in Digital Ocean Droplet.

we were able to install, create a database, enter database details in config file and complete installation by going to the index page. we got a success message.

After that it tries to go to mywebsite.com/gchecker/?process=login and gives an error, HTTP error 500. here is a screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/uap7xctoxeyo7k3/Untitled.png?dl=0

I can try, contact me by email at magic (at) softpae.com

we sent the email yesterday. please let us know

Got it, working on.

in live demo, when i hit “check” button, nothing shows up, all white screen

It must be problem on your site, “check button” is a link to open Google with search page with selected keyword. If you see white screen, then you may have blocked redirection, some adblocker problem or browser problem.

can we open this for public to provide as a service?

Sure, application is multi-user. You will need to resolve paying in registration process.

I couldnt see any user registration on the demo, is this something enabled?

Sure, it is disabled on demo to be not used as service but for demo purposes only.

Hi, is there an option to find low competition keywords with high traffic like kwfinder.com?

Hi, no, this is not keyword finder, it’s only check positions of your keywords in Google.


Is it possible to display the daily position report? Like this: https://s23.postimg.org/b53syvqmz/Bez_nazwy.png

Best Regards, Marcin

It require to rewrite script, theoretically it’s possible, but there is problem with Google anti-robot blocking algorithm, so if you have huge amount of keywords, you could be blocked because of lot of requests to Google daily.

hi sir this script will check domain rank by script server ip? my mean is: if i install that on server in Afghanistan, script will get result search like a user in Afghanistan? because google will show different search results for different country. i want install that on server in Afghanistan and want get result rank for Afghanistan country. is this possible in this script?

Hi, yes, you are right, results depends on server IP.

Hi! Can I configure the app to emulate a user location? For instance… if the server is in France, I can check positions in google.ro and set location (like for setting the parameter &near=)?

No, there is nothing like near in script, sorry.