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Hi, I have a pre purchase question.

I would like to use this editor with jquery onkey command. Basically I would to have placeholder text in the box saying Dear , and have the name inserted from another field.

Do you know if it is easily implemented? (ckeditor makes it very difficult to do)

Thank you,

Do you get a console error? Can I see your page if it’s online?

Figured it out. Thanks!

:) You’re welcome.

Thanks for the script. I have an interesting problem. I added codes to the header and text area only once. But there are two rich text editors on my page. I couldn’t find a solutuion to remove one. What should I have to do? (my page is on asp)

You mean scrolling bars for the textarea? I could add them, sure.

Yes :) Thanks.

It is done! Check out the latest release.

hi i’d want to ad change color button, how can i do it? #CCC for an example, thanks

Check the CSS file, you can change anything in there.

Can ı upload any image from my pc to the editor? I cant see to the editor. Is there any link to see it

You can only link images already uploaded. There is no live demo, as the code uses JS and CSS. Here’s the official page:


Hello!Is there a button to change the color of text?

It is possible, but you need to know Javascript, as the backend is coded entirely in Javascript. I suppose you could add a popup of colours or a free text field for classes.

Thank you for your reply. It seems like a custom job. I will send PM. Please tell me the cost in this case.

I don’t do custom development, due to lack of time.