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need a third digit for days, any easy way to do? can i have a psd with actual images so i can play around with it??? No use to me unless i can use it for over 99 days…


If you will write me email, i can send email with psd.

Hi if you refresh the page the count down seems to restart :/

I want to set the date and want to countdown to continue till that date


I don’t understand you, can you write me email with description and examples?

Hi, i want to buy your script, but scgphotodune have a good question, when we try your demo, when you reload the page the count down restart … not normally :’(

So doesn’t work ?


This plugin has two demo version:
  • php
  • html
Html is reloaded.

In php version you can set time start and end + you can change this value in php code.

hmm i have look your support page but i understand nothing lol

Thanks for your answer.

You can write me email and i will change code for you.

hi, I wonder if its easy to resize and will the animations look as smooth? Because it’s to big for my purpose. if you have like a demo it will be awesome!


This plugin has only one size.

Hello! Tell me please, can I use it for everyday countdown? I need timer with auto restarting every day.


You can set start time on php (example into index.php. And therefore you can set any start time that you want.

do uyou can help me with it?

In example (index.php) timer will refreshes each visit the page. If you want one time on day: go to line 81 and replace to
$date = real_date_diff($stop_date_20_days_and_10_second_to_advance,date("Y-m-d 0:0:0"));

If you have any question, you can write me email.

How can I add a third digit to the days?


It’s impossible.

Hi, is the demo broken? I get a blank page every time, tried on Firefox and Chrome.


I’ve added a new demo version.

Olá. Comprei o template. Como faço para configurar o cronometro para zerar em 1º de outubro as 10 horas da manhã?? Pois o cronômetro não está funcionando, as horas e os dias. Veja em meu site:

Can I resize it?


TC3 Purchased

There are no instructions included with this purchase, and this makes no sense. It’s a countdown clock that restarts every time the page is refreshed?

Can you please explain how to set a static countdown timer with your code below, say for 10 days, counting down to 0? I had assumed from the title, that this is what the product would be. Very confusing, and not usable as it is currently.

Thanks for your help.

        //    It's stop time in format Year-month-day hours:minutes:seconds
        $stop_date_20_days_and_10_second_to_advance = date("Y-m-d H:i:s",time()+86400*20+10);
        $date         =     real_date_diff($stop_date_20_days_and_10_second_to_advance);
$days         =     $date[2];
    $hours         =     $date[3];
    $minutes    =     $date[4];
    $seconds     =     $date[5];
timestamp    : {    'days'        : <?php echo $days;?>,
                'hours'        : <?php echo $hours;?>,
                'minutes'     : <?php echo $minutes;?>,
                'seconds'     : <?php echo $seconds?>
duration    : 360,
soundURL    : 'js/flip.mp3',
volume: 25,
callback    : function(days, hours, minutes, seconds){
var message = "";


If you write me email, i can help you. In your case you should look index.html as example.


TC3 Purchased

I don’t want to have to email you, I’d prefer included instructions. index.html restarts on refresh. How difficult is it for you to include a readme.txt with actual clear instructions? I think enough people here have asked for it. In any event, I’ve already purchased a different countdown clock (with instructions) and have it up and running.

I am having issues updating the code with our date and adding to GoDaddy site. Can you please advise?


I answered you on email and sent changed files for your task.


Add this -> $date1 = “2015-08-15 00:00:00”;

changing the date to what you want.

to index.php file before line-11 where it says -> if(!$date2) {

This will make it countdown to that specific date you want.

You can change date on line-81, it will be correct.


I just purchased the count down plugin from you guys. The size of the counter is too big, I need a small one.. How can I reduce it? Can you help me please??

Best Regards…



Answered on email.

hey I have also purchased this plugin, i want to reduce the plugin size! how to do it?

Please help me out!


This plugin has fixed size.

Need only the digits maybe: 6100, 6101, 6102, 6103 with start and Ending Date


Iavan Purchased

Me pasa lo mismo que a Muchos, no me sirve!, se reinicia la cuenta a tras, Haaaa Y no me diga de PHP, no uso PhP, digame como ponerle una fecha al Index.HTML desde la cual descuente


Can you write me email?