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Is it the problem lipng !! And is file (.bbdoc) facility with files .

Hi, lhuari100 no it has not the problem of Libpng and i dont provide a bbdoc file

Thank you PreScriptZ.

which platform?

Hi, sebinkv This project supports android 4.0+

I mean which platform? Unity? AS? Eclipse?

Its Eclips Project


which platform is this ? What files you will provide along with this game ? Please let me know.


Hi, stuhin This project is for android 4.0+, when you purchase this item you will get the android source code file and a full documentations + support regards.

Its Eclips Project

what is program did u use game maker android studio or ??

Hi, DiaaAldeen I made This game by Buildbox 2.2.5

You are welcome!

I think that you need to put that this is a buildbox game in the description so people will know that they will need buildbox if they really wanted to change the sourcecode.

Hi, Thank you, yes it is a buildbox game but you dont need buildbox to Rekin it because its Eclips Project Regards


I love the game, can you help me in installing the game in google play; once I purchase. I seriously have no idea about app development or technology.

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks, yes i can help you if you purchase ths game and its easy to submit the game on google pay Regards

Hi, can you make it to Android Studio Project ?

receiving errors on import into eclipse. did everything as stated

you really need to make this compatible with ADS. eclipse is throwing errors all over the place. email me please management@luhvnation.com


Is it possible to reskin the character and would it be something I can easily do, or would you help me reskin the character of the game.

hi , i wanna buy it but i use android studio .

hi i need installation services also