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Unfortunately the demo doesn’t appear to be working. Does this have a user manager in it (can people sign up and create their own website)? Or is this just a purchase for one drag and drop website creator?

Hi Speakeasy602,

Our script protects our site from loading inside an iframe from other sites, this is for security purpose. We have removed part of the demo code to allow pages load inside Codecanyon iframe and it is working now.

This is the purchase for one drag and drop website creator. This helps you build your site faster, easier, and responsive for all mobile devices.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.


Looks great! ..hi, how can i test admin panel?...

We are working on the demo for admin now, we should have it up soon. Thanks

Can I add other users and they can build their websites in their standalone accounts?

The script only allows single standalone site at this moment. It does not support multiple users to build multiple sites one the same domain yet. We will try to get our team to look into this feature since it would be a great one. Thanks!

^ Same question

Also… I see no way to test it? The preview just takes you to an example site? Unless I missed the demo URL?

I hope there is someone awake since this was just approved on the 19th????

Hi Zerofill, we do not have the admin for the demo section yet and we are currently working on it. If you need support please contact us and we will surely be there for you. Thanks for your support.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks @WaterproofThemes, we will try out best to make this a good one for all.

is it possible to see admin panel please?

It is very nice and easy to use for me but I have try to create a blog with an iframe element but iframes dont display at all.

My mistake! I have to write the iframe code as a source!

Great! Glad to have you as our valued customer and supporter as well.


Finding Demo!

looks very good but need admin area to see how it all works before purchase.

Great thanks!

Couple of questions:

1- Could we please have a twitter feed widget?

2- Does it have its own file manager? (when you want to insert a file/image)

3- Can you attach files like PDF to a button?

4- Does it have a ‘insert URL’ to load a file or image. I hate this (this is missing on every cms on here, a file manager or upload button should be always present)

Looking good by the way, well done!

Kind regards,

Hi ScottPaffley,

1) We now have the twitter feed on our ToDo list. 2) Yes, this system has the file manager one where you could see all files used on the site. (For insert file we have File widget where you could upload most of the common file extensions such as pdf, doc, excel, and more. For Image we could Insert it in WYSIWYG editor with image link or you could upload images in a gallery. NOTE: each system might work differently, but we could always improve as we go.) 3) Right now our Button generator only allows link and you could link it directly to your PDF file if you like. It doesn’t support file upload during Button creation yet. CKeditor also could edit HTML in source mode as well. So it is flexible if you need more advanced HTML. 4) In our editor we have the option to insert image in by url. not sure if that is what you are looking for.

We have setup a quick demo/live preview for admin page below:

http://dev-hostinstantlycore8.pantheonsite.io/user/login (demo/demo) for user and password.

NOTE: For security reason, we took most of advance features off in admin page. so you will not fully see everything on admin page. I have updated the item details with more admin screenshots so you could have a feel on how it work.

Thanks for your support and please let us know if there are any other question. We are working hard to improve out system base on customer feedbacks.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! that all sounds great and it looks and feels very very good!

Is this a php script or a drupal add-on, as the demo seems to be built with drupal?

It based on Drupal 8 framework core structure and we built many custom features to expand the functionality. We put them all in one Distribution package which allows us to build more features in the future.

@bknn0922 so what does that mean exactly? is it or is it not Drupal? I’m lost about the Distribution package, because I don’t use Drupal much. Is this stand-alone or must one have Drupal installed, then upload your script?

So you’re saying one “does” have to have Drupal, right?

The Drupal is in this package already, so all you would have to do is just run a setup process and the script will do all the work for you.

oh ok. I thought it was a standalone php system. Hey thanks

This admin demo page http://dev-hostinstantlycore8.pantheonsite.io will get backup restore daily. Please be mindful on the test contents: 1) Please do not create test pages/contents that link to other sites. 2) Please do not create violent, hate, and adult contents.


Hi.. Can i host this website builder scripts to my server? or it only work in your hosting?

Yes, you could host this script on your own server. thanks!

how many site i can build on ti

one purchase for one site.

hello, whether users of managage? whether payment system? such as paypal, etc ..? or Website Builder works similarly to wix.com?

This website builder is for one standalone site. it won’t have multiple users option like wix. There is no payment system for this system, but Paypal could easy integrate in if needed.

Please visit this link to watch Admin Demo Videos http://business.hostinstantly.com/demo-videos . Our Team is currently working on more demo videos and they should be available soon.

Great job! Is just awesome!

do you have demo ? demo link do not work

dear concern, this will help me out to make any website or i can use this website for my bussiness purpose.?

hi arvidtomar, this will provide you the tools and layout and will help you build website faster and easier.