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In your demo, where you show “multi-page nav” ( ) I don’t get this look for the “tabs” that is for each gravity forms page.

Please help.



ecee Purchased

Can you please tell me what may be wrong?

Hello, the look we achieved was by using gravity forms multi-nav to achieve similar look you can read here, just add the fields according to the guide.

Hi there… I would like to be able to limit the number of bookings a user has at any one time. e.g. they can only book 2 slots – once slot one has passed or has been cancelled, they can then book another. Would that be possible?

No, it is out of the box with our plugin. We can suggest you code customization services if needed.

can I just double check my initial question as it doesn’t look possible in the back end screenshots. (just in case you misunderstood my question) :)

Can I limit user to only have two active bookings at any one time (different days). Eg User 1 books for 12th june and then for 16th june. He cannot make any further bookings until he either cancels one of them or the appointment is complete. is that possible?

if not, can you give me an estimate for code customisation please?

many thanks

Please open up a support ticket with your customization request and we’ll give an estimate.

Is your plugin compatible with Gravity View to display the appointment date, time, provider, and service in separate columns? As far as I can tell it merges all the data into a single field within the Gravity Form entries.

For example, I see you guys use the date [cost] shortcodes a lot in the source code. Is it possible to save these to separate field or use them as merge tags?

Hello, thank you for your query. At this moment we do not have full integration with Gravity View. Could you please raise a support ticket and give us more details about your other question?

Hi, Can I set commission’s appointment based? So customer books a haircut in a specific salon, and then during payment process 10% goes the website owner and 90% goes to the service provider (salon)?

Thank you.

Hello, i think gravity form paypal pro addon can do this for you. But you would need to check this with gravity forms. gappointments is only responsible for appointment fields. You collect payments with other addons.

Hi, I have a pre- purchase questions: 1. Can I choose multiple time slots for one meeting (customer can decide how many hours wants to buy)? 2. Can I set up singular events (I’m offering services only ocassionally with a date range, not like regular office)? 3. Can I manually approve or disapprove subissions?

Thank you

Hello, thank you for your query. Yes, all your requirements are possible to implement using our software. If left any unanswered question, let us know. Best regards!


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Hi! I want the user to login before being able to use the form. Is it possible to hide form like that? Or do I need some form of user registration to combine with? Thanks!

Hello, thank you for your query. This needs an additional plugin which restricts content for guests users. Gravity forms does not have the functionality for restricting content.


ecee Purchased

Hi! How do I get account pages and providers pages? Thanks!

Do you want to get links to provider page and account page?


ecee Purchased

Do you have a link to where I can read more about this? I need to set up account pages. How can I do this? Login for customers and providers and where they can see their bookings etc. Thanks!

To display bookings for a clinet use [ga_appointments], to display provider appointments use [ga_provider_appointments] to create a registration page you should use another plugin as gAppointments doesn’t have the functionality to register users.


ecee Purchased

Hi! I’m looking to make private account pages, that are not public, and that members can see certain content only when they are logged in, and see different things that has happened in their account. Is this possible? Can it be tied to Paypal payments, see past purchases etc? Thanks!

Hello, this needs an additional plugin which restricts content for guests users. Gravity forms does not have the functionality for restricting content. There is a shortcode which display all previous and current appointments ([ga_appointments]).

How do timezones work? Can the plugin read a visitors timezone and display times by that (ideal) or do we need to specify a timezone?

Hello, thank you for your query. No, the plugin uses the time zone which was sen in admin panel.

That’s a shame. Any plans to allow the plugin to default to visitor’s timezone?

Yes, that is added to our plugin development roadmap and we will implement this in our future releases. Do you have any more insights and suggestions to our development team?


rybest Purchased

We bought this and installed it and it doesn’t function properly with Gravity Forms. It has several bugs. I contacted the developer on Monday and have yet to hear back from him.

Hello, please check you support ticket.


Can you please visit the follow plugin and check the booking steps:

I need an option to choose the booking for adults and children because of the difference prices, where it’ll update the remaining available bookings within the slots.

Basically, I want 8 spaces in each slot to be available for booking so I want 8 in total where if 2 are adults and not more than 6 will be added as children + no children can be selected without an adult. Hope you’ll understand what exactly I mean. If you can visit the above page, it’ll clarify you the functionality in a better way what exactly I want.

Waiting for your reply.


Hello, thank you for being interested on our plugin. That is out of the box with our plugin and requires a lot of cod customization. Our team can provide this service to you if needed.

i am thinking about to buy Gappointments. just a question:

1.) is there any problem if we are using the payment that comes with Gravityforms Elite and all the coupon, etc. features that comes with standard Gravityforms? I mean can we just use the calendar time-slot part of of your product and let the rest like we already use it?

2.) is it 100% responsive design and easy to use with mobile phones?

Hello, thank you for your query. 1) gAppointments only provide the price, but doesn’t have any functionality to charge the customer, it may need additional integration with GF Elite. 2) Yes, it is. If left any unanswered questions, let us know.

Is it possible to add each month different time slots for same provider upto three months

Hello, thank you for query.

Unfortunately this functionality is not yet supported.

Hi. I bought your awesome product and I am very happy so far. Just one question: I am using the Gravityforms Stripe Add-On. When I add a Stripe feed I only can select Payment Amount = “Form total” or “Select a product field”. But the Payment Amount should be field “Booking Cost” from gAppointments. How can I put the price from the “Booking Cost” field into the Stripe “Payment Amount”? I think a lot of people are using the gravity forms add ons.

any update? we will try to find another solution, cause tomorrow we have to go public.

Hello? Did you see our support ticket 3 days ago? We didn’t get any response or solution from you so far. And without payment gAppointments is useless for us. How can we make a refund?

Hello, we replied to your ticket. Did you receive an email ?

Pre-purchase question: 1) We run clinic with 8 doctors. Can we create a possibility for our patients to select doctor they want (if they know who they want to see) or select combined appointment calendar and pick any available time slot from the list? Please see what I mean here on the rights side of the webpage 2) Are Email/SMS reminders included into a plugin or I have to buy separate plugins to make it work? 3) Can we add extra fields to collect additional information when customers are booking appointments? For example, we need to know their gender and Day of birth.


1) You can create doctors as providers. 2) Unfortunately reminders are not yet available, only notifications. 3) Do you want that information to be included in an email ?

Thank you for your answers. 3) We need to know patient’s gender and day of birth. Is it possible to create custom fields so patients can provide this information when they make booking?

Yes, just add the gravity fields you want, but it’ll also be good to know if you want the information included in the email

Hi. I have a question about your addon. Can I export the bookings to Excel format or something similar? Thank you very much!

Hello, our plugin currently doesn’t have the functionality to export data.