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I don’t own this plugin, but it looks pretty rad. I had a pre-sale question. When a user clicks on a date is there a way to show them what’s going on that day? Like almost how we do tabs?

I have events each day that are different and when they click on the calendar I need that information to populate somewhere below the calendar or show in a tooltip manner, something.

Need to know ASAP as time is of the essence. Thanks.


Hello ,thank you for your query. Unfortuantely this feature is not available out of the box.

Hi, nice plugin and work. I am checking if is possible to make the ‘provider’ to be able to re-schedule dates?. Because actually it seems that this feature its only for the client and via the front end form… (it’s kinda weird, a lot of ‘executives’ manage their dates to their clients).

It is possible?

Thanks in advance, Regards

Hello, thank you for your query. Yes that should be possible to achieve from the admin panel.

Hi, i’ve synced your plugin with google calendar ( 1 way sync )... but when an appointment has been cancelled ( by client or admin ) it doesn’t delete from google calendar.. how can I resolve it? thanks

Hello, thank you for your query. In order to resolve this issue we will need some extended communication. Could you please open up a support ticket. Our support agents will attempt to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

Hi, I should use this function within a complex gravity forms module, of which I also need to integrate this day and hour booking function but then the user goes on to process other fields. Can this module work? Thank you

Hello, thank you for your query. We cannot guarantee compatibility with 3rd party extension plugins. However, most of our plugin should be compatible with the base gravity forms plugin.

Pre-sale Question: Can I use this plugin booking weekly lesson? Which means I need to show the timetable “weekly”, instead of “monthly”.

Hello, thank you for your query. The plugin only supports monthly view out of the box.

Hi, presale questions:

1) I have two locations with 3 service providers for each location. Will all service providers for both locations be able to see all appointments for both locations? Is it possible for each location to only see their own appointments?

2) Mainly, our locations will be adding appointments for customers instead of customers making appointments themselves. Is the only way for our location service providers to add appointments is on the front end, the same place where a customer creates an appointment?

3) How does it look for a service provider to edit an existing appointment? Do you have a screenshot of how the service provider can edit an appointment?

4) When an appointment is edited does the customer get notified via email and/or SMS?

Hello, thank you for your query.

1. Each provider will only see appointments assigned to him

2. You can create appointments from the admin panel

3. We can provide you with screenshots if you open up a support ticket. You might find some information on our documentation page:

4. Unfortunately, no.

Commenting from wrong account, please discard.

Can there be X amount of bookings for the same time slot? Example, I was booking time slots for a swimming pool and only 20 people are allowed at a time. I want 20 spaces available for that slot so that 10 people could reserve 2 spots each or 20 single people could book the time individually.

Hello, thank you for your query. The plugin does support limiting amount of bookings for a timeslot but it doesn’t support multiple slot booking for the same timeslot

Need to know this before buy, Does this work on multi-site? I need this form on one of my sub-sites. Many thanks.

Hello, thank you for your query. There shouldn’t be any problems with multi-site


DGlaw Purchased

I purchased this plugin to replace Calendly. We needed a way to be more deliberate about the intake questions asked when scheduling consultation appointments on our calendars. I spent about one work day getting things installed on Wordpress and configured for our intended use. After reading all of the documentation I setup the services and service providers with their applicable time slots. Then I generated Google access codes for each service provider’s calendar so that this plugin would be able to access the service provider’s calendar and recognize when slots were available and when slots were not.

Everything worked well until that point. Meaning, the Gravity Forms questions work well until it gets to the part where the client views the service provider’s calendar to select a day and time. At that point, the calendar the client is viewing shows time slots that are unavailable because of being already booked as available. Waiting for support to diagnose the problem…

Hello, thank you for your query. Our support team has responded to your initial ticket. Hopefully you will get your issues sorted soon!

hi, i need support, i found a bug, i can see that you plugin does not work when the Gravity view plugin is activated, i disabled all the plugins and left only the GV and when its on your plugin does not work. how we can solve this problem ASAP

Hello, thank you for your query. Please open up a support ticket for functionality issues, our support team will gather the required information and provide you with an answer ASAP.

Played around with the demos and read the marketing materials, but still: nothing would beat a day or two of trial on a local site. There’s no way this can be done here on CodeCanyon, right?

Hello, thank you for your query. Unfortunately no. We would need to setup a dedicated site which would be responsible for allowing limited access to admin panel but that is not set up yet.

Pre-sales question here… can this plugin auto-add bookings to the provider’s Google calendar?

I have a pre-sale question, doe it support coupons and service extras based on extending time slots?