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Presales Question:

1 – What actions trigger the SMS?

New Appointment, Canceled Appointment, Rescheduled Appointment, Payment Confirmation.

2 – Can I see the backend admin prior to purchasing?

Side note: some of your demo links are 404.


1. https://s3.envato.com/files/248222144/screenshot24.png 2. I don’t have an admin demo right now. Take a look at my item screenshots, there are plenty.

Hey, do you support lastform? Reluctant to buy if not confirmed working. Also we would like to do X number of days slots, e.g It will take 7 days to complete a review therefore just one singular day is not good for us. Is that possible with this addon?

Good morning I added a new service and I’m adding the available custom appointments. I added the times and the days but when saved does not save them all always erases the last one. Can you help me

I’m waiting for your answer please write me on e.martino@ecopubblicita.it

I answered the email 2 days ago.

Hi 1. Do you support RTL? 2. Is it possible to add bookings manual? 3. Is there an admin demo?


1. No rtl now.

2. You can add manual bookings from the admin backend.

3. No, but have a look at item screenshots. There are plenty of them.

I need the Booking Providers field to not default to the first provider but force the user to select one. the default selections should just be “Please Select”. Currently some users are missing that field and making reservations under the wrong provider.

Hi create a provider with this name: Please Select

And for schedule availability, set all week days to “Out”

Hi there… presales question: Does this plugin have a sort of filter for only the user who created the appointment can see the appointment in calendar? Something like this in GravityView: https://gravityview.co/extensions/advanced-filter/ Thank you!


Whatever is booked, will not be visible on the front-end anymore.


My workflow requires me to send different service people around the city. So once they enter their address, The booking form should only have certain days/times available depending on where within the city they are seeking a service person to visit them.

Can we block out certain times/days for rest holiday period?

Is this workflow available in your form?


If you looked at the plugin demo, there is a field called providers. Every provider has it’s own schedule availability. You can use providers as cities.

Q: Can we block out certain times/days for rest holiday period? A: You can block dates here on the holidays field: https://s3.envato.com/files/249599207/screenshot19.png

You can use this way to add the slots: https://s3.envato.com/files/249599207/screenshot17.png

That way you don’t need to block them.

Hello. I have the following questions: 1. Does it have an admin panel and do you have a demo? 2. Can it support multiple branches? For example, choosing Branch 1 sends a confirmation email to that branch? 3. Does it work as standalone or it needs Gravity Forms? Thank you

1. I don’t have an admin demo. Look at item screenshots, there are plenty of them.

2. You can use gravity forms built in notifications conditional logic to send emails depending on what was selected on the form branches field.

3. Yes it needs Gravity Forms.


kevgreek Purchased

By chance do you have an appointment booking addon for Formidable Forms?


Hello, Can i add more field than only name, email and phone ? Like a custom form with some option and prices fields ? Thx

Hello, thank you for your interest. Yes it is possible, please check our demo here: http://gappointments.com/demo/payment/ You an see additional fields with prices. You can add any field using form builder.

All right ! Good to know.

Can i hide the provider ? Or assign the Author ? For a king of market place like https://themeforest.net/item/mylisting-directory-listing-wordpress-theme/20593226?s_rank=5

OR can i create a Booking Button with parameter ?provider=XXXX to a GF Page with the provider hidden ?


You can hide providers field using css class “gf_hidden”.

If you want only one service per form, you can create a service category and assigned to the form, see here: http://gappointments.com/documentation/img/booking_category_2.png

Hi there, can the frontend theme be customized? E.g. with a different colour scheme — this looks great but I would need to be able to switch all the greens to red so it matches our brand, for instance. Thanks.

Hello, yes it is possible. We have color and styling settings page built in. Please check the screenshot: http://gappointments.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/screenshot24.png Let me know if you have more questions.

Hi there, does this plugin support group bookings?

Hello, can you provide more detail about your use case?

Sure thing! Consider this: As a user, I would like to book myself, and 3 other people into various time slots. I would like to record the users name/email (perhaps other info too) for each time slot so that we know who is booking into which timeslot.

In the demo, I could only see a way to book one person at a time.


Thank you for update. This use case is not available at the moment.