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Does this do 2 way sync with Google Calendar?

Hi, congratulations for your work! a pre-sales question: i read that the booking does not synchronize with Google calendar. if I use ZAPIER? When I receive a new booking I add an event on Google calendar can it work? 1K tks Giulio


It can work through Zapier.


Pre sale question

Can you make appointments that span over different time periods. So, if you’re a Massage Therapist wanting to offer 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions

Also can i use stripe with this plugin



Whats the schedule like? Will it be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes in the same day?

Hi, am i not able to have two providers that have different times but do the same thing on the same calendar. I have two providers that both teach a workshop but one of them is at 1pm and the other is at 6pm. When i add the2 providers to the same calendar for the same service it only displays the most recently added provider.

Dear, Would they have a complete demo that includes the administration panel?



Not sure what you mean.

Hi, I’ve purchased the plugin and have two calendars installed for separate service categories, in two different popup modals. One set of services has no provider, so they should go by the default calendar. the second set of services are assigned to a provider with specific availability. Everything has been working fine until now, where the calendar pagination has stopped working for each, and the availability days now swaps between forms and seems to get ‘confused’. Has you heard of this happening before and if so, would you know how to debug the issue?


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Can I add our company logo to the outgoing emails?

Much needed plugin, looks fantastic! Quick pre-sales questions. I am currently looking for a system for a boiler company. They have up to 10 slots per day and they can only offer AM or PM time slots.

Is it possible to have 5 slots for AM and 5 slots for PM for example?

Is it possible to book telephone appointments. Eg someone calls up and booked via telephone instead?


So what will the clients select if there will not be time slots?

They would select the date eg. 15th June and then select a dropdown AM or PM. Only 5 AM slots available and only 5 PM slots available for example.

Would this be possible?

Hi, I have a directory theme, can be this set for every listing business if I use gravity forms? Also will they have their own dashboard to manage they service and appointments? Another questions if how would the payment gateways? Can my site have the only payment gateway and I pay back the vendors?

Thank you very much.

Is Twilio has been integrated for sms notification?

Yes Twillio and this plugin WP Twilio Core

Hi. We are currently running Gravity Forms ver 2.3.1 – Any plans of supporting these recent versions of GF? Thanks!


It was successfully tested with ver 2.3.0, any issues with 2.3.1?


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I am working through the tutorial guide on setting up.Installed fine.Added a Service, fine. But I get a HTTP ERROR 500 whenever I attempt to add a Provider. I enabled WP Debug Mode to track the error, but it shows nothing.