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cannot install its crashing my website saying fatal error

Hello, Could you please open a support ticket with more information?

What support ticket? Its still not working i need a refund.

I have answered you in your ticket.

Hi Mate, Im working with the plugin since today and It works quite well. I’m going to use it as booking calendar for an apartment. Now I can select multiple days but I have to click on every day I want to select in a range. is there an option that I can select 1 February and then 10 February and it selects all dates between it? thx

Hello, thank you for your question. The only way of doing this currently is to select each slot separately. We can provide code customization services if needed.

Hi Ricardas, can you send me a quote for developing this custom code for us?

Hello, Please open a support ticket with more details and we will give you an estimate

Hi does this work with unlimited website.

Hello, thank you for your comment. It depends on which package you buy. there are 1 or 4 license packages. For more information, please open a support ticket.

what about for unlimited websites?

This would be an individual case, could you open a support ticket and we will discuss the details. Thank you


We are having issue with the appointment time.

Appointment confirmed incorrect time

Subject has correct time

but, the message always says 12:00AM

Can you please let us know how to correct this.


Hello, thank you for contacting us. Please open a support ticket with the issue and we will assist you.

Is there the ability to auto fill custom fields from Gravity Forms? I see you can do name/email/phone fields for appointments but can I do something like address as well?

Hello, sadly no, this functionality isn’t available out of the box

I have a pre-sale question:

Where does the current date and time get taken from? Is it the wordpress settings? Can this be set manually? For instance. Say my site is in Europe and my wordpress timezone is set to Stockholm. Can I override this and set the times to say US EST?

Also. Can you auto approve appointments or must you go through and approve each manually.

Hello, I am glad that you are interested in our plugin. The timezone is taken from wordpress settings and sadly, can’t be set manually. However this is a good feature suggestion and we will think about adding it in the future. To answer your second question: yes you can set appointments to be auto-confirmed and auto-completed.

Thanks. Appreciate the response.

Does your plugin support Stripe for payments? The main page for the plugin says “Supports any payment gateway” but a question from about three months ago says that Stripe is not yet supported. Thanks!

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us. gAppointments support the same payment gateways as gravity forms and I believe that gravity forms plugin has an addon for stripe payment gateway, so yes.

Thanks for your reply. Stripe integration has been available in Gravity Forms for years. But three months ago someone on your team was saying that your plugin does NOT work with Stripe. Here’s the thread:

Can you please confirm that your plugin DOES work with Stripe now? Was Stripe support added in the last couple months?

Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, the plugin should work with all gateways supported by gravity forms

How do you create the redirect uri for Google Calendar Credentials (in developer console)

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. You can find all the needed info in the documentation page

Is there a way to display multiple time slots selected as one appointment in the calendar? Eg, I have set time slots to 30mins, however my client can book 2 hours (4×30 mins) and I dont want to see 4 bookings in the calendar- very confusing.

Hello, thank you for your query, Yes you can do that by using multiple field bookings setting. If you need more in-depth explanation on how to achieve it, feel free to open up a support ticket

Hi there, is it possible to get the selected date in the confirmation email? Now I get 2 separate emails. One with the selected date and one with the other gravity form fields.

Hello, thank you for your query. Please open a support ticket and we will assist you.

Hello, is there a free trial that is offered? I’m looking for a specific appointment booking software to integrate with WordPress and would hate to pay for something that I don’t end up using.

Hello, thank you for contacting us. Sadly, no, we don’t offer a demo version

Hello, I Have a pre-sale question.

Does the user can book if CHOOSE A SERVICE * and CHOOSE A PROVIDER * is disabled? I will just like a form with a reservation date, the last name, first name, email and phone of the user only

Have a good day

Hello, thank you for your query. You need to have services and service providers since those are what dictates the open timeslots for the calendar?

Hi! I have a couple pre-sales question. I would like to integrate this in a music studio.

1. Can we integrate this with more then one employee? 2. Can each employee have their own availability calendar? 3. Will it work with multiple services at different costs and time? 4. Does the plugin automatically sync with Google calendar or iCal?

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your query. Everything you described with the exception of iCal should work fine.