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I can’t get this to work. I’ve tried everything in the document and I’ve run the script without errors (google shows that it ran fine) but I’m not getting an email. Ideas?

Hi, Thank for buying this item. Well, the script works perfectly, so the issue is probably related to the configuration (the p12 file, the google api key…). Please, can you send us a mail (via the contact form), it’s better to communicate than here & we will answer you this sunday. Thank you

Hi, can I pay you to install this?

Hi…please contact us via this contact form. Thank you

about: gAnalytics password required. Is that same password with I login to Google Analytics account or some other password?

your forget to answed om my message.

can I translate the script to other language?


Hi, we answered you. Please check your mailbox

greate. I will check it. thanks :)

hi, I have send you a email to help me to install it. but U have not respons. Can you help me to install it or not??

Hi 1) First, please, because it’s a personnal case, send email, and not create many comment thread. It’s annoying for all people who are reading it 2) We already replied to you, asking you the key file, or which step you are blocked. But you don’t answer, how can we help you ?? 3) The script works 100% good, so, you don’t have bugs, you just don’t use it correctly. We can help you to install it and use it, but we need your informations. Also, we can’t help you!

hello, can i translate the mail report to spanish??

Hi, yes sure. the email template is in html, you can easily translate it in any language

Hi, will this work with GoDaddy shared hosting? It says unlimited domains but if I’m not mistaken they all need to be under a single gmail account is that correct? Thanks

hi, we tested months ago on a godaddy shared hosting, and it worked. in fact, for one installation, you can use it with one gmail account, In one gmail account, you can have many websites. For one website, you can have many profiles. if you buy our item, you can use it as you want, and install it as many time you want (so you can use it in for many gmail account)

Hello, i bought the script, last year the script stop working, i contacted you and you sent me a fix. But last week it happened again, here’s the error i receive, can you help me with this please? Thanks in advanced

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘GAPI: Failed to authenticate user. Error: “{ “error”: “invalid_grant”, “error_description”: “Bad Request” } ”’ in gapi.class.php:637 Stack trace: #0 gapi.class.php(55): gapiOAuth2->fetchToken(‘1006318881675-n…’, ‘key.p12’, NULL) #1 example.report_inc.php(9): gapi->__construct(‘1006318881675-n…’, ‘key.p12’) #2 ga_mail/report_inc.php(194): include(’/home/reportes/...’) #3 {main} thrown in ga_mail/gapi.class.php on line 637

Hi, because it’s a personnal issue, contact us via this form

Hi, i sent you a message via the form, but haven’t received any confirmation or reply.

hi, we send you an answer yesterday

I am interested in this script, have just sent you a message at

Bonjour, nous vous avons répondu

Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse. Planifiez-vous de procéder à une mise à jour prochainement pour gAnalytics ? Bon week-end !

non, pas de MAJ prévue prochainement

Product overly complicated. Can not get it to work. Please provide refund.

Hi, as we understand, you can’t make it work, and you want a refund. About the install, we have provided a wizard form + a user guide. If you need personnal help, we can provide for free, but you need to contact us via this form (bottom right) About refund, well, ask to codecanyon support team because sellers don’t manage it.

I am getting the below error when using the script “Caught exception: GAPI: Failed to request report data. Error: “{error metric(s): ga:avgTimeOnSite\nFor details see"}],"code":400,"message":"Unknown metric(s): ga:avgTimeOnSite\nFor details see"}}"" can you please help me to debug the same as earliest ?? Thanks in Advance

Hi, please contact us via this contact form to get a support. thank you