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The version 3 is much better and yes work very well. I changed to 5 stars!

thanks i did this for this to help im glad you love the updade realy thanks ;)

Yes you can do it by hand and update the games by hand if you have te time for it, and you can host the games yourself if you have enough server space and bandwidth ;) BUT this script does it all automatically and no stress on your server

Hi, can i select to show only html5 games?


No not yet maybe i’ll add this in the next update ;)

Hi speeky,

Questions, is it possible add-on facebook comment & can you make thumbs clickable? I thinking of buying this simple game script to add-on to another script etc.

How can I add new games?

Also the navigation pages do not work

i want to buy this, does you support anymore ?

1. Can I put fb comment section to site? 2. Why when I share game to fb, it not direct exactly to that game but only direct to homepage ? 3. Pls make the site load faster :v + if you can do wordpress version is Awesome


how to share a single game on social media? It redirects to the homepage !

Hallo, are that automatically game im that or?


The nagavation is not working , and you can able to make a signup page.?

Hello , Please support us , we purshed the software from you…6days over still no update from you….

How do i add my own flash, html5 games to this script? I wrote you an email about 8 months ago about this issue and you never responded. please let me know. thank you.

Demo is not working and apparently nobody home… :)

Andbody have a working site or a demo for this?

how to install it?

don’t buy this!

1-can i add my google ads? 2-can i remove some games i do not need 3-can i chose just html5 games 4-can i add games by my self thanks i love script its creative

Also the navigation pages do not work

okay okay I managed to do it all !!!

One will develop the script? I could use a little improvement ….

How do I set background for this page ? and how much of a load animation please help …

you can simply replace the background just give it the same name and extention, the load animation depends on loading time of the games and can not be set

Hello admin, this script still working or not? I want to buy it if work.