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for Customer Support

Amazing and Script is 100%
Thank you and good luck with many other sales.

for Other

I give this 5 stars because the support is excellent the quality of the design and the ease of installation makes for a quality product up and running in 5 minutes.

for Customer Support

Thank you very much for the help !
Script Excellent !

for Feature Availability

support 5/5
Design Q 4/5
Doc Q 3/5
Custoy 2/5
Bugs none
Flex 4/5
Code 5/5
F.A 2/5

for Customizability

Probably some great features if it worked under an SSL ONLY website. It's my mistake for not asking first. I purchased this to use under the main root (as a subfolder) which this script does offer. I'm sure I could probably get the routing to work properly but don't have the time to mess with it right now.

Probably works great on it's own domain (or subdomain) without restrictive SSL only requirements. Giantbomb (http://www.giantbomb.com/) which is used to populate this script doesn't seem to use ssl/secure links - which kind of defeats the purpose for SEO (Google requirements).


Author response

Hi, i think your 2 star rating is unfair, first i have never advertise for this script to be supporting SSL HTTPS, as you say yourself its your mistake for not asking first, you are right that it is because of the giantbomb api that only offers HTTP links. But not having SSL is not a issue with a site like this that does not collect any user data will not have a negative effect on your seo although google will favor using HTTPS if possible.

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