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How do you fill up those ad blocks/spaces? And how does the Amazon affiliate work?

Hi, you can fill the ad spaces with ads or not what ever you want. you can also earn a commission on revenue generated by clicks initiated from your website, just input your affiliate id in the settings file and all the links to Amazon will have your affiliate id attached to them so your sales will be counted. read about the program here

hhhhhhh where cpanel admin ????this full cms or just template ???

Hi, no cpanel admin, this is a non database needed php script, there is a config file for all the settings.

video’s are not showing when you click on them.

Hi, i just checked they play fine for me.

When you click a video it shows just the title and under it the gray background of the website.

Does it perhaps has something to do with: SSL Certificates and the .htacces setting? i use SSL

Hi, please contact me on item support page.

can you mail me what the problem could be, with the solution? would be much appreciated

Contact me on my userpage so i can email you.

Can I try in localhost xampp?

Hi, you can use the demo site to try the script.

Hi There, I want to know three things: 1. google adsense will provide me the script to put after HEAD section for reviewing the website. is your script have provision for the same? 2. Google Adsense works with crawl for page contents to show ads, as your script is not database bases, will it will be able to support Adsense crawling mechanism for the same? 3. in demo, i am finding updated news but not updated games and some games summary and images are missing. is there is any problem?

Hi, i have send you email.

Hey I’m thinking of purchasing, how come the reviews havent updated since Call of Duty? Just out of curiosity, will this work if i purchase? Also the 200 api limit, is this in your opinion low?

Hi, that is the latest review, yes it will work, the api limit is per hour that should be more than enough.


Great script/site, looks good. We look to purchase it but please let us know how the database (games, videos, pictures) is getting updated? What are the sources for the data and what is the mechanism to update it. Also can we add more information via admin page ? Please share more details… Thanks,

Hi, thanks for your interest, it uses the giantbomb api so no need for updating manually anything, there is no blog function.

Is this script responsive to mobile view? When new update?

Hi, yes the script is responsive, just make your browser window smaller to see. no new update planned yet.

Does this script comply with Google Adsense? Does it meet criteria? Or will get ban?

Hi, i never had issues with adsense but you will have to read the adsense policies for that.

I see that there is a 200 requests per hour. Is there any caching so that the limit isnt reached to quickly ?

Hi, yes there is caching involved.

Awesome, Glad to hear ! Im going to buying this as soon as i get a domain name.

Review is not working anymore

just empty, and giantbomb now supports ssl images

Hi, its fixed now, please contact me on user page.

Where do i find the user page ?

just click on ArmorThemes or here


mouss1299 Purchased

Hello, yesterday I bought your script, I installed it without problems and works correctly but I have a google message that tells me that my site is not secure. Why ? I installed it in a subdomain of a website that starts with htpps: // Can you please help me if I forgot to do something please. Thank you

Hi, please contact me on the item support page, i have send you mail.


mouss1299 Purchased

Thank you very much for answering my help !

now if you made this into a wordpress plugin and compatible w/ Visual composer and buddypress, you would increase your customer base by 10x