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About the limitation of the trademarks in the playstore, is it possible to use logos or images of everything ? (i mean inside the app in the quizz question)

99% you can use all logos or images everything. Then also please read Google’s policy perfectly before uploading your app on Google Play.

ok, thank you, i’ll try

i dont understand when i finish this app and instal it its not work and how i add the stage kifach akhoya nzid stage


i swear im realea need help because i finich reskin this game apk but when i try instal it in smartphon dident work

Please add us on skype so that we can help you via teamviewer and solve your issue.

Skype id: help.gurutechnolabs

great job

The demo Apk doesnt Work. When Touch the answer the App stops and close. Im using android 7.0.

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “93,57” at java.lang.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString( at java.lang.Double.parseDouble( at com.scratchandguess.MainActivity.checkAns( at com.scratchandguess.MainActivity.onClick( at android.view.View.performClick( at android.view.View$ at android.os.Handler.handleCallback( at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage( at android.os.Looper.loop( at at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at$ at


We have checked in android 7.0 but it’s working fine for us.

Can you please share more details?

The app crashes with the last version of Android O, and it’s not possible to play. Each time I open the app, and i click on the button ‘PLAY”, the app crashes. (My version : Android ONE, version O)

what do you mean ? how can i get them. Please also, test in an emulator, you’ll see the same results

We already have tested in Emulator, it’s working fine in emulator. That’s why I asked for logs from a real device.

Please contact us on skype: help.gurutechnolabs so that we can connect through teamviewer and solve your issue.

Here is the final apk:

And also updated the code on codecanyon. You will get a notification once it will be approved by codecanyon team.


jmgra Purchased

hi. First, thanks for the app. Looks great! I have a trouble. I´ve uploaded php admin files to my hosting, but when i log in i get redirected to your url? Where must I change this?

Thanks in advance

Please contact us on skype: help.gurutechnolabs

so that we can solve your issue through team viewer.


jmgra Purchased

Thanks. It´s solved. One more question: it´s posible to use mysql for scoreboard?

No, we can not use MySQL

Hi Pual i have problem with cat all questions appear in all cat could you please fix it

Issue has been solved and I have sent an updated on skype and also we are updating it on codecanyon.

Hello Gurutechnolabs,

I have been trying to contact you fot the past 2 weeks in regards to the custom app project you are working on for my client. The app is almost done, but it appears as though you don’t want to finish up anytime soon. My client needs to have the completed app so she can launch her business. When will you be done with her app? Here are a few of the issue that need to be corrected per the last app file provided. You can find a full list in our skype conversation.

These are the 3 Motivation Categories that are available upon download / Keep unlocked:

Everyday life, financial advice, physical health.

Problems With The App :

1. The repeat monthly needs days to choose from

2. The am/pm feature doesn’t work. For example, when I schedule at 10:11am it come at 10:11pm.

3. Menu Notification Button should display an ad before allowing the user to see all of the notifications.

4. Fonts. There should only be the 2 fonts that she has provided available from the dashboard abs that shows up in the app.

5. Remove ads needs to also be an in-app purchase.

6. Also, the client is having problems with locating the area where she enters her banking info.

7. Motivations need a close out button for after reading it.

8. Notifications shows the wrong number of missed motivation notifications.

Please let me know something ASAP. The client is ready to pay, but of course she needs an app that works properly!!!

Regards, DC

Yes, we are working on it