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Very nice plugin!

Can this be used to say have players register teams and pay an entry fee that would go towards a general prize pool?

Hello Jay-EBN, no I’m sorry.

Hi, can the role be changed as example that every member with a already existing group can add events or subscribe to them?

Hello deexgnome,

the “Player” role ( which grants the capabilities to subscribe to the events ) is a WordPress role, this means that you can switch at anytime the role of a subscribed user based on your needs. But there are no functionalities to automatically assign new capabilities ( for example the capability to create new events ) based on the number of events already completed. The events can be created only by the “Administrator” role.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

Does this plugin generate tournament brackets?

Hello mmaddox, I’m sorry but this plugin doesn’t include this feature.

Does this plugin have a means of adding time slots for the event? Say for example it’s an all day event but at certain times throughout the day.

Hello Lunaus,

you can only define when the event start. In your situation an option might be to specify in the event description that the event is distributed throughout the day ( to communicate this fact to your users ), or you can alternatively create multiple events.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

Hey Daext, Very nice plugin, I need something similar, not sure this is the right place to post it for you or not. I basically want a wordpress plugin that will let my subscribers enter tournaments. So basically I will create the tournament and then they can click on tournament and click on the console lets say ps4 or xbox1 and then choose the tournament and they will be able to enter tournament that is live for registration. I am willing to pay for one if u can create it.


Hello rasalghul01,

I don’t provide custom works. I recommend you to visit Envato Studio for this kind of stuff.

Hope this helps.

Hi, I search for a good working clanwar plugin to show played matches and there results. This looked like a plugin in this direction. Is it possible to test it in any way?

Hello Franky297,

the demo doesn’t allow to use all the features available in the plugin back-end. To see how the back-end works I recommend you to watch the videos available on the “Video Tutorials” section of the demo page.

In general this plugin is focused on the creation of the events, on the approval process, and on managing the users who participated to the events. If you want to show the results of the clan wars for example with standings tables I recommend the you League Table plugin.

If you need more info feel free to ask.

Thanks for your fast answer.

I search a plugin for showing single matches with date, playing teams, played game and result in a list.

for example: 17.05.16 TeamA vs TeamB Counter Strike 05:01 03.05.16 TeamC vs TeamB Battlefield 20:10 17.04.16 TeamA vs TeamD Counter Strike 06:01 06.03.16 TeamA vs TeamB Counter Strike 02:04

Is it possible with one of your plugins?

Hello Franky297, with the League Table plugin you can create tables like the one in your example. Please note that with League Table you have to manually enter you data ( like when you create a normal HTML or EXCEL table ), there are no specific features that handle teams, games, etc.

Hope this helps.

I am thinking to purchase this plugin. It seems this plugin has two user role. one is administrator, and another is player. Is is possible to make Manager Role who is between admin and player. For example, LOL manager can only make LOL event, and Aion manager can only make AION events. If it is not possible, can editor handle all game event?

Hello idpokute,

The “Administrator” is a default WordPress role and it’s not created by this plugin. Administrator capabilities are required to create game, create events and manage the player subscriptions.

The “Player” is a role created by this plugin, and include capabilities which allow the users to subscribe to the events.

The creation of all the events requires the capabilities associated with the “Administrator” role and it’s not possible to set different capabilities requirements for each game.

If it is not possible, can editor handle all game event?

With a small customization ( you have to change 2 lines of code ) you can make the “Editor” role able to handle all game events. In case you need this contact me via my profile contact form after purchasing.

Hope this helps

Do i have the possibily to create Raids and use all options when I’m palying on a private Server or does Game Planner serve the World of Warcraft Armory on Bliizard official Servers? ..and can i add Wallpapers to every Raid like on the screenshot?

Hello nexuswow,

I have a question. Can i change the Plugin Text? Like ” Login” ” Become a Player” ” Subscribe”. Would like to show this in german with my own words.

Sure, you have two alternative options:

  1. Create a german translation with a multilanguage plugin or with a tool like Poedit
  2. Hardcode your phrase in german in the plugin code, this requires only one minute, simply contact me with the exact sentences you want to use via the support tab and I will tell you how to do it
And another Question. When my users are logged in at my website there ist still ” Log in ” and “Become a Player” Button on the Event Cards.. How they can join the event?

As stated in the plugin manual your users in order to subscribe to the events should have the “Player” role. Set the “Player” role as the default role for your users subscriptions or manually change the role of your users, as you prefer.

I think i got everything fixed! Thank you, i I have another issue I’ll contact you.

Hello nexuswow, please contact me via the support tab and indicate the URL where you have placed an Event Card or an Event Table. If the subscriptions to your website are not open to the public please also indicate the credential of a “Player” user so I can verify the issue.

Does it work with multisite network?

Hello Danitsia, I just replied to your email.


Can my site members create their own teams and tournaments and manage themselves?


Hello SocialGamework,

this plugin should be used to create events, manage the subscriptions of the players, rate the players, etc. (check out the item description and the video series available in the item preview for more details). There are no functionalities to create tournaments and teams.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.