Game Of Lines With Admob

Game Of Lines With Admob

Windows 98 has a classic game – Lines 98. And this time, we recreate it with the name “Lines 98 Classical Games”. The game with colorful balls has all the features which was in old Lines 98.

In 98s, almost the computer we use that has Windows 98 OS, and with all of us, the game Lines 98 is the famous game in office for everyone. A very simple but relaxing game that has squared 9×9, and there are big and small colorful ball in some squares. The small could be replaced when drag a big one to. And if not, it’s going to be bigger then. They are not arranged to lines, we have to do it. By touch one and move to a suitable position, the balls could change it’s square. And when at least 5 balls at the same color stand in a Line continuously (or a cross also), they explode and score up.


Main features:
- Develop with Libgdx framework
- Great effects to accompany the game
- Smoother gameplay
- Admob to monetize
- Clean code, easy to develope
- Java code, easy to import to Eclipse or Android Studio

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Demo APK
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