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Hi, is it possible to have a leader board on this game?


Ok not to worry.

I have managed to work out a way to do it.

We have noticed that the game does not look right in portrait view on mobile devices. Is there a way to pop up a message to say please rotate your device.



Hi Cris! The game has that option. In mobiles it prompts you to rotate the screen, an image appears. You can test this on the computer, reducing the window size.

Send me the link of your game to check here on my phone and tablet. If you want to send to my email: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


thanks again for your help, i released it was on your game and reexported my game and it managed to fix the problem. thanks again.

Can you make game like this http://igroflot.ru/flash_games_18.htm? Xexxagon

Really cool this game. There are several similar, it would be nice to do one. But at the moment I’m already working on other games. Who now know in 2016 ….

Hi, I have their active game www.spot.bigup.pt/games and I can share my result on facebook, but many users can not. Do you know why?

Hi! I tested his game and can share on Facebook. The error may be your app. Make sure it’s all right.

Do not have a printscreen error? It would help a lot to know the problem.

Friend, your game became beautiful. I loved the colors. Congratulations!

Hi i would want to purchase some of your games but i do not know how to add ad from adsense. It would be possible to send us the games in apk version with ads from our adsense account? Thank you

Sorry friend, I can only help with doubts about the game. I can not change the file and send it to you.

To export to Android only with the Construct program.

If any further doubts, you can talk.

i will pay the extra cost of changing ads accounts and export it to apk. How much it will cost?

I see you want a lot, and I want to help you. But I have a lot of work this holiday season, we better talk by email. Please send to filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


I’d like to ask a couple of questions about your ‘Flapcat Christmas’ game.

- Is it possible to alter the game resources (images/backgrounds) with our own content? - Can the final score of each player be captured at the game’s end? Or is it otherwise stored in an accessible location?

If you can provide this information, I’d be interested in buying your game.

Thank you for your time.

Hi! Come on!

Yes, you can change all the game graphics. It is not necessary to have a license Construct program, just subsituir images.

The end result is captured, and is awaited. You can test and check. His record will be there. But the game is not ready for the database. To do this, it is necessary to have a program license and make this change in the game.

If there is any further doubt, you can talk!


Hi there, Im from Vietnam and sorry my English is not good !

My Company have a request about this game for Christmas Event on Website

Is it possible to have info about player who play this game !? For example: When I go to this game. I have to fill the information (Name, Email and Phone). Then I play the game. And the score can be record into this game and export to Excel. The file Excel can show : (Name, Email, Phone and Score)

Thanks for reading. Waiting for your answer.

Hi! It is possible to enter all that you want, but the game is not ready for that. The game has no ranking, and does not store data.

To do this, you need to make major changes to the game, and use the Construct program. The game was developed using this program.



wisdes Purchased

Muting the sound does not work on Safari (desktop), it is however ok on mobile version (iPhone etc) though.

The diagonal bar does appear through the volume icon, however the sound continues to play.

The game was developed using Construct program. I researched their site, and found some information. It is a small bug, and this problem occurs in some Safari browsers.

In the game there are 2 folders, one is called “sound”, another is called “music”. The game’s music is in the “music” folder. Usually the problem is solved when you put the song into the “sound” folder.

I did this, you can please check: http://filippileonardo.com/_temp/games/flapcat_sound/

If it works, I’ll send the files for you to replace.


wisdes Purchased

Great job wall-e, this seems to work! Can you send me the updated files please.

Sure! Please, send me email filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Hey, When testing the game on mobile the social media share buttons dont work! Have you any idea why this would be? When you click on them the game just starts again.

Hi! Please send me the link so I can check the problem. If you want, you can send me by email: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br

Also check if the preview works on your mobile device: http://filippileonardo.com/_temp/envato/flapcat_christmas_01/preview/gameplay/index.html


ribelz Purchased

I need to customize the game. I have construct 2. I’m sending points/record to database using ajax. (Event id 49: points > record) I need to display a notification on this event. Saying submitted successfully. On a popup window. this pop up can be done myself. But i couldn’t find where to trigger it. I tried under few events. Those are not working.

Can you give me any clue on this.?

I’ve prepared a file to help you. I’m waiting for your email.

Nice! Please, delete your message.

Hi There,

There is an issue with posting your score when you are on the safari browser in an iphone.

Is there anything you can do here or we can do here?

Hi! Sorry, I do not know this problem. But please, I’ll need more information. The game link, a print screen of the problem, and more details.

Send me by email: filippileonardo@yahoo.com.br


Hi! Sorry for my previous message. I already know what the problem is. In fact, this is an iPhone setup, which blocks popups. If you change this on your phone, the window will open normal.

If there’s any more trouble, you can look for me.