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I purchased Christmas Furious to test out and expand my game knowledge, so far I love it! Thanks!

I have a question though, I’ve tried changing the game images as in your instructions however when I go to run the game in Construct 2 (I have a license) the images are still the same. What step am I missing? I am keeping all the images the same size and format.

I emailed you the same inquiry as well.


Thank you for the compliments, and thank you for buying my game.

About your doubts. Did you replace the image inside the Construct program or outside the program? Because I teach in the instructions how to replace the image only in the web version. To replace the Construct own, you need to open the image within the program.

All images are in the “object types” folder. This folder is inside the Construct program. I created some folders in facilitating and organizing.

Replace the image within the program, and test again. I believe it will work. Any problem, you can send a message again.

Your e-mail has not arrived!

Thanks for the support! I will try that out!!

can you share the apk files of all your games for android version. I want to test before purchasing all of them.

If you have an Android device, just open the game in a browser which is almost the same thing =)


Would you install this as a plugin? Can you explain a little please or send me the support documentation.

Here it worked okay, but the game became very thin. The height you can put in pixels. And remove this action from the index to the image of “rotate” screen does not appear:

<!- script to detect window size -> <script type=”text/javascript”> function exibe() { if (window.innerWidth < window.innerHeight) { document.getElementById(‘check_notice’).style.display = “inline”; document.getElementById(‘check_game’).style.display = “none”; } else { document.getElementById(‘check_notice’).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(‘check_game’).style.display = “inline”; } } </script>

Any doubt, email me filippileonardo @

E-mail sent with subject as ‘Responsive Problem’

I have an app building service, BzZApps Mobile App Builder and was wondering if the Extended license would be sufficient for users to add a preconfigured HTML5 version of the game to client apps.

What I’d like to do is preconfigure the game in Construct 2 and add this as an optional page type in the app builder. Users would then be able to add the game to an app by selecting this page type. They wouldn’t be able to customize the game or make any changes. And there would only be one version of the game available for users to include in their apps.

Please let me know if this would be possible with the extended license.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


Hi! I think it could work. I do not know this site and not this app. You can do so. Buy a normal gaming license and is a test. If it works, you buy the extended license.

Regards =)

So far I’ve purchased the Regular License for my own use. Does this allow me to publish a Web, Android and iOS version at the same time? Or are separate licenses needed?

Yes, from what I’ve researched here you need a license for each end use. See this page, there is all well detailed.

Hi, This game looks very nice and also it works fine in browser.. But when i try setting this into an app, nothing happens.. In my app i used a HTML/website screen that just showing the game which is in a folder on my website.. The game starting up, and tells me to turn around the device, but nothing happens after this, only a red screen, game is not starting.

You have an idea why this is not working?

Also i want to know if there is a way to translate. I dont have construct, so i think i want to translate in files..

Best regards, Mikkel

Got it, sorry for the mistake in my answer. The game was developed with the “Construct”, I believe must have some compatibility error with the game files and your app. If you tell me the name of the app, I can search and see if there is any problem.

If you can give me an email, i can try sent you my .apk because for now the game is not possible to see from live app on app stores.. Dont want to let people see it if this not will work ;)

filippileonardo @

I’m not able to actually change any files and have them reflected in game. For example, I want to edit the sleigh. What file should I edit for the iframe version to do that? I tried version_iframe/game/images/sleigh-sheet0.png and that doesn’t seem to do anything.

You are changing the correct location, but you should be seeing the old image because of cache. Test your game in an anonymous window, or another browser. You will not have pictures of the game cache.

But do not worry, you are changing the correct picture =)

Remember to make a backup of the original game. For no danger of losing files!


I like the game and I would like to buy it. However, I would like to make few changes: - remove 1st level - increase the speed a bit - integrate ads - integrate an “add to homescreen” widget for iOS

Would it be possible for you to make the changes in exchange for an additional fee?

Thanks, Vlad

Hi Vlad.

At the moment I can not do this his work, I am very busy! You were supposed to have come to me before. Sorry =)

Merry Christmas!

IT DOES NOT WORK ON AN IPHONE OR IPAD. IT JUST FLASHES RED AND IS TRULY HORRIBLE. Please help if at all possible. As soon as i figure out how to rate i will give it 1 star unless this gets fixed.

Hi friend! The game works fine on the iPad and iPhone. The problem may be on the server, when you uploaded the game.

Please check the preview here on CodeCanyon works well in those devices, and send me a return message.

I apology for the tone of the previous post. It was not posted by me but rather an associate not familar with your product. Upon further investigation, I was able to get the product to work using the “normal” version instead of the iframe version thanks!

No problem friend! Merry Christmas =)


is there a way to switch off music / sound effects?

The game has a button to mute the sound. And you can delete audio files or replace them if you want.

Hi, I’m looking at buying this game but I am noticing that via a web browser the music cuts out after level 1 on the demo.

The 3 bar icon in the menu I believe is for sound does not seem to cut the music off. Tried the demo again viewing via an android phone.

Any ideas why this is happening? Can these sound bugs be fixed?

Hi! This preview of the file is out of date. Just realized why you spoke. I will make an update in the coming days.

The sound of the problem is because the music is a bit heavy, and takes to load. And on some devices can take to start. I tested it on my Android phone and it took a while to get started but the tablet worked well.

The preview button this outdated, the new version of Construct works perfectly. Check out:

In the coming days the file will be updated =)

HI, I can see everything I saw as an issue has been fixed. SO great.

However, in the old version on my phone if i flipped it to portrait it told me i needed to flip back to landscape. Now the game plays in portrait, showing off-screen game assets.

Can we fix this? Then i can buy this game.



I believe that today or tomorrow I will check this game, and correct all those little bugs. Probably the file will be updated on Friday.

Thank you for telling me about these problems =)


I’m thinking of buying your game, it looks awesome and it’s fun to play! But I have a few questions before buying it.

Can I modify it so that after you finished all levels (with a minimum score perhaps?) a contact form or at least some custom text shows up? Can I get the values of the score valuables somehow? Also, I read in the comments that you planned to build in some Facebook compatibility. Can it handle to post the players score to Facebook?

Thank you in advance!

Hi! The game was developed with the program Construct. These changes you are looking for can only be made if you have the program license, and you need an average knowledge of the program.

At the time of Facebook’s comment, games as app were on the rise. But the game has nothing ready for Facebook, just a sharing button.



Thank you very much for the quick reply. I’m new to Construct 2, but I think I can figure it out – sooner or later.

Have a nice day!

Thanks, you are welcome!

Hi, I have purchased this game. I want to save users each level score to the database OR save final/current score to the database.

Email: sumith.harshan AT Gmail DOT com

How can I do that ?

Thank you

Hi! Thank you for buying my game.

To do this is a bit tricky. You need the Construct program license and know how to edit the game in the program. If you have the license of the program, send me an email that I will pass the other details. My email:

Hi, I sent an email with details requested.Waiting for your reply.


WLBern Purchased

hello, I have purchased your code and would like to make some changes in the game. Could you please let me know if A) they are possible B) a roughly estimated time frame for a beginner to make those changes in Construct2.

here’s what I have in mind: Instead of the 5 animals dragging a sleigh, I would like to use 1 car dragging 5 boxes behind itself. I’m assuming that changes the game mechanics a little bit?

I’d be happy about any tips and would not mind paying for assistance. This is a rather urgent request, so thank you very much for your quick reply.

S. Burri, Werbelinie AG

Hi! I am responding in email, because they are many details. Regards!