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This is one of the more original and fun game I have seen. I played for like 15 minutes.

Good luck with sales (And in the contest)

Thanks buddy, good sales for you too =)

Can u help in adding admob ?

No friend, unfortunately I am very busy. But it is not hard at site has many tutorials teaching. You have to have the license of the program =)

is there a way to have different songs per stage? it gets a bit annoyin’ to have the same loop the whole time. and also a little tip , it would be nice to have a special sound when the battle is over , like a 5 sec victory sound so people know when its over, i was clicking everywhere waiting for something to happen :)

Everything else looks perfect.

True, I noticed some people with difficulty in perceiving that the game is over. As I knew, had not noticed it. I’ll put some effect and update the game. Thanks for the tip!

Good job :) i will get this tomorrow

thanks :grin:

I confirm what sney2002 has said : very original and fun game.

Shame it is done with construct :/ Otherwise, I would have bought.

Thank you friend! But what is the problem of Construct?

Oh it’s simple, I don’t use this software ;)

I understand. For me it is the best =)

Hi, is it possible to make this game into online multiplayer game? or online against computer available?

Hi! The game was developed with the Construct program is a little tricky to put multiplayer. I’ve never tried, and at the moment I still do not know.

But this game would be pretty cool with multiplayer! game!!... if i purchased can you guide me to add admob and export to android platform..

Thank you friend!

But, sorry, no will can help you. I am very busy until the end of the year. But in the Scirra site has many tutorials, it is not hard to put AdMob =)

thanks..unfortunately..i only have C2 free edition..

Due to some performance issues, it sometimes happens that the projectile doesn’t hit the target and just passes by. Afterwards i can’t do anything as the game waits for the impact trigger. Thus i need to reload the game. (iPhone 4 & S3 Mini Stock Browser)

Hi friend. I can not see this problem in my cell. Can you send me the link of the game on your website?

I have to confirm what Kaisergames problem, I’ve tried the game (in your website) and happened to me too. Just once, after that the games was ok.

Well I have to learn somehow. I’ll give it a shot

Ok, good luck! Thank you for purchasing the game. But this game was very hard to do. Any questions, send an email to me filippileonardo @

Will do. It’s well done, I have an idea on re-skinned it.

I just want to add more stages or levels. No idea where to start…

This is very hard to do.You have to change in many parts of code and design. But it is possible to do this.We need an advanced knowledge of Construct program. You know work on this program?

Thanks for the reply. I will try to figure it out. Btw are you making more games? I love your games.

Thanks! I’m doing a new game, it is almost ready. Only lack the sounds. In the coming weeks we’ll be here for sale =)

There is no sound in iphone

Hi! I tested now, and the sound worked normal. But I know that there are several problems with sounds and IOS. A doubt, other games worked usual?

It would help to know better what the problem is.