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Just what I was looking for! But could it be added seconds to the countdown? And I guess my template is overriding the background colour since it´s only white on the homepage? (Grey on the screenshot posted here).

Thanks!! :)

Sorry for adding questions, but how do I choose another language for the widget? I find the language-files, but not how to get one activated.

in your wp-config.php file in ur wp root directory change define(‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’); for german etc

I’m interested to buy the plugin. But i have two questions, is it possible to remove the borders and make the background transparant?

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Can you add the seconds please ?

Hi, I have problem to add seconds. What is the name of the files to change ?

is this plugin still supported? is it getting updates? I am interested in the plugin though does it include brackets for games?

it supports one match with game start,place and result in each widget. But there is not a tournament plan behind the widgets.

I’m using wp 4.1 and the widget title isn’t aligning right. It aligns to the far left when I add a title and when I add a time 17:00 its showing 7 hours off on the countdown. My other countdown widget shows the correct time so its not in my settings. There is no other conflict with a widget since I’ve disabled them all.

The scoreboard on my site is both a widget and coded into the theme. I’ve looked at making it a straight widget but its over my head.

ok… u made it look nice. Good luck with ur hobby :)

Hi Kimanov. I’ve modified your code to show the away team first and then the home team in the widget and the output. the only thing I’m having problems with is the game time. if I want it to show 19:00 I have to set it at 12:00 to show 19:00 in the output. for some reason there is a 7 hour difference in the input and the display. it was doing the same thing before I modified it. thanks

Also is it possible to use it in a 12 hour frame?


I just bought your script, and put some changes ;)

I prefer like that… \\

Are you planning on updating your widget, if you do a suggestion. The ability to add a link to a page “game preview page”. Right now I’m using 4 versions for 4 games and the only way I can link is by linking by code to one page for all the games rather than a different page for each game.

is it possible to translate to portuguese?