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is this script a spam

The script is not a spam for it uses the graph api access token thus making it safe to post

i purchase today your script and install my hosting compnay namecheap two hours on chatt says the script problem not correct what i do please help me i install here no singup account

You should make sure that You have configured the database connectivity before this the script wont run

Installation problem

steps to follow
step 1: upload files to your server  in the update folder
step 2 : create a database in your hosting cpanel
step 3: import database.sql in the zip folder that you downloaded from codecanyon
step 4: open ASEngine/config.php
change the "define('WEBSITE_DOMAIN', "http://localhost");" http://localhost to yyour domain name i.e the parent domain let say its fb.domain.com use domain.com as the replacement
step 5:  change database connection configuration
step 6: change all "http://localhost/" to the url that you have installed this script
step7: you are ready to go if you followed the steps
open the app url in your browser

Getting access token to use with the app

Get accesstoken using graph api or HTC application or your own app click on this link

Setting up access token

What is the admin username and password after installing the script

username is admin
password is admin123

Please change this after logging in

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