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Can I post to groups i’ve joined or is it only for the groups I created?

all. groups

I can post messages to all my friends in the box

yes. you can. with this script

yes. you can. with this script

Your gamba poster is not working. After i put my access token it showing Updated record successfully but no friend and no group showing please help me

hello. I replied

what you replied.please solve my problem. send me the version 1.3


The application has to work 100% successful. thanks Wanjirujosphat for the help that is very quick to resolve the issue to get tokens, view friends and groups.

please install a system to schedule and post by cron job

advaced update is on the way


I have few questions:

1. Does your script support sending posts to groups? 2. Is it possible to search groups by name?

Thanks, Yury

What do you mean by “is it possible to search groups by name?”

I mean, searching by group name (and join them) – is it possible?

Do you use some jailbreak or use facebook API? I see new facebook API doesn’t supported getting user groups and sending posts – did I mis something?

There is no auto join feature, Then I use the Facebook API to send post

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demo page is not able


MEAKB Purchased

Hello, i have 5K friends in my fb account its not get my friends! Only group posting works fine…...Please help me….

Pm via support tab

when was you last update? please criate schedules job for the posts

I am working on That and will be updating soon. With a mega Update

Hi, I need a personalized app for my work on facebook. Do you have skype?

You can Pm me via support Tab.

I need to pay 10 $ for the support..

Pm me via support tab

how can I get the token .. doesn’t work third party

Pm the problem you are getting via support tab

Can the current version post to 1 ) Liked page? 2) Closed/secret group (non admin) ? 3) provide stats, analytcs? 4) preview after posted post?

can post to closed/secret groups

i buy this script but i cant use support script is not working…

which support script. PM Us What problem you are getting

is it possible that you have a tool that can make email scraper, autopost and advertising tool, i mean all your scripts in one tool?

PM us via support tab

Can’t login in demo :(

It has the demo password and username

Don’t working for me. JS script for logging is broken I think.

its working

do you have an automated schedule to create posts? or has to be done manually?

pM with your query

Hello, Im interest for your script but first I would like to know if can I categorize the groups. Thank you

What do you mean by categorize groups. PM Us via support tab for more support

Hello, I don’t see any database file in the zip I downloaded

Its there. In the install folder

I have an online newspaper and I want as soon as I post a new article in my newspaper to automatically post it in my Facebook page and Facebook profile. Can your script do this?

Yes. It can do this