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Not tested in Safari?

Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ve submitted an update to fix this problem. Now just need to wait for envato approval of the update.

It is broken on the latest version of Safari (8.0.7), it look as if some of the JS is calculating the screen size wrong (I’m on a retina MBP). It works correctly in chrome on the same computer.

Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ve submitted an update to fix this problem. However, we’ll still need to wait for envato review.

In the meantime, you can add the following css into the custom css section (in customizer):

[class^=”lgmj-item-style-”] img, [class*=” lgmj-item-style-”] img { width: 100%; height: auto; min-height: 0; }

This should fixed the problem.

I used option: Link Type>Attachment Page>. How can I link to another page? Any documentation?

No. You can’t do that. There are only three options: trigger a lightbox, direct to the attachment page, or do nothing.

However, you can use redirection plugin to redirect the users upon reaching the attachment page.

Hello! How can i set up the Masonry Layout? I cant find any place to change the grid default setup. Thank you :)

You just need to change its image ratio to “None”, and all the images will load at its original size (before cropping) – hence you get the masonry layout.

I am using this on my Layers site, and I just love it.

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Hi, How can I add a gutter area between images? Padding is probably the way to go- but not sure where to put it?

Please refer to the screenshot here:

Awesome gallery plugin :) is it possible to have it as a slider as well ? Could I display one picture…click on it and the rest would show up in the lightbox ?

No. That’s not possible. However, you can use CSS to hide the rest of the picture – not the best solution, but it’s the only to achieve what you’re trying to do.

Hi can I launch a particular gallery lightbox from a text / button link?

Do you mean external text / button link (outside of gallery mojo)? If so, no. The gallery lightbox can only be launch via button in gallery mojo.

Hi guys, great extension! I’ve a question: Can I show the lightbox in the “content-main” and not a fullscreen? Thanks

No. That’s not possible.

Another question. It’s possibile change the position of the control slide? And eventually do you have a documentation about it?


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Great, it works. Since I’m not a magician of css, i’ve a last question: If I would set prev and next like this jpg ( ) and hidden the thumb icon ( I try to set hidden this style: ”#lg-action” but remain active the click when I passed over with the cursor.

Here’s the css you need:


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Hi guys I’ve seen that the images that I insert in the gallery aren’t optimized… How can I reduce the images size in thumbnail view?

You can change its size using the image ratios settings, but it has limitation in it. My suggestion is you keep your image not more than 1200px (in width), and Layers will automatically optimize it for you.


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Hi guys.

Another question, I’m sorry ;)

I would like to know if possibile to change the direction of the slideshow. Now in the panel control ( ) the reading sense is from left to right, while in the lightbox the sense is the opposite ( )

There’s a way to change or set it?

Thanks Francesco


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Yes, it works, but I will not a cropped image :(


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Hi Nathan, any news? Can I have the sequence of the “portrait” version with a “not-cropped” visualization? There’s no problem if I have to pay something for the code modify ;)

Let me explain the situation for you:

Whenever images in the gallery have uneven size, a masonry layout will be triggered to fill out the empty spaces between images – hence why the image arrangement is different from panel control.

However, by changing the image ratios to portrait / landscape, Layers will use its own custom image size (by chopping the original image to a fixed size), and all the images will have a even size. So, masonry layout won;t be triggered, and the arrangement will be the same as the panel control.

I guess you can edit all your images to make them all have the same fixed size (and reupload it back to your site), but that would require some work from your end.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution here. You’ll just have to make do with what you’ve got.

are there any pagination options by chance? Thanks.

No. There is no pagination options.


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how i can i use photo with text comments ?

You’ll need to insert caption into your images first.If you not sure how to do this, please refer here:

Then, go to the Gallery Mojo widget settings > Display, and check the “show caption” option.

Please note that not all styles allow you to show caption. Just test it out until you find one that suits you best.

Also,if you want to show caption in the lightbox slider, just go to LightBox > check “show caption” option.

HI, I was wondering if this will allow me to place a gallery in my blog posts as well?

Well, it seems, at least for me, that Layers disables that for some reason. I thought it was possible you might know something about that. Or I suppose it’s possible somehow I managed to mess up my installation somehow.

I appreciate the response!

As far as I know Layers doesn’t block the use of the native gallery. I guess maybe one of your plugins has hidden this feature. anyway, you can always use the gallery shortcode to display gallery in post. Here’s how:

Okay, I see what I was doing wrong! It turns out, it was working correctly, but my expectations were inaccurate. Thank you very much for taking the extra time with this – you are a true gentleman!


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Hello! We have a problem with the plugin. At first, when I bought it , I wanted to install the file but I was wrong. Then I downloaded from EnvatoMarket only the installer file Wordpress and managed to do it . However we do not get the plugin appear anywhere , we can not do anything. What do we have to do? Thank you very much!!

Just answered your question in the ticket.

Awesome gallery plugin. Is it possible to have a filter added to it? For example: web, print and so on? Thank you, Lana

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Hi, with this plugin is it possible to create a page with more galleries and when you click so see only the images of that category? Is there a demo admin area? Thank you

1. Yes you can 2. No. There is no demo for the admin area

Just a reminder – this plugin is built for Layers powered theme – meaning that it won’t work on any other wordpress themes.


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Hi, how can change the button color in the differents styles the default color is blue


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and the “take a look” text thanks

Can you pin-point me to your website?

Hi, how can I remove all top padding and text from the gallery? I keep getting a top border

Just replied to the ticket you submitted.