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There are so many errors with new AdMob.

That should be a problem with path to google play service project. In the documentation is explained how to set that correctly. You must add “google-play-services_lib” again: right click on GalleryModule->Properties->Android->(Library)Add->”google-play-services_lib”.

Why share doesn’t work on Facebook aplication?

The problem is Facebook app (with Facebook Messenger it works)…Facebook does not allowed sharing from other apps. Test with other apps…Viber, Gmail…we using the same principle for sharing, and its work with all apps who allowed that.

Why share doesn’t work on WhatsApp?

With WhatsApp it is only possible to share title, and we can not manage sharing images. It is working with other app (Viber, Gmail, Facebook Messenger…), but in some reason its not working with WhatsApp. We will consider that problem and we will try to manage that in next upgrade.

Where would you recommend finding images? Is there a site that you use?

We took wallpapers from: https://www.flickr.com

How to import project?

After downloading packed file, unzip it.

Open Eclipse, click File -> Import… Under Android folder, choose Existing Android Code Into Workspace and click Next. Browse for unzipped folder and choose android folder. Import GalleryModule. Click OK, then click Finish. Before clicking Finish, you may rename project name by clicking MainActivity under New Project Name tab. When you imported GalleryModule, repeat steps, and then import “google-play-services_lib”. Click OK, then click Finish.

If you have a problem with import “google-play-services_lib”, then right click on GalleryModule->Properties->Android->(Library)Add->”google-play-services_lib”

Do I get the full application or just part of it?

You will get the full app. All you need is to put images on your hosting, change path correctly in source, and that’s all. After that you can upload the app on Play Store.

Can this project also be used for iOS or only work for android?

This is native Android app only.

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