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Hi, i download and test demo from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csform.android.onlinegallery

why interstitial ads is not showing?

Hi, interstitial ads is not showing every time when you enter in category. They showing with probability 0.2. So, in average every fifth time when you enter. Best regards.

When app is closed,app is still in memory,30MB(Offline mode),How to fix?

Hi, in GalleryBaseAdapter.java take a look on 45th and 46th lines of code, and delete those functions for caching. After that, images not be cache on the devices. Best regards.

Then,picture loading be slowed? What is different?

Yes, then pictures will not be cached, and they will be loaded from start every time. Best regards.

Hello , I want to refund my money back please the app wasn’t as expected

Hello, we are sorry because you are disappointed, and not able to use this app in your purpose. Please contact Envato support for refund, because we don’t have anything with that. Sorry again. Best regards.

how to replace interstitial ads with my code?

Hi, you need to change in “res/tags.xml” tag MY_AD_UNIT_ID and put your ID. Best regards.

how to replace the banner ads?

Hi, ads banners are pull automatically and they can not be replaced with some other content. You need to replace only AdMob ID (MY_AD_UNIT_ID in res/tags.xml). Best regards.

Thank you …

Hi, we are glad that you set up all to work. :) Best regards.

Berfore I purchased, after see your demo I wanto to ask, why after the eighth image, the image always same?

Hello, we use eight images, and repeat them. Best regards.

Anyway to add attribution link,name etc? A pre-sale question,please. Thanks

Hello, yes, you can add everything you want for some image. You can create model class, with any attribute, and pull data from ever you want. We are giving here functionalities that you can see in our demo. For images that you see, we are put URL-s inside ArrayList, but if you like, you can put instead the model class that you like. Best regards.

Hi, CreativeForm

I don’t see any manual how to setup Image online or offline in package that I download yesterday?

Hi, you can find the manuals in folder “docs”. Here is the online doc: http://csform.com/gallery-module-with-admobanalytics/
Kind regards.

Pre-Purchase question: 1) Can I use my own server to run online version? 2) When i set wallpaper, its fixed! Is there any way to setup up wallpaper by cropping it or full scrolling wallpaper?

Hi, 1) We create offline version here, but you can switch it to work online. 2) Hi, that depends from phones display, not from our code. Kind regards.

Hi, you mention in the app description and you show in the screen shots that image title and description can be set/shown. I dont see anything in the doc how to add that!?

Thanks for clarifying

Hi, you can open ImageItem.java and see what you can setup for every image. Kind regards.

hi! i recently buy your app , but sample app have error with set wallpaper,download image and share button ,display a message error occurried

Hi, please follow our documentation step by step. There can be different reasons for that, and one is that you didn’t set your images in right way. Also, please check your urls is that right. Also, you maybe didn’t fill ArrayLists in proper way. For any other questions, please contact us via email dev@csform.com. Kind regards.

Hello! I want to buy Ext license your source but I have some questions: 1/ Source code use Android studio or Eclipse? What is version require? 2/App can view offline or online image, but default is online or offline, how to swich? 3/ Url of image inside ArrayList, how many link I can add inside? (or it up to me?) 4/ ArrayList is xml file? Thank you!

Hi, please find the answers below:
1) You get both. We provide separately AS and Eclipse project.
2) If you want to turn on caching, that will work, but at first place, you need internet connection.
3) We provide here php service which parse urls on server side and you get inside the app json file with urls of your images on server side.
Kind regards.

I want to buy gallery module…i have some questions about customisation…ive sent mail on ur email but no reply

Hi, we are sorry, but currently we are not available for any kind of customization, because we are working on our projects and we don’t have a free time. Kind regards.

Hello. I have some question. Will source code be included in the price? Will i be able to remove “Set as background, download,..” on image layout page buttons once we buy app with Android Studio software? Can we remove AdMob as we need this app only to showcase the dishes in our restaurant.. Thank you

Thank you for your quick reply. I have one follow up question. On demo there are “3” sections. Family, Travel and Art. Can you select only one (once you buy script) or is demo setup only this way so you can see all three design possibilities? So for example i would need only “art” and once app is stared i dont want to have three options available to user.

Thank you.

Also one more question. Is switching from online to offline simple as commenting out a section and inserting url of the folder or does it require any additional coding form our site. As we would use your app to showcase our desserts in our restaurants so we will have 10+ devices and all must pull the same images from our web server. Many thanks.

Hi, yes, it is easily to select only one (in one line of code). The demo is setup to show all three possibilities. In the documentation is explained how to setup that. Right now, the app is setup in that way that all URLs are hardcoded inside the app. If you want to setup the images online, you will have a lot of work about that. Also, please check our other app, HD Wallpaper App. That app have possibility to easily add images on web server, and please contact us via email dev@csform.com for possible customization if you want. Kind regards.

Has this theme using the latest SDK?

Hi, the theme doesn’t use the latest SDK. Kind regards.

I want to ask, how to place your ad in the interstitial’s source code.

For banner ads, I’ve understood

Is the source code can be installed two ads, banners and interstitial?

Hi, yes you can install both (banners and interstitial) with the same ID, but you need to check theirs documentation and see how to do that. In our app we use only banners, but you can easily add interstitial ads too (please check this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11106322/how-to-create-android-ad-interstitial). Please check our other app “HD Wallpaper App” and you can see that we are using the interstitial ads there in Full Screen window. For all other questions, please contact us via email dev@csform.com. Kind regards.

I liked very Thank you, But do you copy the source code for Android studios available

Hi kaaed. Yes, there are two projects. One for Eclipse, and one for Android studio. Kind regards.

hi, i have a wordpress website which shows albums around 1500 posts. your app works for me ? if yes then which api like JSON api you are using? Thanks

Hi, this app is not quite for you, because we are not using JSON here. Please check our other app “HD Wallpaper App”. We have replied to you there. Kind regards.

Hi, I bought the app but but the documentation not clear please if you can send more details or send an java activity?!!1

Hi, you can find documentation for gallery module in downloaded zip file. It is readme.html file in “docs” folder.

And thank you for buying. :)

Hi 1. Does it work with all android versions? 2. Do you advice me this one or HD Wallpaper App in order to display pics to users (for ex food pics). Thanks thanks

Answered. :)