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Rico_ds Purchased

Is there a way to show images from gallery in owl or slick carousel ? I’m thinking on using your gallery in another project. In the new versions of your gallery plugin can users use a search engine to search for images? Can they include post thumbnails from gallery?

hello, pre purchase Can I put a link to specific image? what happen if I don’t want that the image opened when the user clicked on it?? I want to make the metro as a menu, and 4 of the pictures will be links. It is possible?

Sure, you can set click action per image. So you can choose between opening the image in the lightbox, opening a custom URL in the same or new tab, or no action.


ny126 Purchased

I’m getting the impression this plugin is not very well supported. I contacted the author on 2 different occasions with a simple pre-sales inquiry about how the thumbnails are generated. It has been almost 2 weeks since my first inquiry and I have yet to receive a response

I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m getting back to you by email.


dminks Purchased

Hi Alexander,

Is there a quick way to add captions, descriptions and link to a large number of photos quickly? I see you have an import capability but unsure if this can help with handling a large number of images that have these options set.

BTW, your gallery is the wonderful and I so appreciate you for it. It would be nice if you had an option to display the captions/descriptions under each image in the gallery.


Hi Diane, bulk editing of image properties is exactly the feature I’m working on currently. I’ll contact you by email regarding caption/description display to be sure I understand your needs well

Is there anyway to do this: gallery opens with all images showing and tags displayed at top WITHOUT having to click on a gallery featured image first? So. I wrote this and figured out that the problem isnt with the tags being displayed. The problem seems to be that the tags do not stay attached to the images. When I import images, I can tag a gallery, but it seems that I have to tag each photo individually. Is there any way to assign a tag to a group of images? And… will that tag stay associated with that image no matter what album the image is placed in?

And. is there anyway to control the order of the images? or randomize the order?

I’ll put an answer for this question and one question from your comment above in this comment: I’m preparing an update that will introduce image sorting (also random) within album’s layouts, and bulk image editing (that will allow you to assign tags to multiple images at once). Currently you can reorder images within the album layout by dragging them in the album editor. At the same time image order in the library navigator does not affect their placement order in the album layout, and the list can be ordered by any column by clicking the column header. Please let me know if my explanation is not clear enough.

Hi, I have a presale question. Can images be sorted by the filename?

Hi! In the library navigator lists – yes, you can sort by any column. In the layout editor – currently only manual reordering is available, more options coming soon

Hello Vilyon,

i bought your gallery press module for wordpress.

Is it possible that you do two paid modifications to the module for me ?

THX and best wishes


Hi Niels, I’ve sent you an email.

I would like to use the plugin to show my clients logo as grid. So I have to disable popup function. Is it possible?

You can disable click action in the image settings (please refer to You now have to change this setting individually for each image, bulk image editing is coming soon.

Hello, i bought your plugin. is there any way i can add image like functionality by any way. if it is possible please tell or share a link with me. thank you

I’ve answered to your email message a couple of days ago. In brief, it’s not possible currently, but I start considering adding this feature (I’ve recieved several questions about the feature recently)

Hello here! Hope everything going well?

Hi! Thanks for asking, everything’s fine, the new release is in progress :)

Cool! I’v got ur mail. No worries. Any ETA ?

Next week, I hope

New installer doesn’t unzip

Also you can try downloading the WP installable file (not the full plugin package) and install the plugin using this file. It should be unpacked on your server with no issues.

How do you get rid of the captions in the new lightbox? Like file names etc?

You can just update captions and descriptions with empty strings (you can do it with the newly added bulk edit dialog). Another options are: adding some custom CSS to hide caption and description from the lightbox (I guess you’re using Imagelightbox), and also you can use some more customizable lightbox (Foobox or Nivo lightbox, for example) that provides you more control over its layout. Write me a message if you need help with overriding the default Imagelightbox view.

Actually I left WP for Modx as I found plugins in WordPress completely unable to support large image collections. The woman eating strawberries type images don’t give confidence that much has improved.

Sorry, I don’t quite get what is the problem with eating strawberries. :) I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on what could be improved.

In the latest update, the author has implemented EVERY. SINGLE. FEATURE we requested!!! He’s an amazing coder, and this is the #1 gallery available for WordPress with the new features PERIOD. Bulk editing and sorting is extremely useful. Thank you!

Just wishing that the Yoast SEO sitemap actually worked with this plugin, because I’m not seeing any entry for Gallery Factory there. This could be an isolated issue, so don’t get discouraged – there is really no need to search for any other gallery. This is the top dog out there.

Thanks a lot! That’s nice to read. :)
Regarding XML sitemaps, please take a look at the sitemap for my demo website: If opened in browser, the output is styled and you see just an image count for each page, but the actual XML served contains an element for each GF image on the page with image URL, title and caption. Please submit a support ticket if it doesn’t work for you the same way, I’ll work it out.

Hey! Hope erverythings are well? Thanks for this new update sir! Btw, could you update ur changelog plz?

Hi! My bad, I didn’t expect the update to be approved that quickly. I’ve refreshed the changelog.

No worry. Thanks! Wish u a great day sir!

Is there a way to Hide the Breadcrumbs? or atleast the titles?

The shortcode accepts a parameter for disabling breadcrumbs: [vls_gf_viewer id=”1” header_tag=”h2” breadcrumbs=”false”]. And it seems that I haven’t implemented a way to disable titles (except hiding them with custom CSS). If you need it, please submit a support ticket, I’ll send you an updated plugin.

plugin looks good. Can you force the order the images apear in each category ?

I’m not sure I understand the question well. If you’re talking about tags (like here:, then the order is defined for the whole album (from the album layout editor), and selecting one particular tab just hides images without this tag, maintaining their original order. If you’re talking about how images are displayed in the admin UI within a folder or album, then you can sort them by image attributes, but can not manually reorder that list. Let me know if my guesses are wrong.

What i was lookking for was 3 things:

1) A filtering gallery ( Check) 2) The ability to put an image in more than one catergory ( Check) 3) Lastly the ability to drag the photos on the back end in a specific order so they appear in that order for each category

Does that make sense ?

You can definitely reorder images within one album. But there’s not possible to set the order specifically for ordering under one tag. For example, both imagesA and B have “pretty” and “photo” tags. You can drag the image A to appear after the image B, regardless currently selected tags; but you can not make A be before B for the “pretty” tag, but after B for the “photo” tag (and what if both tags are selected?)


djwphoto Purchased

Hi Sent you a message for support a week ago and not had any response :-(


djwphoto Purchased

Another week and still no support for problems, seriously thinking of ditching this plugin and using something else for my site.

My apologies for the late reply, please check the inbox.


bruniki Purchased

Is it possible sort tag filter?

I’m afraid it’s not possible, currently they’re sorted by name. Will it be enough for you to manually sort tags globally (at the “Gallery Factory”- “Tags” page), so they will be output accordingly in every album?


bruniki Purchased

I add tags in the order that I want but they appers in alphabetical order in web

When trying to assign a cover image to a folder, there are no images shown, since a folder cannot contain images. How are we supposed to assign cover images to folders?

Also, I buildt my structure with a master folder which contains subfolders that then contain albums. My home page uses the “vls_gf_viewer id” shortcode, for the master folder. The links that it generates point to locations that do not exist in the actual gallery structure on the server and generate 404 errors. What am I doing wrong?