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This plugin would be amazing if it could be used by non-admin users via frontend

Thank you for the feedback! This feature is the whole another story, so I don’t expect I can get to adding it in the near future. But I’ll definitely consider it.

It would be massive mate, we had to use other plugins so we could get something similar but not as amazing. Using your UI on the frontend would be great for users with non-admin credentials to get them to upload their portfolios and making folders for their specific username.

Kind regards

can I create a galley from inside a post or page and not in a separate admin menu?

As I’ve answered the previous commenter, front-end gallery management is not available now.

I wasn’t interested in front-end. I asked can I create a gallery directly from inside the page or post – In the back end?

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I can’t see it clearly now, how the album editor could be introduced to the post/page edit screen without making it too complicated and basically duplicating the current gallery manager functionality. But it’s definitely the problem I need to consider, I believe it will help users that are willing to trade advanced image collection management options for the ease of adding galleries without leaving the page/post editor.

I understand that Gallery Factory uses its own uploads folder on server. Is it thus possible to completely bypass WP own Media Library and upload files by FTP and keep the folder structure on server unchanged?

You’re right, GF is completely independent of WP Media Library and its upload folders. Nevertheless, a lot of additional logic is involved on image upload besides just putting a file in a folder, so now files can’t be uploaded via FTP. This feature is among the first candidates for the further development, though.

So, how are files uploaded currently? Via your own utility?

Yes, files are uploaded via Gallery Manager (the plugin’s dedicated admin interface). In the process uploaded files are put in the GF’s uploads folder, their metadata is read and stored in the database, and also the needed downsized images are created.

What SORT options are available? Is there something by file or creation date? Are you making use of EXIF data (for sorting or for captions)?

Front-end sorting is not available yet, and in admin interface you can sort images by any visible column (name, caption, description, file name, creation date&time, file size).
All generally used EXIF data is stored in the database on image upload (see docs), normally it’s used to populate image’s name, caption, and description (depending on what data is available for a file).

Thanks, well noted.


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Hii, I like your plug-in and good work. I have a question.If I delete photos from Gallery Factory media store in All images or from unsorted images section,will be delete orginal images from my wordpress media gallery? Thanks and best Regards..

Gallery Factory file storage is completely independent of WP Media (besides the fact that you can import WP Media images to Gallery Factory). So deleting images from GF won’t affect the WP Media contents in any way.
And in the case I haven’t understood the question well – if you delete an image from “All images” it will be completely deleted from Gallery Factory library and removed from all GF albums.


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Thanks a lot…I understand


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This is the best plugin I’ve found for galleries. There is something that I need help with, and it is when I’m viewing a gallery on mobiles if I scroll up a little bit it takes me to the first image. Also when using iLightbox only shows the clicked single image. Other than that this plugin is still the best and I have been recommending it to my colleagues. Hope to see a fix for this.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve fixed the bug with the scroll (it also occurred on window resize), I’m gooing to submit the update soon. Also, I’ve confirmed the problem with iLightbox, probably caused by its recent update. Working on a solution.

Did you get my email? The lightbox jumps to the right on hover …


Answered the email

here is the issue in action

Not yet, probably it will be the next project after the current work in progress. The problem is that I can’t make this integration without the correspondent attach points from the side of a CDN plugin (in the plugins I’ve checked so far), so it depends on that plugin’s author’s willingness to cooperate.


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Hi, thank you for your answer. I bought it too fast before you answered back, my bad. I am using enfold gallery and it works with CDN. I think in this time and age, your gallery plugin MUST be with CDN. By logic, if you buy a gallery plugin to add hundreds of images, you want them served by a CDN rather than being stored in your site…. hopefully you will add this capability soon.

Thank you for the purchase! Hope you’ll be happy with the investment return. :)

i try to upload multiple image using demo, but only one image is uploaded.

Hi, please make sure that the images don’t exceed 1MB. Demo uploads are restricted to 1MB for one file and 100MB in total.

oh i see.. i don’t aware of that. let me try again later. looks promising :)

@adreafabrian this is the coolest gallery on envato :) Thanks for the new update and btw, dont forget to update your changelog :D

Thanks a lot! Done :)

Hello, i use the premium version and i wonder if there is a limit for the number of uploaded images ,because i could not upload anymore and when i deleted some of unsorted,then was possible to upload. Has to do with host’s limits? thanks

Hi, GF doesn’t limit the uploaded images count. So the only concern is the disk space on your server.

Does this support filtering (categories) and selfhosted videos ?

Filters are available (by tags, not categories – meaning that any image can have multiple tags and tags themselves don’t have a hierarchy). Now only images are supported, so no self-hosted videos, sorry.