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I have some question about the mobile view: It visible only, when I touch the image.

- Can I disable the lightbox in mobile view? 
- Can I turn "always on" the caption or the alt text on mobile view?

other: - Can I add alt/caption/description value dynamically via json or other way from a separate database? I like to edit these fields more often…

br, Gabor

hi, i just purchased the plugin today and i have a few problems\questions

1. in mobile , the lightbox exceed the mobile screen size – why? and how can i fix it? try it yourself in this site:

2. when i choose “ImageLightBox” as my prefer lightbox – the picture “run away” while the mouse cursor start moving toward one of the the arrows.

thank you

and another thing – why i see the picture (1 raw) cut out? i want to see the whole picture….

Emailed support and didn’t get a response.

I need to have a main landing page with all of the galleries listed, then the user can click the gallery category and see all the sub categories. Currently that does not work.

How can I get it to work like that?

This is the code of the parent category on my Galleries page.

[vls_gf_viewer id=”13” header_tag=”h2” header_class=”“]

Category Structure -Parent —Child 1 —-Child 2 —-Child 2 —-Child 2 —Child 1 —-Child 2 —-Child 2 —-Child 2 —Child 1 —-Child 2 —-Child 2 —-Child 2


ipg Purchased

I have emailed for support a couple of times with no response. Have you abandoned this plug in?


ipg Purchased

Vilyon, can you please respond to the support emails I have sent?

Vilyon, could you please respond to my support request too? The plugin update fails with fatal error. Please provide support as I paid for it.

Just an update: we got an email reply the the author has started to work on the issue.

Another update: the author helped me to fix the issue, which actually was that data storage of the plugin changed and deactivating/reactivating was needed so that database changes got applied.


andreeq Purchased

I don’t see alt tags in the code. Is there a setting that I am missing? Are you guys ADA compliant?

Ok, so this plugin isnt supported anylonger ? It seems great and I was going to buy it.

If it is still supported then I would want to know if you think it would work placing shortcode in a DIVI theme´s text module? Its basically just the WYSIWYG text area.

1 Is the masonry layout cramming the images in so the whole image will be visible ?

2 Can I import 100 or 1000 images or how does adding them manually work?

3 Is there a category function for the images so when clicking a button or text link “Horses” then horses will come up ?

4 Please let this not be abandoned?

And what to do if a developer will stop supporting a product, all galleries will break in time?

Thank you

Pre-sale question: do all layout styles have the filter option? I’d like to do a metro gallery and use filters. Thanks.

Just want to make all aware that this plugin doesnt like the new Gutenberg plugin by WP, had some compatibility issues with it turned off all the plugins and back on and Gutenberg hates this plugin for some reason. Just FYI.


The plugin have some major bugs. For example the images does not open as popup. It opens in a new tab :(. I have wrote the support already two letters and unfortunately they don’t bother to answer.

Why is there a label “Supported”? I have never got an email or message from them.

I will ask a refund!

Does this plugin has RSS or anything that we can sync the gallery to external service?

What is the post type name for this plugin?


Gugli25 Purchased

hello, is it possible to have the possibility in the page of the articles to choose the format with two columns? thank you.

Hi there. I love the ease of use in the backend on the demo. Is there a way to display all galleries or folders on a page so users can see all the galleries in one place without placing individual code on a page every time there’s a new gallery?

Hello. We have a serious bug with the gallery. All of a sudden, EVERY thumbnail uses the exact same image. But when you click on a thumbnail, it shows the correct image file. How do I fix this?

Never mind. I found your thumbnail regeneration tool and fixed it myself. Doesn’t look like I would have ever heard back on here anyway.

Hi the last update was in may 21, 2018 this project will not be updated anymore? I was thinking in buy this but no updates?

Is it possible to view the social icons for sharing photos in the lightbox?
Thank you


Indyan Purchased

Is this plug-in incompatible with Wordpress 5.1.1? Thumbnails aren’t showing up in the backend and the regenerate thumbnail option is also not helping.