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is it possible to upload multiple images simultaneously? i know we can drag multiple images, but yet it still upload the images one by one, not simultaneously.

it will make the upload much faster if can do the upload simultaneously.

I’m adding zip uploads in the next release, but it’ll still doubtfully make uploading faster (apart from saving you some clicks), as jpeg files usually can’t be compressed much further than they already are, internally. So, the upload speed is mostly limited by the bandwidth between you and the server, and by the speed with which the server can process images and create thumbnails.

Hi, I can´t navigate from a image to the next one, I need arrows or something. What can I do ? .... by the way Great plugin =)

Hi, I want show a galery from my ambums, but appears this error: “This content failed to load.”. The albums they have images.

Hi, could you submit a support ticket? I’ll look into your issue. Also, navigating between images should be there (both in admin and front-end), probably I don’t understand you well.

2 months ago you answered another user that FTP-upload functionality is on the to-do list. Do you know more or less when it can be expected? I would be very interested in a plugin that could create galleries from custom folders/subfolders outside of wp-content/uploads. There are only very few such plugins today and they all have their quirks, so I am looking for alternatives and yours looks very promising. There are lots of gallery plugins, but most of them differ only in the gimmicks or design. Creating galleries from custom folders/subfolders is a very useful and unique feature. The WP Media Library organization is a flawed concept from the days when WP was only blogging software and not a CMS.

One more question: In the documentation I see that the metadata tab includes EXIF information. I assume it is possible to display this EXIF data in the hover overlays? If so, I think it would be good to demonstrate this feature on the demo page. Some potential buyers may find it interesting.

Hi, thank you for your interest! The ftp-synchronized folders are in the pipe now, so the very next release will have this feature. I’m not sure about the release date, but I hope to roll it out in about two weeks.
Exif info can be pushed to the gallery markup (not a part of standard functionality now), but the next question is how to present it on a page. Usually, it’s needed in a lightbox, but now GF is using third-party lightboxes which are somewhat limited in this area.
If it’s the only thing preventing you from using GF, please leave me a message – I should have a custom build that pipes EXIF info to the lightbox (it’s not customizable via admin UI, so I consider it not ready for a public release).

Hi, thank you for your response. It sounds very promising. There are so many gallery plugins and I use several of them on my sites. Most of the available plugins are very similar, so I think that developers would be much better off, trying to add unique features.
FTP folders and EXIF display would be killer features for me and exactly what I need for my current project. There are very few solutions that can do it, and they have some weaknesses in other departments. By FTP folders I mean that the original files continue to “live” in their folder structure and are NOT copied/moved by the plugin to another folder inside wp-content. I need to serve full-resolution files and must preserve the folder structure (of course thumbnails come from inside wp-content). Is this what you are planning to do?
Displaying EXIF in a lightbox would be very good, but I was thinking mainly about overlays as hover effects over thumbnails, together with Title/Description (or instead of Description), or as captions below thumbnails. The ability to manually correct EXIF would also be good, because sometimes it doesn’t work 100% correctly automatically.
If I could: 1) create galleries from files in folders outside of wp-content and deliver full-resolution files to visitors and have them indexed by search engines 2) display EXIF data – these would be sufficient reasons for me to buy your plugin. I have a plugin that can do 1), but it is somewhat limited in other departments and it cannot do anything with EXIF. If you could implement these 2 things, you would have a very strong plugin with unique and useful features. I would certainly buy it.


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Hey Vilyon, How do I add a caption to the pictures? This gallery is to be use on a golf theme and need to insert the players names, the winners, etc underneath the picture. Thank you, Best regards


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Do you mean inside the picture? like this? because if this is the case, I’m very happy with it. :)

Sure, if it’s on the demo page, you can certainly do it yourself with GF.
You can also check the full list of currently available styles here:


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Thank you so much :)


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Hi, for some reason the gallery page on my website has added https to all albums and my site does not have https. Is this a bug?

Hi, GF solely uses the WP native functions for determining the files’ URLs (but it stores URLs when images are uploaded, so this could be some previously existing issue or probably your website was once set up with https).
I’d recommend to just run find&replace for the GF tables (replacing “https://” with “http://”). If the problem will be still there, look at the WP settings (in this case GF images won’t be the only ones who are trying to be served via https).


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Hi Vilyon, thanks for the quick response. I had looked through all settings and was not able to find the issue. I also checked the database for any HTTPS queries and found nothing relating to it. It seemed to happen after some plugin updates including the gallery plugin update. I have restored the website to yesterday. I will update each plugin one by one and see if I can reproduce the error. Thanks again :)

how to delete “unsorted image” directly from database? because sometime the images doesn’t show up on “unsorted image” folder, but the data still exists on the database.

thank you.

If an image isn’t added to any of the albums, it will be in “Unsorted images” if it’s not in unsorted, that means it’s still in some album (including using the image as an album’s cover image, which is most probably your case). You can still find it in the “All images” folder and delete it from there, this way the image will be deleted completely (removed from albums and unlinked from the covers)


A presale question: we would like to show a large group of folders and sub folders. In the subfolders we would put the pictures.

Do you have an example on how this looks on the frontend?


Hi, I haven’t managed to add a demo for this case yet (definitely, I need to speed this up). But the folder view is actually the same as the album view, but instead of opening an image in lightbox, a click on a thumbnail opens the correspondent subfolder or album. You can try it in demo at
Also, I have another variant as an experimental feature (not released yet), that may suit your scenario. Please drop me a message for additional info.

Presale question – does the lightbox has a thumbnails function, as in displaying the images before/after, within the folder? i don’t know if ‘thumbnails’ is the correct word. but it looks much like the screenshot of this plugin

This feature is not readily available, but it’s definitely achievable. GF supports a number of lightboxes (probably most of them, depends on the lightbox setup). So you can pick a lightbox plugin/script that provides this type of view and use it with Gallery Factory.

Hi there , i need your help please . Im trying to make a gallery and use Metro Style, but all the pictures are not resize corect . Can you advice me where is the problem ? This is the exemple => Thank you

Thank you for support !! Problem Fix .

One more question please if is posible . If i want to create an specific gallery with no click ( when you click on picture to don’t do nothing ) is posible ? Thank you for your all support .

Found it !! Thank you

Love the plugin.

I’m having an issue with 404s on galleries.

I created a folder and added a bunch of galleries to it then added the folder shortcode to a page.

The weird thing is it was working for a while then stopped working. I don’t know what I did!

I have tried saving permalinks or renaming my slugs, but nothing seems to work?

I figured out why. Just as the user above, I am using BeTheme. I put the shortcode inside BeTheme’s Muffin Builder (their version of visual composer) and it broke the links to the gallery. Don’t ask me how, but feel free to test it yourself.

For now I just put the shortcode inside the basic editor and it works great.

Looking forward to the CSS update for BeTheme compatibility too!

Thank you for the input!
I’ll check what I can do. The folder/album navigation relies on the URL rewrites, and GF knows what pages need that rewrites by checking if there is a gallery viewer shortcode in the page content. Most likely, betheme keeps its builder content somewhere else and it becomes invisible for GF. I’ll keep you informed if I find how to get around it.

I’d like to be able to add and sort picture files by filename. I have a lot of pictures to add to my wordpress site and it seems that all the other picture plugins concentrate on doing the same thing. This is providing different resolutions or views of a small handful of pictures.

I’d really like to be able to sort pictures and add them to my library by filename. This must permit long filenames: not 1-2 characters or even 8 characters but really long filenames. I’d like to be able to turn off the unnecessary stuff from the Gallery view like “creation date&time”, “description”, “fluff quality”, etc., etc. These options work well for a small set of 5-6 very different pictures but I have a large number of pictures which is why I bought the plugin in the first place.

Currently my site is displaying these pictures but it can only do this by html coded pages. E.g. I can’t use WordPress at all with these pages but must link my WordPress front end to html content or main pages. Then in the html I can hand code any filename I wish even if it’s longer than the magical 8 characters + 3 character extension. However I can’t use your plugin yet as it doesn’t support multiple images. Of course Google only recognizes the WP pages so it says my site has no content.

Hello, Could You help us with this problem?

Right after i’ve install upgrade of gf from ver. 1.1.2-seo_fix to newest and I want to turn it on nad there was an critical error with this message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /home/.../wp-includes/functions.php on line 325

Plugin won’t turning on.

WP version: 4.7.2

is it possible to display some images from an album? not full one album. just one or two images

Hello, is the version with ftp uploads available yet?


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hi , Is a plug-in works with RTL template?


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For future developments would it be possible to add an age verification option for albums/galleries for viewing content


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I’ve just bought the PRO version and done the import from the WP Media library. All the images are visible in the GF library. I’ve created a couple of albums and pasted the shortcode. On the page I can see the image placeholders, and links when I hover, but the images themselves aren’t visible. When I click on the placeholder the image is visible in the lightbox as expected. After a bit of research it seems that there is an issue with using a CDN for your images with this plug-in? I’m using KeyCDN. I’d be grateful for a workaround/solution if possible??

Many thanks in advance,


Hello your plugin looks very nice but the online trial version does not seem to work.