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Awesome item, looks great! :)

Thanks a ton,, :-)

hello, is it possible to integrate your responsive bootstrap gallery plug in in a magento instalation or can you explain how to use it and view on a page in magento?

Thanks for your comment! Ya it is possible to implement the gallery in any CMS. I can guide you with the full procedure if needed through email. Its too easy too use just to write few html code (that we can edit in any magento theme), creating a div with anchor children having single img child and just importing the Script. You can mail me at meoknu@gmail.com for further talks. If you are searching for dedicated gallery plugin for Magento, Kindly wait till we launch it. Thanks.

Great to know! Its working on your magento site http://www.kasailwindsurfing.com/media-ka


Hello! I need to create photo galleries in a few pages on my site (php), I wonder if it works in php site.

Thanks for your interest, Ya It definitely works on PHP. If you need any help in integrating, let me know. Mail me at meoknu@gmail.com

It comes with the installation manual?

Yes It comes with installation manual. You have to write some htmlcode and include the javascript file which almost do your work automatically. Thanks

Nice work, Good Luck With Sales! :)

Thanks, AnaStudio

it looks really super cool and i like this item buddy ;) GL


Will you update with filter category? it would be great with any online shop for product / portfolio gallery.

Yes , i will release the next update soon, Thanks

I’m struggling with getting this to work. I haven’t coded much in the past year or so and I am not following how to upload images to a folder and make it work. By looking at the examples it seems you have to hard code URLs for every image both large and thumbnail. I’ve read the documentation but I am still lost. Can you help. I only have 21 photos to display. Thanks!

There is no problem to try some coding. Installing the plugin is too easy. If you need I can guide you through skype by sharing screen. Anyway, you dont have to code anything just give me the images, which you want to include so, you dont have to do anything. Mail; me meoknu@gmail.com or just skype me live:info_329838

Also, When you download the plugin you will get sample files from where you can just copy and paste the code, you only need to change the image path nothing else, <img src=”image.jpg”> Just put your image url there, and it will work. Also you dont have to put hardcode url for both thumbnail and larger photo, because, there is only one photo larger, the thumbnail is automatically created. Document is not that necessary, You can just copy paste code, and change the image src,

I can help you, if you really like the plugin,

Thanks, Naveen Raghuvanshi


I have just bought Gallerify Javascript Plugin to use in Joomla sites, it looks great… and I see that the documentation shows to to add and build the code, but Is this possible to use as an uploaded and installed plugin through the Joomla CMS? or can you explain how to use in a Joomla template?

This product is described as a ‘plugin’.. how do I plug it in to a Joomla site?

Regards Mick


Here is the url of the test site I’m developing using Gallerify.


1. Yes, I can see the gallery on my iPad but cannot scroll images, nor does the lightbox function work.

2. I wish to use the gallery as a ‘visual menu’ to link to other website pages so I would need to be able to do this, I’m happy to wait, but if it cant be updated before I need to build the site then I wont be able to use it.

3. The scrollbar code is set to ’ wheel: true // On wheel Scroll should scroll gallery’ and ’ motionGear: 5000, // Speed of slide’,

I have been trying different speeds from 1 – 5000, none seem to make any real difference.

Thank you again for your help and I hope to be able to feature your plugin in my upcoming website.


Sorry for any inconvenience, I will update the plugin, with the functionality you need, within one or two days, also will mail you regarding that.

I have added the new js script you sent and activated the buttons, coupla things.

I see no mouse cursor when I hover over buttons.

I can scroll left/right using the scroll wheel, but not the lower frame scroll bar.

I am now using max speed on the gallery and it still seems very slow, I’d imagine you could ‘whip through’ the galley… similar to a touchscreen swipe.

I will await your code revisions to enable <href> links to other pages, sorry to be negative with these problems, but it is a great product and one I can use it to great effect if I can get the functionality sorted.

Thanks again Cheers Mick

Hi Prebuying question: I would need the horizontal slide gallery full browser height. Could this be done with some extra coding?

Yes its too easy, you can set heightGallery to window.innerHeight

Two questions before I purchase this – is there the possibility to filter via a category? Also, is it possible to add text to the overlay to use as a description?

Thank you!

no it is not implemeted till this version

My client would like to know if we can have the image scroll automatically, like a slideshow would. Is this possible? I did not see it as one of the listed gallery options.

yes it is possible, we have to edit the code for that

Is it possible to do where it scrolls only scrolls when the arrows are pressed?

yes you can check the demo, it have a demo of dummy images, http://petal8.com/envato/demo.php you can test the size of images automatically fit according to the properties you set. The images will be in their original aspect ratio, and you can see some are portrait and some are landscape.

I see that but it is vertical gallery. Does it also apply on the horizontal gallery?

yes, it apply for both horizontal as well as vertical

Great! Keep going!

Thanks, Will launch more products ,, :-)

Hi there,

I have 2 questions:

How can I have the gallery start with the first image and with the scrollbar marker at the beginning of the bar? Right now my gallery loads up at the center with the scrollbar centered.

How can I make the modal/lightbox pop out of the parent div and display as a large lightbox instead of inside whatever container my photos are in?

Thank you for the great gallery!

currently this configuration is not included in application. I will implement this feature and will send to your email.

Awesome job, its great!