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Hello, i wanna ask one thing. Im using WPML Woocommerce Multilingual plugin and we can change currency on website. But in contributor table and progress bar it didnt convert the donation amount. Is there any way or another currency plugin works with galaxy funder?

The WPML -> currency compatibility is not available. We will look into it in future updates. Since the currency compatibility is not yet available we guess it may not help even with any other currency plugins.


It works well when i donate. It’s only problem when the amount of donation in contributor table and progress bar display wrong number. Can you fix this? Extra charge is ok and sure i will pay that for this solution i really need

We noticed you already contacted our support. Please give these details so that our support can check it out if you haven’t done it already.


Comment column in table contribution not displaying correctly although user fill order note when checkout. Is it bugs or any extra settings to displaying cf_order_notes correctly?

Please check with our support at if you face any issue.


Already solved the problem with the contributions in parallel When payment with paypal the order comes out as “pending” I have to do it manually so that it appears in the progress bar of the project.

Please reach our support at by opening a ticket so that our support can look into it in case you need any help.


When payment with paypal the order comes out as “pending” I have to do it manually so that it appears in the progress bar of the project.

Please reach our support at by opening a ticket so that our support can look into it in case you need any help.


Hi, i see your product, but my question is… what is the best themes for work with this plugin?

Our demo is done using avada theme. Any WooCommerce supported theme would work. Apart from that we don’t have any specific suggestions.


is it possible to setup a custom tax receipt?

There is no such option inside this Plugin. Thanks.

Hello, a couple of pre-sales questions please:

1. Will it work with MangoPay for Woocommerce Checkout? I noticed in the front-end submission that it’s asking for a paypal id?. If it can use MangoPay, can it still split the commissions?

2. Is the front-end submission form customisable easily? 3. Are the campaign pages customisable?



If you use the inbuilt PayPal Split payment gateway then the commissions will be split and paid automatically. For other payment gateways the commissions should be paid manually. Customization depends on how comfortable you are in WooCommerce. From the Plugin’s perspective we have given some options which you can see from the screenshots and live demo backend login.


Hi, How to set paypal adaptive only for crowdfunding so that it does not appear in the woocommerce shop. Donors or contributors should only pay in adaptive paypal for crowdfunding only. Otherwise there will be problems with the bouqtique and with the commissions to be collected. thank you in advance Best Regards

We noticed you opened a support ticket and our support will check and reply soon.


My campaigns aren’t showing up for users that are not logged in. I am up to date on the plugin and theme files.

It is hard to say without checking. Please contact our support at by opening a ticket with more details so that our support can check it out.


Hi there,

A few pre-sale questions before I purchase.

1. It seems that project starters doesn’t have a link to their profile. Is it possible to use Galaxy Funder with Ultimate Member?

2. Is it possible to charge a fee for creating a project?

3. Is PayPal the only option for receiving money? I would like my users to add their own bank info and choose how to recieve the money they raised.

Hope you will answer this for me. Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Sorry, these things are not possible in this Plugin. Thanks.

Thank you very much for an honest answer, highly appreciated!

Your welcome. Thanks.

Hi can I use it in multi vendors website? Like Dokan? It’s woocommerce

And payment via Pesapal Gateway Our currency is Tanzania Shillings

We haven’t tested with the other Plugins. Please email the other Plugin files to and exactly what to test so that our support can check and reply.


Dears, I want to know whether it can support Bitcoin and ETH payment now?

If you referring to the commission payments then no it doesn’t support those payment gateways.


Can admin take a percentage for each transaction on every bid ? For example 10% of the campaign total or the funder (user) ?

If the inbuilt PayPal Split Payment Gateway is used then for each transaction you can split between admin and campaign creator. For other payment gateways the admin can receive the full amount and then send the campaign creator share with any payment means manually.


Just purchased the plugin. It seems to clash with a lot of my currently installed extensions used on my website, especially subscription plugins such as WooCommerce and YITH (which is necessary for most of my site) :/ Is there any way to rectify this?

Please contact our support at by opening a ticket so that our support can check it out.


Hi, i review your plugin but i want to know if it’s possible do something like this web with your plugin.

We understand only English and couldn’t get what that site is about. Kindly go through the description for what this Plugin can do and see if it would suit you.


Hello, I am preparing for a management agency a web with a system of crowdfunding but with a special requirement: The web has not to accept payments.

It is a site of loans. The borrower contact with the agency with needs of money for his project. The agency publishes the project in the web, looking for investors. People can suscribe telling that they can apport X. (But they dont pay). After a period of time, the borrower decides if taking the quantities contacting people or not.

So there is not transactions via web.

Is it possible to make it with your plugin?

Thank you in advance.

This is not doable in this Plugin. Thanks.