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Do you think there are many gag script :D

Btw, nice works, the admin dashboard is very function-rich.

Hello huykhong

It’s a theme for other script that we have released while ago and works as addon.

This why it’s in Add-ons sections :)

Thanks a lot for appriciation

Hello Abhimanyusharma003,

How do I prevent the Videos from auto-playing when the homepage is loaded?

Thanks, Kory

Hello Kory

In this theme videos will not auto play, clear cache by deleting everything in `app/storage/cache` see if it works, if not then contact me via mail. ( You can send me mail from support tab )

Will get you up and running in a minute :)


Hello Abhimanyusharma003, I modified embed to “0” instead of “1” on the Autoplay, and cleared the catch. Everything is working fine. Thank you!

Yes this is the trick :)

Many thanks for confirmation, feel free to contact.


vines seem to be too wide on IE

Best if the theme’s sidebar(Right) populate with Trending Articles, Trending Links and some Ad Blocks – not videos :(

Hello roemverda

You can place ads in sidebar :)

Also can change it trending links and articles if you like.



for some reason the right thumbs of related posts do not align in the right place ( testing in firefox v.32 )


could this be a minor css issue?


Hello pamps

Many thanks for information, we will check this out real soon.



does this theme or mediahunt support webm embed?

Hello Gioware

It’s a theme for mediahunt community script not webm support any additional support will directly get released in the script itself.


Where modify embed to “0” for no autoplay in front page? this is a bug remain in front theme.

ok, I found it. but now also auto-play is disable from post.

Its possible prevent the Videos from auto-playing when the homepage is loaded but allow it on post? (its the logical option)


Please visit


Search for

'autoplay'       => 1,

Change it to

'autoplay'       => 0,

After that remove cache by deleting everything from app/storage/cache


How can I fix the firefox css problem report by pamps ?http://imgur.com/xfCjvoZ

I think adding

.display-image {
    display: -moz-box;

in public/static/css/style.css will resolve this issue.

I will let you know more.

I just release our demo site is also note updated.


This does not seem work. problem in Firefox persist. Please any way to fix it?

Yes that resolves the issue, we have just updated demo site.

Add `!important` in from of it,

display: -moz-box !important;

dose it need an update this theme ? cos i see demo broken

Hello LiveQueens

Oh..!!, I didn’t notice that demo site is down, many thanks for information. I will update the demo site soon.


how do I change the layout of the home page?

Vine videos are underlapping with related post on the right. Vine videos need to be reduce. Where do I go to do this?

quiero comprar tu script pero no veo la demostración :/