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Is there a way to get this to work on ios7 like it does in the demo? :)

Hi ive purchased this and I couldn’t find the g2-config.php and the database..

Is it possible to add some minimal support for select ID3 tags. Specifically I would like the songs rating to be displayed.

There is no music locker currently on the market that will maintain my MP3’s ID3 tags, so I am investigating making my own.

Nice idea, but need improvements. Frontend dont’t work in Android 4.1, have problems with Chrome, native browser, opera mini, firefox. Some things work in one browser and crash in another. :(

I buy your script and i’m have a problem in my server. 1. There are some 3 warnings showing whenever I open the g2player.php page…same errors do show up on yer demo page how should I remove those…? 2. I need to restrict my website to specific set of users, so how should I add different users..? I cannot see any place to do so….

+4 Rating if you answer my questions..!

Dear Sir,

I have just purchaed the script.

I have installed on my server. For the PC web browser, it works fine, but for mobile I can not play and can not hear the sound.

Please help. Thanks.


I am interested in purchasing this music player but was wondering if it offers continuous playback feature? Please let me know! Thanks!


Hi I have the same problem than kimmeng, I purchased this solution of cloud music, but on my computer it’s work in all browsers, but it’s still not work on my phone. I have test it from 3 different server with and without ffmep, but it allways don’t work. I saw you don’t put any answer to Kimmeng, could you reply me please, because I need it for a solution.

If don’t have answer I will demand a reurn of my amount from codecanyon.

Nobody, You must remove this app to this store if it don’t work, and you don’t give any support.

not work. pls fix

Not Working – I installed – it said “Successful” now blank screen????

ENVATO – I Purchased threes scripts tonight ALL DO NOT WORK, including this one – PLEASE SCRENE SCRIPTS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just purchased this and the script is not working.