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It looked interesting, but there was no demo. I had to purchase the sliding tabs to continue with my project that I am working on tonight. Sorry. But, I will look at a demo when you have one available to review. Thank you. :)

Can someone tell me how to make a link that goes from one tab to another particular tab ?? Thank You

Bonjour Huître,

Puisqu’il n’y a pas de démo, c’est un peu dure d’évalué ton script et comment il fonctionne, peut-être qu’un video serait approprié.

J’aimerai savoir si il fonctionne comme celui-ci avec quelque variante prêt.


Hi Huitre

I need to purchase a vertical tabbed content solution. I’m interested in this but need to see a demo.

I could really do with seeing a demo on this before i make a purchase.

Any chance of a demo please ??



Any way to incorporate jQuery address, so that it adds the #div you’ve selected to the end of the URL?


I’m looking for a menu to integrate to a website and think yours may be a fit. However, I want to confirm it can do the following: 1) I need the menu to float and stay at the bottom while the user scrolls the page content. 2) I need to have both text and images in the menu tabs.

Here’s a sample of what I need:

Can your menu do this out of the box?

Hello, tabs and content are separate and can be styled separately.

I just downloaded your file, and when I go to upload it into wordpress it tells me that there is no valid plugin found. I can’t find an installation document, so is there anything I need to do differently when installing this, rather than just upload the zip file?

Hello, this is not a WordPress plugin. You have to manually install it by copying some lines in your code website.

followed your instructions exactly in a plain html doc. NOTHING! just a couple of links no tabs? am i missing something? please contact me

Downloaded and got everything working, but was wondering if there was any way to add anchors so that would link to the about section tab opening.