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Is it “Embended” ?

Or is it supposed to be Embedded?

Oops… I misspelled it.

Thank you, sir :)

Thanks I bookmarked this one

It would be awesome if the video had some sort of container with a color/style we can choose. So that the writing such as “Below this line there’s a locked content. Watch the video until finished and the content will automatically unlocked. (Don’t worry, it’s only a 4 seconds video)

You must watch the video below to reveal the content.” will not be confused with the literature of the post or so that writing the “below this line theres a…” text isn’t needed and the simple colored/styled container of the video says a lot without confusing anymore.


you can take the above suggestions and keep the feature to write a text above/below the video but for that same text to disappear once the video has been seen : )

Thanks for listening


Actually, the feature that you describe is already exist. User can change the message text and format. And it will automatically disappear after the hidden content is revealed.

I should have describe it in the features list. :)

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes please do write down all the features. Trust me. Users of codecanyon and I myself love reading all the detailed features : )


A pre-buying question.

If a user watches the video and unlocks the content, leaves the page and comes back will he br forced to watch it again? Or is there a way to unlock it for them?


Unfortunately for the current version, the user must watch the video again. You could hack the code by adding more time for the cookie to expire though.

Thank you.

Pre-purchase question: Can this be modified to force the watching of any embedded video—not just YouTube? Thank you.

No, the code is written specifically for youtube service.

I should’ve been more specific. Can the code be modified by someone experienced enough to modify it?

Yes, as long as the service provide the library and callback if the video is being played or finished.

hi, the demo is not working.


The link have been updated.

Thank you for letting me know.

I try just tried your demo on an iPhone and it doesn’t seem to work?


What IPhone do you have? It’s working fine here in my PC, mobile and tablet. I’ll look more in to that. Anyway, this script will not work well on browser with incognito/private mode, disabled cookies and/or disabled javascript.

Thank you

iPhone 6 on safari no privacy. Works in chrome.

Will look in to that.

Thank you

demo is not working, i’m interested in this …


Sorry for the late reply. I have fixed the demo page.

Thank you

concerning the demo page, what if the youtube video has ads(pre-roll , mid-roll, etc) on it? will it show along with the video?

thanks for fixing the demo btw

I Can’t see the preview. “The page you are looking for cannot be found”

Demo page fixed.

Thank you

I really liked this plugin. It’s perfect for what I needed, thank you very much. Greetings from Colombia.

ini systemnya ky youtube bkn gan? jd pengujung hrs nnton video kita smpe habis baru bisa baca postingan atau artikel yg sbnry

iya, gan

Hi can i use this to get people to subscribe to my channel to be able to entry into a giveaway?


This plugin only shows and optionally auto-plays your video till ends before showing your hidden content. You will have to use other plugin for people to subscribe and showing your giveaway.


Hi, I think that this is not working…. I have a info to show, but when the video is finished the page has charged again and just show the video again….


I’m sorry for the late reply.

Please make sure you are using the correct shortcode:

[fwtube id=”XXXX ” width=”560” height=”315” autoplay=”false” info=”false” control=”false”]

This is your hidden content


where XXXX is the video’s ID.

For example you have a video in youtube that you want to use:

the “VYOjWnS4cMY” part is the ID, so your shortcode should look like:

[fwtube id=”VYOjWnS4cMY” width=”560” height=”315” autoplay=”false” info=”false” control=”false”]

This is your hidden content


Hope it helps.

this is not working on mobile phone, how can i fix it

Hi, Sorry for the late response.

The content will be locked again after the user closed the browser by default. If you want the content to auto locked after a page refresh, you will have to manually edit the script.

1. Open WP Admin > Plugins > Editor (Click I Understand button). 2. On the top right, Select plugin to edit with “Force to Watch Youtube Video” and klik Select button. 3. On line 48 you will find: setcookie($urlhash, uniqid(), 0, ’/’); change it to: setcookie($urlhash, uniqid(), time() + 5, ’/’); 4. Click Update File button to Save.

This change will limit your user cookies and will auto locked the content after a page refresh.

Hope it helps.

hello how do i wrap a video or image inside the short code?


Just follow the instructions in documentation.

[fwtube id=”VIDEO_ID” width=”560” height=”315” autoplay=”false” info=”false” control=”false”]

You can place text, image and or video here.


Hello, this plugin sounds perfect. Just double checking, no known issues with the latest WordPress?


It’s working fine as far as I know.

The YT video showed up once for me here:

I am using the right code, but the YT video is no longer showing.


The video will appear again after the browser is closed and reopen.

It was actually an issue with Aveda’s FusionBuilder plugin. I deactivated it and now it shows.

Is this plugin still being supported and does it function with the latest Wordpress version 5.4? Thanks!


Yes, I just tested it and it works as intended.

Thank you, it’s working nicely.