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Aaron here.

I LOVE Your Games!

I am VERY Interested in making a purchase but I do have a few questions:

1. Can I use the game as is?

If so, can i rename it?

2. Can I edit the code?

3. How many levels is the game?

4. Is the game endless play?

5. Does the game automatically create new levels?

6. If a user completes the whole game does the game start over but harder?

What happens with the game if a user completes all the levels?

7. Can I hire you if I want any work done to the game?

8. Can you set up a custom score bar that follows custom score rules?

9. Can the game be converted to Android, iOS, Kindle etc…?

10. Has it ever been on any of the mobile markets?

If so, How did it do? How many downloads did it get?

11. Can the game be programmed to load faster?

12. Can the game screen be larger (no outside frame)?

13. Can the game be set to have 2 modes “Free Play” and “Paid Play”?

14. Can I pass User & Score Data to my Backend stats site?

15. Can the Construct Logo be replaced with my company logo?

Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You and God Bless!

1.) Yes, you can rename it to your liking. I encourage you to rename it anyway. 2.) Yes, you get a copy the .capx (source). You will need Construct 2 to open it. 3.) It’s endless. 1 level. 4.) Yes endless gameplay. 5.) No. 6.) The player will never complete the game until they die. 7.) Sorta… I’m a bit busy on the schedule right now. 8.) Not understanding what you’re asking here.. 9.) Yes, but I recommend a name change when you do it. 10.) Yes, it’s already on Android. Don’t know I sold the Android rights to someone awhile back. 11.) The game is about as optimized as it can get. 12.) Outside Frame? But yeah you can up the game’s resolution size. 13.) No 14.) Yes, but you have to setup some PHP code for it. 15.) Yep.