Discussion on Avada Fusion Builder Display Settings

Discussion on Avada Fusion Builder Display Settings

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Hello, is there perhaps still hope for an update of this plugin? It no longer works properly with the latest versions of PHP and Avast. Thanks a lot

Good day,

Does this plugin work when used within a custom layout?

Can we get it updated clearly what versions of Avada this supports? With the new Avada 7.5 its important to question compatibility.

Hi, I have added WPML to my site and what happens now is that all new elements that I build in Avada do not have any language set in the Display Settings. This is a bit annoying because all my editors have to check this when building a new page. Is there any way to change this? Thanks and best regards!

Hi there, i have the same issue. Plugin is not working any longer on AVADA 7.4.1. Please upload a fix ! Thank you

It appears to be an issue with the Plugin Elegant Elements. I rolled back all updates and it works fine again…

Still it would be awesome, if you could upload an update soon…

Hi, i have installed your plugin and for a couple of weeks all works fine, but from yesterday it stops works. Whatever choice i select in the “Display only to logged in or logged out users” the container or element is always showed for everyone. What am i wrong ? I have Avada 7.2.1 and i haven’t made any update to nothing. I have tried to remove and reinstall the plugin with no successs Thanks in advance

Hello ? Is there anybody out there ?

When using Avada Builder Display Settings v3.4 with PHP 8, I see many of these messages in my debug.log file:

[16-Jul-2021 16:52:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: out in /home/x0l8oai3xqww/public_html/wp-content/plugins/avada-builder-display-settings/avada_builder_display_settings.php on line 341

[16-Jul-2021 16:54:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: out in /home/x0l8oai3xqww/public_html/wp-content/plugins/avada-builder-display-settings/avada_builder_display_settings.php on line 341

[16-Jul-2021 16:55:59 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: out in /home/x0l8oai3xqww/public_html/wp-content/plugins/avada-builder-display-settings/avada_builder_display_settings.php on line 341

[16-Jul-2021 16:56:37 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: out in /home/x0l8oai3xqww/public_html/wp-content/plugins/avada-builder-display-settings/avada_builder_display_settings.php on line 341

I believe this is because there are places in the code that does an “unset($out)” but then the code finally says “return $out;” which may be an unset variable.


we’ve the problem, that the plugin isn’t working with Avada 7.4.1.

Is this a known issue?


Any news?

Any news?

Any news?


It appears that the latest Avada update is causing a Fatal Error with your plugin. Do you have any plan to update the plugin for it to be compatible? The error that we are getting is:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fbshc_filter_container_parameters() (previously declared in /home/resclub/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder-show-hide-container-3.0/fusion-builder-show-hide-container.php:210) in /home/resclub/public_html/wp-content/plugins/avada-builder-display-settings/avada_builder_display_settings.php on line 244

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hi, I will have a look att this as soon as possible!


Hello, is it possible to have display rules passed on custom fields.

e.g. Hide if custom field “xyz” is empty

Hide if custom field “xyz” equals “123”


Hi Sundlof.

I am using toolset to create custom field.

The custom field might be different for elements.

Okey, these are unfortunately not compatible with the plugin without custom coding.

Hi, can you give any help indication were a developer should best achieve this? What file? How?



Since version 7.3 of Avada my activation code no longer works. I bought this last month and so far (in version 7.2) it has also worked.

thanks joern

Hi, Can you explain more where type of issue you are having? This plugin don’t use any activation code.


Sorry this is my mistake! I accidentally copied it wrongly here. It concerns a different plugin, I probably slipped in the page :-)! The request can be closed or, better, deleted.

Hi there! We are having a problem where in Fusion Builder Hide Elements is causing an error when used with Avada Builder. We can’t do any updates on any post when the two plugins are active. However, deactivating Hide Element plugin solves the problem. What should we do?

I’ve tried installing the new version and it doesn’t made any difference. It still gives error from time to time. What particular options would you need to be able to access on the backend so you can check? and if we decided to give you the account for support purposes, where should I give it to you?

I would need to edit a test page and try out the functions, I think that editor access is sufficient. You can send me a PM here on CodeCanyon under my profile.

Hi. I’ve sent a PM today. Hoping you can help with this issue today.

Does this plugin work with the latest versions of Wordpress and Avada? So Wordpress 5.6.1 and Avada 7.2.1

No, you upload your edited plugin and e-mail me the download link. The plugin will be removed after a couple of days and you can only download it with that link.

Unfortunately, the download has not yet taken place. The link runs on February 15th. out. I won’t bother about it anymore. Sorry

This will be added to the next update, thanks for the input! Much appreciated!


I’m using Members Plugin to create different membership to my users. But I see the plugin doesn’t work properly with custom roles created by this plugin. It’s possible to make it compatible?

Thanks in advanced!

Okey! This plugin lists all the current user roles for the site. Does your custom roles show up as an alternative in the plugin settings, or the settings for the element?

I can see the custom role that I’ve created but, when I selected to show only for this specific role, it doesn’t show up the element in the front end.

Have you the latest version of the plugin? Can you provide me with login so I can have look? You can send me a PM here on CodeCanyon.

Hi I have avada 7.1 installed and wordpress 5.6 and even though I can see the features the container always gets hidden.

Hi, Can you provide me with login detaljs and I can have a look?

My issue was Polylang uncompatibility but Sundlof make it compatible in a few hours! Awesome functionality, great plugin. Thanks Frederik

Looks like the new WP 5.6 is not compatible with the plugin… :(

I will have a look as soon as possible! Do you any errors?

Take a look here

I have two elements (login and button). The login is when user is not logged and the button when the user is logged. But with the last update, I cannot type on the login box, and shows me the hand pointer with the button link.

I can see the problem. But I don’t know why this happens. You have a span element across the area that lays above the forms.

Can you please try and deactivate this plugin and see if the issue is resolved?

This plugin “Avada Fusion Builder Hide Elements” crashed our new 7.1.1 Avada build hard, which has no plugins installed to conflict.

“There has been a critical error on your website. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in /home/domain/work/wp-includes/meta.php on line 1078” and several other file strings with out of memory notices.

We chose a different plugin that works and need a refund. Thanks.

Hi, Its hard to see what this plugin have to do with this issue, can you provide me with login details and I will have a look? Also please try the new update for Avada 7.0!

If you still want a refund you can send me a request here:


Obviously you didn’t read my post. We have Avada 7.1.1 installed, so why would we go backward to 7.0? We have dozens of websites with Avada installed. I also said we chose a different plugin because yours is unfit for use. Clearly, your plugin has been uninstalled. We only want a refund at this point. The refund request URI is not a working link, like your plugin.

The correct link without the dot at the end.

Hi there,

I’m using Avada 7.0.2 and when I try to create a custom footer, I received this error:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘admin_label’ in /home/..../wp-content/plugins/fusion-builder-show-hide-container-3.0/fusion-builder-show-hide-container.php on line 303

I cannot use a custom footer if I have activated your plugin.

Hi, Try the new update and see if the issue is resolved! Else, get back to me again!


Perfect! Thanks man!

I’m REALLY psyched I found this plugin. Thanks for building it! Does it work with AVADA 7.0.2?

Hi, yes it does! I have tested it and have not recieved any reports from other users.

Hi, I have bought and installed the FB hide elements. And actually it is not working on my site.

My objective is to show some containers to only certains categories of logg-in users => having done done that to this article: the second container doesn’t show up. When I go back and select “Show to all” the second container doesn’t show back either.

It’s only when I deactivate the pluggin that the containers comes back.

Do you know if there is a conflis with WP ultimate membership pro pluggin?

Does your plugging requires Avada 7?

Thanks for your support

Yes, please send me login details and I will have a look. You can sent in a PM here on CodeCanyon.

Sorry – How do I send you a PM on CodeCanyon?

From here: Or you will find my mail in the plugin settings or documentation.


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